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    Also, just pointing out the obvious:
    Treat or Trick server is a *5 speed played by SPEED players and teams.

    You are starting a speed server two weeks before the server event where you know that 5 big teams will play for real on that server and therefore will be less invested in the event server, therefore you are cannibalizing your own player base for speed servers and your even server. Last year event server was populated by the same teams that will compete on the next speed and they are playing for real there.

    Normal speed COM players on the other hand play servers for different reasons (less time, more strategy, more planning) and therefore won't invest the same time nor money on those servers and you will likely lose out on the end.

    A better planning would have been to start COM1 at the beginning of October and start the event server at the end of October. (and you should have anticipated the speed server by a few weeks as well)

    In the hope that you will insert a normal COM in your planning,
    I wish you a good day,

    58 days between two COMs while in March April we had 3 coms in 30 days?

    It's the best moment of the year to start COMs as people come back from vacation and look forward to play, and no normal speed teams will play x5 servers as they don't have time to commit nor to play to that kind of speed...

    Also next servers are in 3 weeks, and COM1 is planned in 6 weeks, can we please have a COM starting before?

    In the evening it's really hard to send attacks at the supposed landing time, several times there is a 1 second delay or 2 seconds delay and this issue is spread across different accounts

    Really hard to play a war game if you need to rely on luck and your efforts are vanished by servers lag.

    Would it be possible to make a list? Also would it be possible to have a current developer of TK to come on the forum to discuss which are the current priorities of the game?

    Insane! How were you feeding them?

    We probably produced more troops all round but the maximum we had was 330k consumption if I remember correctly (we produced 50k def troops per week non stop for 10 weeks, maybe more, and before that we were scaling up, so overall produced was around 750/800k all round

    Speed settling was already a thing well before the menhirs

    It was way different before lol and then again there were different types of fast settling and in 2016 speed settling was like 3 days or 4 days? Something like that, those 2 hours would not change anything back then.
    To make up for the time difference you need to be 10 square closer, and again the 2 hrs difference is in the case everything goes perfectly
    I emphasize menhirs because they extremise your point, before the spawning on the map was a random factor that determined how close you end up to croppers, with menhirs that randomness is removed and you can get a lot closer to the wanted croppers, and it goes in favor of every tribe, with a clear advantage to the ones with shorter training time if put at the same distance but can help tribes with longer production time.
    Also, while many do the speed settling, a lot more aren't and the balance of tribes, cost/training time is balanced in that sense. So normalizing that across tribes would unbalance a lot more people not doing the speed settling.
    Furthermore, I believe, from my experience, that we have been the ones doing the most suicide settle, then speed settle day 1 on servers since 2017, and even top kingdoms are at best average at doing it, aka it takes most more than the minimal amount of time it would take for someone to do it, so we are talking about a minority of players and not the majority.

    Finally, I mentioned menhir because you can't take one thing like this and take it out of the context of the whole game, you have to see the bigger picture of the balance of it. You made a proposition about a change in the game on the public forum, I'm free to give you my opinion on the matter bringing in what I believe are the more impacting elements surrounding this topic so we can have a broader discussion about the whole thing. If you are not interested in developing the idea, adapting it, integrating other ideas, be it, it doesn't mean I would refrain myself from voicing my opinion if I'm interested.

    Removing speed settling is quite easy though, remove quest bonus from Town Hall and it won't be viable anymore or halve it and the time/cost difference would become more or less insignificant, but once again, not sure what do you think it would change to the game by doing, maybe 3 guys will have sooner a better capital on a server, so maybe more troops. but those are big ifs, it really doesn't impact the majority of the players, mainly because of the scarcity of 9Cs and 15Cs present on maps nowadays.

