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    To be fair, I kinda agree with Sissox, as much as one can question his in game choices, there should be a limit to stay in game.

    Regarding the not playing seriously I guess it doesn't mean he isn't, but the kingdom itself isn't playing with the same intent of other servers, which can be true to a certain extent as well, it doesn't mean that because of this you should let down every other player while you are building your WW hammer

    Even the BM's neighbors are attacking us comically.I guess wrong information was given about weakness of UNTOLD defense.We won the battle,however,rival kingdoms do not want reports to be shared,I'm sorry for that.

    You know right that you can post reports without the other party consent on TK.

    People see you got a bruise and thought you were bleeding, good lesson for them to not underestimate the enemy!

    Sitter doesn't keep the account active on its own. Without the owner logging in the account will become inactive eventually (it might be 21 days but I could be wrong).

    After 21 days of owner not logging, sitters are kicked and account goes grey in the 7 following days.

    At the moment sitters are not kicked after 21 days so you can stay sitter of that account until the end of the server without the owner ever logging again.

    Mayo said that "LoveGood started this discussion" but you and Renuo did.Probably he can't see what you wrote

    I mean. last posts on this thread are in May from them.
    Before this post:
    Gossip COM3
    I don't see any comments or am I missing something?

    Only BM players can farm well and the rest are abusers.

    I thought we moved on from that, personally I acknowledged the tribute thing and while you might have not abused it, some did without any shred of a doubt (and tbh only Have Fun is a monster at farming lol)

    Sombras was 2nd kingdom,Phoenix was 3rd kingdom and they are 4th kingdom now.They are really big words for a kingdom that fights against Evil and LEGION.Ahh sorry you took king and dukes of Evil to your kingdom.Orange,Zion,Goat ... You can't call any kingdom as smaller.

    Phoenix was Sombras lol what are you talking about
    Lets not go there, will you :D it was Orange, Goat, 3RROR, Phoenix and GGG working together and it was a lot different, our goal was to have fun while giving opponents chances of playing and improving, not zerking and 0ing the kings 35 days in to destroy kingdoms and make all of them quit after two operations. But this is my opinion, which is biased obviously.

    And I was more talking about zeroing RP Poland, Paragon, White, etc... it was really not required, and yet you had to do it, but its different styles I suppose and different visions of the game!

    The only reason we follow other servers is to improve our gameplay and learn new stuff ;)

    This is petty guys. Just play the game. It is a very fun server, well for those who are fighting . And it will keep going

    I mean LoveGood started the whole discussion again, everyone left it at what it was, and yet you brought it up again :D

    And I'm sure that the smaller kingdom who got crushed by your "pushed" hammers had a lot of fun as well :D
    But I mean, its the game, you do whatever you want, no issue with pushing, your kingdom, you do whatever you want, it worked really well so congrats for that guys, absolutely no doubt on that although I don't share it. The problem is all of the abuses and cheatings done early game or even lately until someone was notified of it and you decided to stop (about time)

    You may not trust my sincerity,but ask someone you trust.It defines what you do in the forum.I'm not saying this to insult you.You are all acting like a big baby.

    You literally started up the whole thing again lol
    About your so called "cry factor", which is rather just showing what it is, it's because the state of the game is worst as time passes, more abuses, more cheatings, less and less strategy. But what do I know afterall

    Couldn't be more proud of that COM2 and remember what you told us ;)

    It is necessary to understand the BM,they can't make operations,their valuable members are gone.When they can't operate, they have no choice but to make only big hammers.They have plenty of time and boring,let's be understanding and stretch out candy

    If you say so, I really hope for you it is true :D (It never happened so far that we only make "big hammers", would have helped loads a lot of server to have a lot those endgame hammers)