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    I mean, I have an hard time believing its a long term planning when up until a few days ago you were saying you were finalizing the dates

    Also, just pointing out the obvious:
    Treat or Trick server is a *5 speed played by SPEED players and teams.

    You are starting a speed server two weeks before the server event where you know that 5 big teams will play for real on that server and therefore will be less invested in the event server, therefore you are cannibalizing your own player base for speed servers and your even server. Last year event server was populated by the same teams that will compete on the next speed and they are playing for real there.

    Normal speed COM players on the other hand play servers for different reasons (less time, more strategy, more planning) and therefore won't invest the same time nor money on those servers and you will likely lose out on the end.

    A better planning would have been to start COM1 at the beginning of October and start the event server at the end of October. (and you should have anticipated the speed server by a few weeks as well)

    In the hope that you will insert a normal COM in your planning,
    I wish you a good day,

    58 days between two COMs while in March April we had 3 coms in 30 days?

    It's the best moment of the year to start COMs as people come back from vacation and look forward to play, and no normal speed teams will play x5 servers as they don't have time to commit nor to play to that kind of speed...

    Also next servers are in 3 weeks, and COM1 is planned in 6 weeks, can we please have a COM starting before?

    Servers used to last more than a year lol

    Servers are too short if anything

    And yes the game is easy, but it could be a lot more complicated if people actually wanted but its harder

    In the evening it's really hard to send attacks at the supposed landing time, several times there is a 1 second delay or 2 seconds delay and this issue is spread across different accounts

    Really hard to play a war game if you need to rely on luck and your efforts are vanished by servers lag.

    The 5% wouldn't have mattered in the end, BM won the game for UNTOLD when they zeroed Dominion's WW.

    Well, we were in the position of making any of you win, as we said earlier in this thread we would chose who wins this server. At the end it came down to Savoy and Untold as F1C failed to chief back their WW so we decided to make Untold win.

    Congrats everyone, very fun end game! May we meet again on the battlefield :)

    It's okay, you have won this :)

    We started building so you could win ;) None of the WW behind can catch up now

    Server is unofficially over, F1C lost a WW, no one will have enough bonus to beat Untold long built VPs.

    Congratulations everyone, see you on the next server!

    As I said, not a real "gift", more like you got lucky that it didn't go according to their plans and it went in your favour even if it wasn't meant to

    Congrats Untold for victory, it seems Savoy gave u little gift at the end :P

    I mean, they tried to win but it went south for them, which ended up in your favour :)

    I've never seen bonuses more well distributed among kingdoms lol