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    we had 5 million just the same and there is a difference in our 25%

    Report? Or is it a number you can't back up?

    IJust be happy that they did not come to you, on points of victory you did not catch up with us even though it was a bet

    we didn't need to pass your VPs otherwise don't worry we would have passed you :)

    I just write my opinion it may differ from yours as well as your fans. In the end, there are only facts, you won the situation. And this is a common fact who understands a little about the game. In this game, the most diplomatic wins, and ironically this time it is the BM.

    After all, this is just a game and here we get pleasure from it, and do not kill each other. We are only talking about the facts of this round - here you have never been the best Kingdom to protect. Neither in the overall rating, nor even in the number of troops. The usual facts are, you beat this server because you are smarter and more cunning.

    The most diplomatic kingdom wins lol damb I just play alone and talk to everyone and I'll win solo a server just by talking to people :D

    So wait, 110 people have more troops than 75, congrats. Don't worry that we had a lot more troops / member than you will ever have once you remove the accounts you use to push other accounts. You had more and yet you lost.

    They just pretend that this Kingdom has all the facts and figures. The usual information war, but I'm getting bored, because their propaganda can be broken off a couple of times just facts. Experienced players need to paint that 700 kat from defer will not be able to break anything on WW.

    The wide difference is that we showed everything we have done with reports, you have been talking without showing anything nor proving anything. And once again you can prove where you got those 1.5 million def points and we'll believe you until then, just like the time you lied about turks defending us, you have no basis of truth while it is quite obvious you crashed your own troops to make a few players have better final rankings.

    I wish you the best luck for next servers, hopefully you will be less salty.

    Just what is it? If you are the best about the game's tactics, diplomacy and slow play are always better. No one disputes this.

    Zerking power all the way

    You guys look a lot like RA, old russian meta from 2 years ago, just like you they zerked all early and mid server and then they got rekt.

    If you don't see a better use for 13k catas then you haven't paid attention and you should read more carefully the story!
    It's a good news though, it means you can learn something today!

    We have repeatedly lowered the miracle of the Turks, which allowed you to take first place, something I do not see words of gratitude. Double standards they are

    Well you know, there is something called external variables, who you and turks attacked was your decision, but we made the most of everyone action for ourselves, you didn't :)
    At the end you were doomed for third place in the last few hours until we gave you that juicy 2nd place :) No double standard, everyone played their game and we just were smarter to use everyone's game to our advantage.

    The truth is turks wanted to win and not to make you win, so they decided to attack Asgard.
    You are just sad they didn't make you win.

    You could have finished 3rd and we made you finish 2nd, have some class and dignity and thank us.

    400 000 +300 000= 1 000 000 in General, this is your math on the forum

    You are joking right?
    Holy moly I indicated the two biggest example of your kingdom when you killed your own troops on yourself and ONCE AGAIN you change the subject. There are for sure other players who account for a whole lot more. And this actually just indicates once again how untruthful and devious you are. You cheated the final def rankings and you make it look like you are some poor victims of the server. You received what? 3 attacks from us and 3 from turks? It's too much for you?

    Do yourself a favor, stop talking and start thinking about your attitude.

    And don't talk about respect or honor.
    You lost any respect nor honor with the cheating, the lying and the tampering of final rankings.

    Man, whenever you will show us the 400k def points of Go banana the 300k def points of eleniel and so on come back talking.

    And, I agree the journey is everything, ours was full of off operation and def operation, so I'm not sure where do you want to end up, you had the edge on the server because you zerked a few places, you had more def and off because had 40% more people than us and yet you lost.

    I don't think we were less attacked than you. You received maybe some big hammers from Turks but your def rankings is completely false.
    The last day you received 1m+ def points from your own attacks and a lot of def points come from the Natar waves because you had the first WW position for a few weeks when you speed it up to level your WW.

    Also we might have less def points but we were attacked all mid game by WeaOsef, you said yourself you were bored because no one attacked you until late game.

    So I'm rather sure that in the process of things you might have been slightly more attacked than us but not that much and in the end we threw whatever we had left on Turks, so they hadn't been attacked more than us either:
    Note the difference between the count of attacks received and the size of it. It's normal in the end game to have larger armies and defense and therefore making more points, which is what happened.

    Anyway, quite evidently you're still looking for excuses, and it's quite sad for you to act like this.
    You did well early, you lost yourself at the end. Learn from it and go nex.

    Reach - talk to you guys. I am developing in this game, and you will continue to build farms for 100 days. After all, you are not the Kingdom that comes only at the end.
    With 1 successful operation when the plan was passed to the Turks ^^

    Everytime we talk about one thing you change subject, maybe you should stop making a fool of yourself.

    We did more operations than you and while you are talking, how many times have you attacked us? 3 times? We attacked you what? three times as well? Who came on top of it? ;)

    Perhaps not impressed, but when you repeat something like this on a competitive server - we will talk :P

    So far, I've seen nothing but misrepresentations from you. Nothing. In the plan, you deliberately or consciously confuse dates, facts, accidentally communicate with all the server teams, just as accidentally your plans turn out to be in another Kingdom.

    Operations to capture resource villages do not impress me, because it is simple and does not have any strategic significance, if the village did not live a lot of soldiers . Fast attacks are an interesting tactic, but only against players who are weaker and have a weak online. They tried it against us and it didn't work out

    Dude, you had tributes for 70 days of the server or more, you got yourself a cleared natar, you were pushed and you ended up with 230k troops at most? Some of our govs had the same amount of troops and they didnt get a free natar, they didnt have tributes and they weren't pushed.

    You are not some god of travian, far from it, you had a great account but that's about it.

    And you are still focused on that lol, we could toy with you with whatever we wanted and so we did, at the end of the story who came on top? Having fun is part of the journey as well ;)

    About everything else, we've been straightforward and clean about everything. Whenever you are ready to do as much let us know. I rarely have seen sore losers like this.

    When people are delusional they look for excuses for their own mistakes.
    You can tell yourself all the excuses you want, at the end of the day you got the second place because we gave it to you :)

    I didn't understand at first, I think I got it now.

    Anyway, we've shared a lot more than anyone and in all our stories throughout the years there are tons of insights on different strategies. Whether you are able to get the information, process it, adapt it and use it, it's up to you. We were enemies and as such I won't help you during our conflict.
    Now the server is over and we shared it all, it's up to you to either learn from it or don't. It's meant to be shared knowledge, now you can either learn from it or don't. Whatever makes you happy :)

    There were, but as usual you make a fool of yourselves, watch carefully ;)

    And well, even if we hadn't been hit by any (which isn't the case), at least we had a WW to defend ;)
    I hope you learnt your lesson of not leaving enemy cities two tiles away from the WW untouched until WW spawn :D

    You are right, we went to war with the kingdom ranked number 2 and the second biggest kingdom in terms of players (and they are far better than whatever I've seen from you) and we removed them from the winning picture.
    Then we proceeded to attack the other two top teams simultaneously.

    Whenever you do any of the things mentioned, come back talking :)

    But no worry, next time a team goes East as well you might get them to join you!