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    Who are the people who will happily support the winning Kingdom, while not being part of that Kingdom and therefore not getting any recognition for their part in its victory?

    No-one I have spoken to falls into that category, so I've always wondered who they were and, in particular, if they were actually independent players or accounts effectively controlled by those running the meta.

    Yes, it is a sad fact that a small group of players will work together, but the majority will sit back and expect others to do the work in a meta. The same thing happens IRL. We need smaller Kingdoms.

    I suggest the gift of starvation for those with too many troops.

    The gift of a Natar attack for those with too many animals.

    The gift of taxes for those with more gold than they know what to do with.

    The gift of sobriety for those who've had too many parties.

    I got confused at first by the word Farmer, which is used for raiders, when what the OP means is "res producer".

    It is a fact that most (not all) Kings are offensive players and therefore need defending; it's also a fact that they will have treasuries, and treasuries need defending more than other villages.

    If the King doesn't do the jobs enumerated by Marshie above then he's a waste of space and you need a new King. But if he does do those jobs then he's well worth defending and paying your tributes to (tributes that cost you nothing).

    I've said for some time that the metrics are against the Governors. Fact is that the majority of Kings are hopeless and good Governors are being lost because they are stuck with these bad Kings.

    I don't think removing the vice kings gets rid of this fundamental issue; it's more that the creation of the vice king has shown the issue for what it is - most Kings are Kings because of their egos and in the majority of cases the ego is bigger than the talent. Perhaps there should be no Kings at the start; you have to prove your worth as a King in some way. Certainly something has to change because for now the whole metric is not working from a Kingdom PoV - I can be successful as a player, but as to helping create a winning Kingdom, I feel that I have very little input.

    This is one of the key issues with the game (just to mention it here although at some point I'll raise it elsewhere, the other key issue is that it's a mark of failure IMO if a successful strategy is to hide your hammer until the endgame and then send it one attack - if that's interesting then my name is Beyonce).

    @Thorsson I agree with you, and of course you can help calculating the attack power of all the hammer previously posted, brewery bonus included for teutons and with all the troops upped to lv 20.
    If you want to be precise you also need to calculate hero bonus items and ask for screen of the hero to all hammers poster to confirm the bonus gained from the hero boost :)

    Brewery bonus attacking a World Wonder? Good luck with that.

    We were talking about the power of the hammer, not the hero, his weapon or even whether it was siege rather than attack, not to mention what level the defender's wall was or whether there was a ditch (etc). Anyway, those also apply to the crop metric.

    It's simply that attack power (or defence in the case of an anvil) is a better measure than crop usage. Surely that should be visible even to a blind man?

    Yes, attack power ipotetically is the best method, but it's time consuming calculating it.

    I'm actually struggling to understand why it's more time consuming than calculating crop. And neither take more than a few seconds.

    Mizrach wrote:

    Historically on Travian Legend...

    The world moves on. The question is what is the most accurate method, and clearly attack power is much more accurate in determining the biggest hammer.

    Hello Imran, thanks for writing.
    I counted all Roman hammers with the crop reduction granted by Horse Drinking Trough, because it's one of the fundamental feature of Romans and it's not fair comparing them with others tribes that eat much more when you don't have to actually feed them.
    This is my opinion, but if many player disagree it will not be a problem to change evaluation system :)

    Surely with hammers it's the amount of offence that counts. On that basis the EIs are probably worth approx 2.5 crop and the ECs 3.5. They are both stronger than corresponding 2 crop and 3 crop units, but not so much as to be worth a full extra crop.

    Of course this would make calculation more difficult...


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