    PS: we are in kingdoms beta still :P

    spawning closer to a cropper is a random advantage just like adventures, above you said we shouldn't rely on luck lol

    And there wasn't speed settling in 2015/2016/early 2017, it was like any other server tbh, the problem with speedsettling is the menhiring that comes with it afterwards, you start withba 15c cropper and you have the tributes of 15 players capital right away

    And if u want to give the same chances to all tribe at that you need to rethink every other aspect of the game, otherwise some tribes are better than others for certain things

    Training time for sure needs to be equalized.
    Training costs can be equalized through the quest reward. I'd rather see it all equalized tho.

    And yes you can "compensate" by getting closer, but you shouldn't have to rely on luck that much.

    Well then we need to change adventures as well, spawning of robbers hideouts,, and another tons of things to make it fair but then its not a race. The fun in it is the random variable as well, the stress of not knowing if you will be first or not, the adrenaline rush of the first day!

    One thing we can agree on, is removal of menhir, that gives an unfair advantage to big kingdoms or premades

    past year every server start feels like you guys are using potatoes as hosting servers cause lag is real in first 2-5h and it doest help that ppl have to F5 every time they want to do something which loads potato servers even more.

    All server long you mean, F5 is literally the most used key on the keyboard

    I would like to redirect you to this guide provided by Curtain :
    Beginner's Guide - First week as Gaul

    It's a nice guide to start with, if you explore a bit the blog and the forum you will find many insights on almost every aspect of the game.

    I would recommend to find a kingdom with some experience in game (don't look for the biggest one but maybe for the ones with the higher average points/players in terms of off/def) and ask the players for tips and advices.

    Good luck!

    Menhiring, vacations and relocations were already reworked.

    You cant get duke/king/WW holder in vacations, you cant attack right after menhirs, you cant relocate on 9c/15c anymore.

    I guess menhirs should need even bigger rework, but.. some of it happened.

    Read what I wrote, its literally what I mentioned above, they change features as soon as they are abused. Those were the main examples since the first open beta in 2015.

    Hey Mayo,

    of course everything is being considered :) Fabian is currently working on another project and is not the current game designer for TK, that's why he hasn't logged in for a while. We should update that title not to confuse anyone. Your feedback will be collected and forwarded to the game center and the actual game designer :)

    Best regards

    Ok, who are the current developer for Travian Kingdom then?

    It would be nice to have them here as well so we can have an open discussion. We discussed this matter of VP / WW / etc.. I don't know how many times but almost nothing significant has ever happened, except when there was a giant abuse of something, only then it was fixed, to give a few examples:

    - change of WW holder last minute (xTools in 2015, and there are other examples)

    - change of VP stealing limit to same amount of VP (because on a server someone didn't do anything, they put a spy in a kingdom, moved all treasuries to that spy, then proceed to take them and steal all VPs from #1 kingdom and win)

    - change of WW bonus (because #1 WW was just the one who would win because it gave too much bonus)

    - change of menhiring attack right away (because multiple players relocated next to other kingdom treasuries and destroyed them from 1 square away)

    - change of vacation... (because a kingdom had a WW in vacation for 7 days in a speed server)
    - change of relocation for 15C/9C (because people would get 15C+150% by just waiting to have better locations)

    Sending you back to this (most recent I think):
    BM Ideas/Wishes/Suggestions Time Box

    And most of these, had been mentioned separately in the previous years, and they are brought back again now.

    It would be nice to have a centralised thread where ideas are posted, and they are either rejected or at least we know some schedule or we know what happens to them. Most of them aren't big changes that need insane rework of implementations. It's a beta game and yet there are no significant different gameplay tested in different servers, and a lot of different things could be tested.

    I mean, since 2015 there have been like 100 posts talking about what could be done differently.

    So before starting to give ideas, will anything actually be considered to be implemented for real? Otherwise its just a waste of time writing on keyboard, the same thing over and over again.

    Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 15.35.05.png

    I'm having more and more an hard time giving feedback knowing developers themselves don't really care

    It is possible due to a bug, had the very same case a few years ago. After an attack, the village sometimes needs 1-2 seconds to "realize" that the treasury was (technically) deactivated and that an attack should steal all treasures.

    Never happened to me tbh but it might just be it