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    Romans have two big benefits:

    1. Being able to build Res & Building at same time - I know how much I miss this when I play another tribe. It speeds up making a new (or newly captured) village considerably.
    2. The HDT. Not only does it make your Cavalry great value per crop consumed, it helps build them faster. Add a Great Stable and you have some serious Cavalry production.

    I'd say that Romans need Res more than even Teutons, because you focus on cavalry and cavalry are expensive.

    The question is whether there are most Gauls and least Teutons because of the order of ease of play, or because Travian tell people that Gauls are for beginners and Teutons for experts. Is that really true?

    Certainly Gauls are easy to defend with in the early stages. But equally, Teutons are easy to play at the beginning with clubs being so cheap/fast to produce. Again, you could say that Romans are easy to play, because you can build a field and a building at the same time. In the long run, to be successful you have to have a certain amount of expertise with any tribe.

    Pah. All good ideas, but if you're reduced to taking these steps you are in a lousy Kingdom. While Treasuries must be defended, other villages can be defended. All that needs to happen is for people to work together.

    Take the Test server before last. For some time we were in a small Kingdom being attacked by a larger Kingdom, but we set sitters and worked together. I wasn't even a deffer, but several hammers died in my villages.

    I can tell that you're not the sharpest knife in the drawer, hellhound, so today is your lucky day. I'm going to tell you what you need to do.

    1. Establish cordial relations with nearby allies;
    2. Agree a mutual defence pact;
    3. Make sure you're all sitting for each other;
    4. All build troops 24/7;
    5. Profit!

    So easy is Travian.

    So instead of them settling to their own areas, they make 30 multis on your kingdom and have those stay inactive with 0 pop so you can't even raid them or get tributes.

    You're right. I can think of ways around the issue you suggested (e.g. allow the catting down of capitals, but if so reset fields to 4/4/4/6), but it would start to get too complex and probably have unintended consequences.

    It shows how hard it is to stop abuse by multi accounters if you can't/won't punish them appropriately.

    Possibly an alternative suggestion. Inactive Capitals no longer disappear from the map. This would put paid to the multi-account shenanigans without preventing genuine cropper moves.

    I've moaned about cheaters before, so this time I thought I'd make a positive suggestion about what to do about it instead:

    1. Put more resource into finding cheaters; currently this has just about zero effort from TK, who rely totally on player reports.

    2. Find better ways to detect cheating AND/OR use better "algorithms" for determining who cheats are. Currently even many obvious cheats slip through the net.

    3. Find better ways to punish the cheaters - something that goes beyond getting banned from one server, which has very little deterrent effect.

    WHY should you do this? Because if you don't then players will either leave (already happening) or say, "if you can't beat them, might as well join them" (also already happening). All that will be left is cheaters... Bye bye TK.