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    Yes, but why not check the fact first. We play with a group for some different years now. Experience players all around, as a teuton it's easy to farm fast. You don't need to cheat to get so many rss, attack everyone who has 200 pop and have an account working for 24/7. It's sad that they get banned, before they check what is going on. So in my opinion this means i can report just anyone i don't like and they get banned immediatly. Which i can use in my own best interest. In the past they checked much more facts first, before you got a ban or at least within 24h of the ban.

    Dude please, you're insulting everyone's brain with what you wrote.

    If you get caught cheating so evidently, you accept your destiny and move on.

    Thanks for sharing your experience Grim, I think we have all seen this kind of issues and since it is a test server less focus is put onto this kind of problems I would assume since it's not the goal of the server itself. To have a better service in this regard you should probably look to play official servers.

    Also, Grim, it might be time to hold up to your word. I've never seen you finish a server I think, you have quit the game so many times ranting every time about the game and yet here you are 4 years later. Might be time to quit for good and stop complaining about the same thing 4 years in a row continuously.

    Dude 10 DEF multies are 2M DEF.

    A single guy with a multy army and bots will crush a team alone, you think it doesn`t change endgame?

    Maybe on a speed test server with a guy that spends all his time in front of the game, and even then its probably impossible to pull out.
    Then again, MAs if reported and real are banned.

    Metas exist cause the best tactic in the game is booming harder than your enemies.
    Both fast settle and relocation encourage this type of tactic cause it allows you to distance yourself from threats and boom safely.

    But getting rid of fast settle and relocation are not options in my opinion. Instead we need to increase the benefit of aggressive play.
    When you crush another kingdom most their players go on delete, leaving you with nothing. If these deleted villages would turn into natars who can be farmed and chiefed then aggressive play is much more rewarding.

    Fast settle could use a nerf and relocation already got a bit of a nerf with the mists so I guess that's fine for now.

    Metas exist because people are too lazy to learn how to play the game. Its easier to be more because more people means more robber hideouts, which means more treasuries which means more VP production.
    Except that its an equation where its a lot more funnier and harder to be effective on other aspects.

    Fast settle and relocation doesn't encourage Meta, it helps premades to play together right away. Becoming a meta is a choice dictated by people, its not a consequence of the game mechanics. There were metas before and there will be metas after.

    The mist thing is absolutely pointless IMO.

    activity and friendship are more important in Travian then Gold. Gold just makes things easier, specially if you have no time.

    It has nothing to do with my deal, I'll make you win the server against gold!

    Dear community,

    Following the lead of the legend community, we would like to introduce you an unofficial Travian Kingdom Discord server.

    With unofficial, we mean that the Kingdoms staff is not a part of this discord server. It's a fanpage run by the community and not an official channel.

    The server has general sections and channels for servers. The goal is to create a more direct contact between players, help each other, build kingdoms and have fun.

    Each team can ask for the creation of its own channel that can either be public or private and have full moderation over it.

    We are looking for players who would like to become moderator of the discord server. If you are interested please throw us a PM via Discord. We want as many teams to be involved.

    Last but not least, this server has as a function to be complementary with existing discords of teams, to create interconnection and discussions across teams on a neutral platform.

    Please follow this link to join the server: