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    Maytrix let it go, facts will talk by themselves, no point on arguing on things like this.

    Just one thing: People are free to do what they want, if they wish to attack me or you or maytrix or anyone in the server they are free to do so. It's a war game, It happened that you are in the lead and that people want to see if you deserve to win. If you do deserve, people will acknowledge it. Until then fight and keep your head down because it's not by waving around how good you are that you will win or deserve to win.

    PS: If you didn't kick Runner out of the alliance you would have lost 500k VP anyway, you tried to do something cheap, you got the expensive price :)

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    I just saw the announcement about truce period, I noticed that you included only COM1/COM2 servers. Does it mean that COM4 and COM5 won't have truce periods?

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    Right now if you are a dual of an account, you're not able to access the sitters of your account, only the owner of the account can. I don't understand why and apparently I can't know the reasons behind this decision according to the help center.

    Anyway, I think it would be a great add, even maybe mandatory(?) to add an option for the owner of the account allowing him to give the permissions for his duals to access the sitters account. On any previous travian version there was no such "dual" system, you had to share your account info, you had access to everything your dual had and there was no problem with it. Now apparently if you share your account info you will get ban which makes no sense whatsoever, if a guy wants to share his account with someone why couldn't he do it? (a single account obviously not multiples account..)

    TL;DR: I think it would be a great addition to this new travian version to add the possibility for the owner of the account to choose which kind of permissions have his duals, including the sitters access option.


    I wasn't leader when I came in xTools, I took a bigger role a few months after my arrival in my alliance. I found some enemies and tried to make something out of this server. The only times I reached Ankur it was for some operation 20+ hours away from us, not very interesting early on in a server. and we got contacted by Ankur, he said: "If you are bored because nothing is happening tell your king or me I'll give you targets", if you actually needed your so called wings you would have coordinated and integrated them inside your group, but again you weren't organize to do such thing.

    I did coordinate my members, but if I had some wings I wouldn't let them alone in the dark, I would make them participate actively. You can't expect people to be loyal to someone who doesn't give a **** about you. It goes both ways obviously, but if you look for someone you're the one who should do the first step, not vice versa.


    If you really want to fight for honor you should take an WW for your allaince and finish it

    So you are telling me that you built the WW that reached level 100? Cause TEAM and United did (maybe others I don't know who exactly), xTools didn't they just took the merit at the very end when it was built.

    I will stop trying to defend myself, I obviously made some poor and not very thought choices during this server, I hope you realize you're far from perfect and that a lot of your decision were questionable to say the least.

    All your rethorical questions are absolutely right I don't deny it and never did, I was blind, I came to this server thinking to play a few weeks to see how travian was doing, than I stayed, I began in a bad alliance, and I wasn't informed about anything on the server, I saw xTools.8 next to me so I thought it would be a good choice to learn about the game and grow. Afterwards, week by week I started to realize that what Ankur was doing wasn't the right choice for his governors and his players but it was the right choice for him and his only objectif, win the server and destroy SAMURAI having all the server with him. It was pretty easy, xTools were a huge alliance, so why anyone would fight them?
    I admit my mistake, I wasn't objectif, I looked for the big guy who could protect me but I was mistaken. I realized my mistake and wanted to fix it. I would rather be a noob on my own and get cata down by you rather than have an easy, undeserved win without fighting.

    The problem with xTools is that all you did you never informed or made your alliance member part of it, you just send sometimes some messages to ask defence and you helped with threats.

    When CC split from xTools, we gave the choice to all players to either stay with us or to stay with you, people made their choice, if you made us part of your alliance it wouldn't have happened, People that wanted to stay with you left the others stayed, Hearta should have done the same thing. That's my opinion, at least he wouldn't be consider as traitor right now because that's what he is, he took away the work of a lot of people for his own interest.

    So CyberLord you would have prefered to play farmcity during all WWs period instead of actually fighting? We are in a war game, it wasn't betraying anyone the splitting we did, it was a choice of every individual to stay with you and play simcity or go against you and actually try to play a war based game. CC splitted some stayed with you some didn't, they had the choice and we respected that choice. If Hearta was with you, he should have left the moment the separation happened and not at the last second to give you the victory, A lot of your players feel like United CC Amory and others, that you didn't deserved the win like this.

    We turned our back from you because all Ankur did was making everyone on the server allies in order for xTools to win. Like this at least we had fun and we made this endgame enjoyable, so blame us for "betraying" you guys but I'm happy all these people did.

    I'm glad that some of xTools member are like you guys, honorable opponents! On the other hand I'm sad that some xTools think it was a deserved win.