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    I guess you won't talk about free treasure business :D

    What's there to talk about? Three people were recruited, 2k treasuries came with it, that's it. The remaining 16k we have come from ops and governors don't worry, you have 50% more players so you have 50% more treasuries generation, don't be jealous :)

    I would ask you to talk about all the abuse you have done this and past servers but its not like you will ever talk about it.

    The raiding analysis was made on top10, everyone seems legit except Unlimited Power who raids 2.5 million resources without losing any troops or taking any off points. So if thats legit, show the reports of legit farms with 400k resources undeffed that no one on the whole server, even its teammates see.

    Raiding 30k/h on average its like every other raider, its just incredible how he finds so many 100k+ farms without losing troops.

    Then again, Mr. Rabbit, your lists bring on average the same amount of everyone else, if you show us how your farmlists go from 30/40k per hour to 100/200k for one hour you are a magician!

    EDIT: Ah one thing, nothing personal against any Untold player, there a lot of amazing players here and no one questions your farming beside your king that is very suspect and that you would have the same suspicions if it was someone else on the server. I would happily be wronged if that's the case, like showing the 400k resources raided from 10pm to 12am last Saturday without losing any troops

    You must be the bank of free treasuries then, we took the most treasuries from you :)

    Just leaving this out there, it's insane how this comment from Smile the Great didn't age well:

    Last server you were losing most troops to farming, and this server your king who farms 5.5 million in a week (average 30k/h, and 2.5 million done with spikes of 100k+ resources/hour) made the incredible number of 44 off points in 7 days (week 4).

    Oh you actually know what shame is? I always thought you didn't have any ¯\(ツ)/¯

    Talking about it is the first step towards making it right though!

    Oh nice, seems like BM recruited some fresh blood. Are you scared Balerion?

    PS: Don't forget that last server you guys gave us 83k treasuries at the end and yet you couldn't join BM. ;)
    I fear that treasuries won't make the cut but I heard that Unlimited Power has farms giving him 400k in a few hours without even needing to clear them, maybe sharing those farms with everyone would make BM reconsider it :D

    Right, day 15, farming across the map as teuton ! :) (And still get 30k res/hour)

    But I mean now it won't be visible anymore, the raiding amount is going to be normalized among players and everyone will start having the same farms so no doubt it's real farming, it was just fun to see day 12 300k resources raided in 8 hours :)

    I'm rather sure you could have bought shoes for work, running, casual, events, and what not instead of a pair of virtual shoes lol

    Let's not forget last server:…com.5/Kingdom/51-Dominion

    Last server you were 130? 150? This server you are already 90+ in your current kingdoms, and yet you are openly recruiting. Maybe it's time to learn how to learn how to play as a team instead of recruiting hundreds of people to use them.

    And let's specify something, no one requires to play at a " 'certain level' or what not" as you quote from nowhere and I truly believe that it is valid for Untold as well (if not, please correct me, because beside the banter and the trash talk I'm happy that untold took the decision of following their purpose and their goal, therefore not to recruit anymore to have a fair fight on the server among everyone).
    And while Untold as I pointed out are "large" (less than you still), there are group out there that are far larger than them already Savoi+Brunolar, <I>, ...

    Maybe it's time that instead of being one of many, your governors become a fully integrated part of your team.

    The only thing that is ironic here is your lack of awareness.

    Let me start some friendly banter then...

    "Hello sorry but we closed recruitment in order to limit our numbers to encourage people play with smaller team."

    also Untold:

    + UNTD 8 members

    = Largest premade team on the server ^^ (without mentioning that it's all the best players from different teams under the same roof 8))

    PS: Teach us how to farm millions week 3 when all top farmers are next to each other


    I would like to make a suggestion for the menhir system.

    Right now, when you menhir you lose fields but get back the resources in inventory, which makes it very easy to abuse of it. You literally have a farm with 400k resources ready to be taken at any moment.

    To avoid this problem, could you please either:
    1. Leave resource fields leveled up --> Either way it's just a question of timing to rebuild them, which can be done almost instantly for 100 gold or less
    2. Make it so those resources are not raidable

    The first option would be probably the easier one to implement.

    It's very easy currently to abuse of this.

    Thank you,

    You changed your mind quite quickly about joining or being a team, before considering it, may I ask you if you are sure you won't delete this time around?