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    The travian learning curve is actually quite high, despite its bull casualization recently and in my experience, if you have to google something, "noobs" or additional population will leave immediately.

    N00bs will indeed run if they have to Google, but n00bs will run in short fashion anyway. Who need to be catered for are Newbies.

    Ah yes, you can worm your way up the charts; even a noob can do it. Still, the fact is that people buying early gear for their Hero get off to a quick start. And a quick start is important, as is covertly recognised when you say, "don't start late".

    Hmm. Well I'm a noob, but even I can see that heavy gold payers dominate Travian, whether or not they spend it on Zoos. The gear you can buy early on makes a huge difference. Perhaps not as much as all the cheats and so-called "duals" (who also spend gold like water), but enough that a non-cheat single player can't really compete.

    TK might be worse, simply because you can't gain by astute trading - auction is literally is all about how much gold you're willing to buy.

    New player on new UK server. Read the Wiki on Treasure, but it assumes you understand what Treasure is. It's unclear to me I fear. I can't see anything telling me how to get it, apart from stealing it from other Kings - but how did they get it?