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    There are several threads that discussed this in length, I suggest to dig those as they are quite extensive and people time on it.

    Thanks for reopening the debate on this, its a great suggestion.
    Unfortunately, it has already been suggested many times since 2015 and it has never been taken into account :(

    The population effect on defense and attack must be removed or reduced. This will be the new feature to be abused. You can take a look at the TEST server for a better understanding.

    What? It has always been present, the pop malus is a good thing, you have to make trade-offs when you build an account

    Also, just to mention it, pop malus isn't applied on WWs.

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    Could you please look into this quickly? I've seen a lot of stuff in TK that were not punished or even reverted punishments and this seems way above the line with no explanation or proof given.

    It would be stupid to lose a great player of the community like this.

    The best thing would be to get rid of the menhir, but as it is the only influential update made to the game it will never be removed, not to admit that the developers have failed.

    Even if you make changes you fix on one side and break on the other.

    I wouldn't say it is the only influential update as they did many more who were much more influential (like no switches after lvl 50 WW, top WW giving only 50% bonus, not being able to steal VPs from govs, new kingdoms format, etc etc).
    This is one among many other changes along the years, the problem is that none of these changes was in the right direction in my opinion

    They didn't show their reports for last server :(

    Mayo What is the need for censorship,people should not hide anything from each other.

    These guys are badass,never give up.Every server needs kingdoms like POLANIE.

    There is no need, I mean people can look for the info themselves, it's a bit of homework in exchange of a nice report :)

    It happened on a server because Empire has some really crafty players who like to do the maximum with game features but it will never happen frequently on any server. Maybe a few players every server will do it, and even then, the impact is ridiculous on long term.

    And then again, we are discussing Menhir mechanics atm, not vacation which is another topic.

    Vacation has never been used for its real purpose if not to make the most of game mechanics.

    Regarding deffers and offers like that, at the end of the day its basically throw-away account if they invest right away all res in troops with no economy behind, with the sole scope of defending an account. Which is not far away from players who play the early game and would roll over other players by playing ultra aggressively. This is just much more spectacular and amplified, for sure, but also a lot more limited in its execution as it requires coordination from multiple players willingly compromising their account development.

    This is not just a COM1 issue.This will now be repeated everywhere. Because the mechanism is already worked out.

    It won't, in the past you could do this without having any cooldown after menhiring, and it was barely abused back then. Now it is possible but it is a lot more complex to do it, so it will be very isolated cases. Just like it has been and it is now.

    MAs menhiring and giving hundreds of thousands of free resources happens a lot more frequently unfortunately.

    There are 12 hours cooldown on attacking someone after menhiring.
    It's a problem on only 1 specific instance right now because of what happened on COM1. It is a very unlikely situation that wouldn't happen elsewhere. And regardless, it will probably won't happen again. We have to watch the bigger picture on this feature.

    The problem regarding resources piles given back is major. A spawn account who spams fields and quests can easily reach 300/400k resources in spent in fields and they get those back when menhiring. Which opens for insane raiding opportunities for absolutely free. This is something anyone can do and that has a much wider impact on the current gameplay.

    Regarding the rest, I think menhirs should be allowed until the account is in Beginners Protection, which would force people to take a decision on their gameplay on the server.

    Well, replying to an english message in russian it is since I'm not native in neither languages.
    Also, unless the translation I got is inaccurate, his reply to me was not entirely respectful.

    And last but most importantly, we are on an english forum, where everyone should be able to contribute to the discussion. I have no issue with them wanting to discuss in their own language to be able to communicate better, but if you want to do so, this is NOT the place since it is against the forum rules.

    This is a private game and its forum, where there are rules.

    I invite you to read them here:
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    In particular:


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    Now, before you reply try to have some respect for everyone else on the forum who makes an effort to write in a language that isn't its native language.
    Thank you.

    Its an international forum, therefore write in ENGLISH.

    Thank you.

    If you want to have a conversation in Russian, either go on the RU forum or if you want to discuss, I can make a channel on the non official discord for RU speakers.

    Just for your information, there are no known developers actively working on travian kingdom, all the developers that used to work on this project were moved onto other games. I've been waiting for 2 years for a developer to show up now. When there is a major issue they ask support from a former developer to fix the issue but beside this the game is stalling. No new features in the past months, hence why there are no more test servers.