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    Player 1 attacks treasury and shoots it down. No more treasury.

    Player 2 attacks and steals treasures (should steal all cause no more treasury).

    They landed at the exact same second. Player 1 went first.

    However player 2 did not steal all the remaining treasures, only 33%, despite treasury being shot down during the previous attack.

    There was more than 1 treasury, you need to kill all treasuries (be careful they move once they are all destroyed to the nearby active treasury of that player)

    Sitter doesn't keep the account active on its own. Without the owner logging in the account will become inactive eventually (it might be 21 days but I could be wrong).

    After 21 days of owner not logging, sitters are kicked and account goes grey in the 7 following days.

    At the moment sitters are not kicked after 21 days so you can stay sitter of that account until the end of the server without the owner ever logging again.

    Vacation mode should just freeze account for the amount of time of the vacation and then multiply by 2 everything.

    It might not break rules, its abusing of features and it should not be tolerated.

    When WWs are out we don't get Christmas or New Years or any truce for periods like that because otherwise its unfair to the game. Therefore if this is allowed then truce should be activated in these periods when WWs are out. It's a complete and total abuse of a feature which ruins the gameplay of everyone else.

    As soon as WW are out, vacation for WW owners should end.

    PS: In vacation you shouldn't be able to attack Natars, it makes absolutely no sense.

    Last thing, the big difference here is that we are discussing and having an open conversation while you are just saying over and over that you are liar and make no mistake, no one ever called you that. And more importantly, you do not represent Russia or any country for that matter. You are you.

    When you are respectful of others who make an effort to speak in another language (english in my case), we may discuss again. Have a good day.

    поэтому на вашем супер неофициальном канале нет русскоязычных администраторов?

    If no one asks for it, how can there be one? It is an open proposition to anyone who is willing to do it.

    PS: I won't reply anymore until you start writing in english, just like we comply to forum rules, so should you. You should respect rules like everyone else, you are not above people who do.

    Let me be very clear, you don't represent any nation, you are you, we are human beings first and foremost.

    The discord server is an unofficial server that we launched for the community, just like in the international forum there is a English only rule, in the server there is an english rule so that everyone can understand each other.

    Moreover, in the rules, we opened the possibility to any team to ask for their own channel in the server where they could write in whatever language they wanted and that is the only exception.

    Last but not least, if you actually read the original post of this thread, we asked for people who were interested in moderating the discord server and that applied to anyone.

    I hope this clears up every last doubt you had.

    PS: Write in english, english in the international forum is required as written here: Forum rules


    4. Netiquette

    • Insults, harassment, vilification or any other questionable comments about other players in any form and in any place within the forum will not be tolerated and will be dealt with.
    • The writing of posts and messages in languages other than English is not permitted.On the whole forum, we don't permit links to the following:


    the answer will differ from a number of parameters:
    - type of server

    - day of the server / phase of the game

    - governor/royalty (duke/kings)

    In what are you interested?

    In a normal server a 25k swords is an insane achievement to reach in 50 days, even for kings or top farmers, whoever reach that much means that the rest of the account is has been neglected and they won't get much more afterwards.

    10k is already a big achievement for day 50 while developing a nice sustainable account for the long term.

    2 times in a row wrong :D:thumbdown::D

    Mayo is a Dinosaur of the past.Its 20-20 and the BM era has long set.

    So for sake of correctness:

    After union probably they remove this restriction because abdicating isn't an option anymore as king and vice-king can't change and dukes can't be upgraded to those roles. Pre-union Kings can abdicate and one of the duke will be crowned king.

    Not sure how me not knowing the mechanisms on how to delete an unionized king account would have anything to do with BM but whatever makes you feel good Accord :D

    I'm rather sure you could have bought shoes for work, running, casual, events, and what not instead of a pair of virtual shoes lol


    I would like to make a suggestion for the menhir system.

    Right now, when you menhir you lose fields but get back the resources in inventory, which makes it very easy to abuse of it. You literally have a farm with 400k resources ready to be taken at any moment.

    To avoid this problem, could you please either:
    1. Leave resource fields leveled up --> Either way it's just a question of timing to rebuild them, which can be done almost instantly for 100 gold or less
    2. Make it so those resources are not raidable

    The first option would be probably the easier one to implement.

    It's very easy currently to abuse of this.

    Thank you,

    Thanks for sharing your experience Grim, I think we have all seen this kind of issues and since it is a test server less focus is put onto this kind of problems I would assume since it's not the goal of the server itself. To have a better service in this regard you should probably look to play official servers.

    Also, Grim, it might be time to hold up to your word. I've never seen you finish a server I think, you have quit the game so many times ranting every time about the game and yet here you are 4 years later. Might be time to quit for good and stop complaining about the same thing 4 years in a row continuously.

    Dude 10 DEF multies are 2M DEF.

    A single guy with a multy army and bots will crush a team alone, you think it doesn`t change endgame?

    Maybe on a speed test server with a guy that spends all his time in front of the game, and even then its probably impossible to pull out.
    Then again, MAs if reported and real are banned.

    Metas exist cause the best tactic in the game is booming harder than your enemies.
    Both fast settle and relocation encourage this type of tactic cause it allows you to distance yourself from threats and boom safely.

    But getting rid of fast settle and relocation are not options in my opinion. Instead we need to increase the benefit of aggressive play.
    When you crush another kingdom most their players go on delete, leaving you with nothing. If these deleted villages would turn into natars who can be farmed and chiefed then aggressive play is much more rewarding.

    Fast settle could use a nerf and relocation already got a bit of a nerf with the mists so I guess that's fine for now.

    Metas exist because people are too lazy to learn how to play the game. Its easier to be more because more people means more robber hideouts, which means more treasuries which means more VP production.
    Except that its an equation where its a lot more funnier and harder to be effective on other aspects.

    Fast settle and relocation doesn't encourage Meta, it helps premades to play together right away. Becoming a meta is a choice dictated by people, its not a consequence of the game mechanics. There were metas before and there will be metas after.

    The mist thing is absolutely pointless IMO.