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    Mayo, I did the suicide settler.
    Took me exactly 24 hours to send them. They are still on the way to their target (8 hour trip, 150% 15).
    I think I got a bit lucky with adventures (5 gave me resources) but overall it is just as viable. Only an hour or two slower than usual. Definitely worth it I think.
    Unless they bounce :(.
    Will tell you in 5 hours.

    Just when I thought they cannot come up with anything dumber than they already have, they prove me wrong.

    The 50% cost will limit crop fields to what? lvl 14-15 max. Awful idea. Like attacking is not already near impossible for the smaller kingdoms, so let's make it completely impossible.
    This will only help the metas and hurt the smaller teams.

    I took a small brake from the open beta due to various bugs. Decided to come back after a bit to see how the game is progressing and what I see is exactly what I expected a greedy company like travian would do - they made it 100% pay to win.

    The card game is a joke. The advantages gold buyers already had are HUGE and now they add unlimited cards? Come on devs. How greedy can you guys get?

    After every horrible design decision you made over the years I stuck with you but this is just beyond ridiculous.

    Do you not see your very quickly declining numbers? How many more players do you have to lose before you realize your current business model is horrible? You went from millions of players to a few thousand. How many more years of bad decisions will it take until you start listening to what your customers want?

    Pay-to-Win does not work with Travian. Why? Because in Travian a player could get literally and utterly annihilated - simply deleted, by a stronger player. This has been a core feature of travian since inception and you cannot have pay-to-win implemented with that. You simply can't. You turn away all the new players and the veterans have no noobs to push around and no fun.

    I see people defending the greediness of this company in forum posts and claiming they compete fine without gold - that is all lies.
    NOBODY in travian kingdoms that has ran a top account ( top 10 means a TOP account) has done it without buying thousands and thousands of gold. it is simply not possible to compete on the highest level without spending a fortune.

    The issue stems from travian never having a business department that had any clue as to why the game succeeded in the first place. They are completely disconnected with their customer base. This is often the case when you see a company emerge out of nothing and quickly rises to stardom. They don't know why they made it so big so quickly and they are crumbling down to ruins just as fast as they once grew.

    Just look at your numbers. It is probably too late to salvage what is left of your loyal customer base.
    It is 10 times easier to keep a customer than to gain a new customer and yet somehow you managed to lose the vast majority of your loyal customers out of greed. travian reminds me of Atari (if anybody knows their history). About the same time frame too.

    Another 10 year loyal veteran lost.


    Because it is static defense. He can't do anything with it.
    And frankly, 276 animals aren't that exciting after a week or three.

    In my experience, which is actually a year or 2 longer than yours, players who use that many cages are rarely competent enough to survive and flourish for very long. I've always been happy to find big zoos early on -- it lets me know who to target in the early stages of the middle game. Especially now when there are no artifacts to preserve your army for, those zoos become wonderful places to level your hero.

    It is static defense so he will just pump clubs or TTs and tear you a new one robbing all your chests while his are untouchable.
    If he bought that many day 1 he will buy many more until week 3.

    P.S. A zoo with a level 20 wall, defensive troops, and a moat are powerful places to level your hero? LOL.

    So, 2 hours into server a king has 276 cages which is 600-900 crop/hour army. TWO HOURS INTO THE SERVER., and you don't see my point? Do you not play this game? If the guy stops playing today it would still take two weeks until someone could rob his chests. This is the head start he just got. Two weeks ahead of the rest with just his first 3 purchases on the auction house.

    This is why all you players left. Because you simply "don't get their point" when they complain.
    Went from millions of players to a few tens of thousands.

    P.S. According to what I experienced on com2 this is not even close to "all the system will generate". It seemed the system kept generating indefinitely there.

    I decided to give TK a go. I start on COM5. One player has 400 cages and hundreds of ointments a few hours into the server. Because, of course they decided to auto generate auctions and list hundreds of items so the few very rich kids playing can pay to win and buy everything on the auction house.
    Then they wonder why people are leaving their crappy, extremely pay-to-win, unbelievably greedy "game".
    I have never seen a greedier company than Travian. This is laughable. You can buy absolutely everything in the game now.
    What is the point of playing this garbage? You can literally buy troops now and it is troops that you don't have to feed!!!
    At least, before they limited it to player generated auctions so there could not possibly be too many cages on the auction house. Now there is no limit on how many cages someone can get right from the start.
    Why not just put a tab in the Barracks where you can buy units with gold? It would be the same exact thing.

    Goodbye Travian. You lost a veteran of 7 years for good.