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    There are several threads that discussed this in length, I suggest to dig those as they are quite extensive and people time on it.

    Thanks for reopening the debate on this, its a great suggestion.
    Unfortunately, it has already been suggested many times since 2015 and it has never been taken into account :(

    The population effect on defense and attack must be removed or reduced. This will be the new feature to be abused. You can take a look at the TEST server for a better understanding.

    What? It has always been present, the pop malus is a good thing, you have to make trade-offs when you build an account

    Also, just to mention it, pop malus isn't applied on WWs.

    The best thing would be to get rid of the menhir, but as it is the only influential update made to the game it will never be removed, not to admit that the developers have failed.

    Even if you make changes you fix on one side and break on the other.

    I wouldn't say it is the only influential update as they did many more who were much more influential (like no switches after lvl 50 WW, top WW giving only 50% bonus, not being able to steal VPs from govs, new kingdoms format, etc etc).
    This is one among many other changes along the years, the problem is that none of these changes was in the right direction in my opinion

    It happened on a server because Empire has some really crafty players who like to do the maximum with game features but it will never happen frequently on any server. Maybe a few players every server will do it, and even then, the impact is ridiculous on long term.

    And then again, we are discussing Menhir mechanics atm, not vacation which is another topic.

    Vacation has never been used for its real purpose if not to make the most of game mechanics.

    Regarding deffers and offers like that, at the end of the day its basically throw-away account if they invest right away all res in troops with no economy behind, with the sole scope of defending an account. Which is not far away from players who play the early game and would roll over other players by playing ultra aggressively. This is just much more spectacular and amplified, for sure, but also a lot more limited in its execution as it requires coordination from multiple players willingly compromising their account development.

    This is not just a COM1 issue.This will now be repeated everywhere. Because the mechanism is already worked out.

    It won't, in the past you could do this without having any cooldown after menhiring, and it was barely abused back then. Now it is possible but it is a lot more complex to do it, so it will be very isolated cases. Just like it has been and it is now.

    MAs menhiring and giving hundreds of thousands of free resources happens a lot more frequently unfortunately.

    There are 12 hours cooldown on attacking someone after menhiring.
    It's a problem on only 1 specific instance right now because of what happened on COM1. It is a very unlikely situation that wouldn't happen elsewhere. And regardless, it will probably won't happen again. We have to watch the bigger picture on this feature.

    The problem regarding resources piles given back is major. A spawn account who spams fields and quests can easily reach 300/400k resources in spent in fields and they get those back when menhiring. Which opens for insane raiding opportunities for absolutely free. This is something anyone can do and that has a much wider impact on the current gameplay.

    Regarding the rest, I think menhirs should be allowed until the account is in Beginners Protection, which would force people to take a decision on their gameplay on the server.

    Hi Qvintus ,
    Thanks for sharing but your guide is completely outdated for the current state of the game, I'm rather sure it was good 5 years ago but right now you are missing a lot of mechanics of the game which slows you down greatly.

    Regarding the map, it doesn't matter the direction you take at first as you can menhir and also thanks to the API, you can access the map when server starts and analyze it and therefore decide the best direction based on that instead of always going North.

    Also, Gaul is the fastest tribe that can produce 3 settlers (training time is smaller vs other tribes)

    I suggest you open a new thread as this thread is 5 years old and not relevant to your issue.

    Regardless of that, I do believe they keep producing VPs while they are banned. Keep in mind that the ban won't last forever normally and that you should ticket the Game Center to get assistance to your problem.

    Skadi In case you were wondering why we don't play speed servers, the new speed (COM1x3) started less than 1 week ago and its already full of cheating, abuses, MAs, and much more stuff.

    I don't know how earlier you can announce servers too, you announced this one 1.5 months earlier, you just need to make it more consistent and frequent.

    I'm doing some analysis from 2016 to today on servers, population/server and many more metrics

    I'll share what the results when it's ready.

    And I'm sorry, but I won't take "We are trying new things" as a valid explanation while we are trying to have an open discussion with several arguments and examples.

    If you care about your players (or clients) at least have the decency of being transparent with them, especially the ones who are staying since the beginning of TK.

    Not really 5 premade teams with 80+ players in each starting a server, most are likely to buy the big gold package to activate all bonuses right from the start.

    It is more likely to make more money from that rather than overlapping more speed servers one on top of the other considering that most of the playerbase of normal server will NOT play speed servers because its completely different.

    And I don't think people are bashing on Georgi, just on Travian Kingdom management in general for a shitty schedule that completely ignores the wishes of their longest customers. Georgi has the unfortunate job of communicating these decisions and therefore is the one facing the uproar of them.

    I mean, I have an hard time believing its a long term planning when up until a few days ago you were saying you were finalizing the dates