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    Dear community,

    Following the lead of the legend community, we would like to introduce you an unofficial Travian Kingdom Discord server.

    With unofficial, we mean that the Kingdoms staff is not a part of this discord server. It's a fanpage run by the community and not an official channel.

    The server has general sections and channels for servers. The goal is to create a more direct contact between players, help each other, build kingdoms and have fun.

    Each team can ask for the creation of its own channel that can either be public or private and have full moderation over it.

    We are looking for players who would like to become moderator of the discord server. If you are interested please throw us a PM via Discord. We want as many teams to be involved.

    Last but not least, this server has as a function to be complementary with existing discords of teams, to create interconnection and discussions across teams on a neutral platform.

    Please follow this link to join the server:


    About the tribe you use for being king it depends on what you expect to do in the server.
    If you play to win or if you play for fun and don't want to win.

    In the first case, teutons are best because of the strength of their wall, the other two tribes are bad because of their wall.

    In the second case, any tribe will do the trick, you can produce lots of troops as a king with little effort thanks to tributes if you have governors with good production

    So wait,

    You think that to win in this game it's enough to:
    - Recruit whoever / Be the biggest
    - Have the most villages in borders
    - Clear hideouts right away
    - Sell treasuries right away

    And that all this should give you a fair competitive advantage against a team who focuses on war and steals treasuries and VPs left and right in the server?

    Everything that has been said so far by the others is correct:
    - Robber camps spawn on non 6444 fields: If you asked your governors to settle in all of these you will never have robber camps, it is your fault not the game.
    - Robber hideout spawn every now and then depending on game age. The random factor is included as Be2-e4 shown.
    - Robber hideout size (troops and resources) depends on the player account, not the kingdom.
    - Make a review of all the treasuries in your governors account, you might be surprised to see how many treasuries are unsold.

    The game isn't fixed, what does it even mean, fixed for whom, you think there is a conspiracy against yourself? Wake up and go look for treasuries in the enemy treasuries instead of chasing non-existing ghosts or conspiracies.

    Btw, nice info to share that you are the 2nd kingdom in off, you might want to think before sharing info of your kingdom, then again if you have so many governors, you have probably quite a lot of spies too.

    PS: If anyone is trolling you it's Accord, trolling at its finest I must say

    The thing is that the basis of a great account is not its raiding stat but its economy. That's where lies the difference between having 50k troops or 200k troops, that's it. Whether you are gov, duke or king, you can raid as much as you want, if your account economy and logistics is underdeveloped you won't produce more troops than what you can feed with your raiding and you'll reach that level quite quickly considering the volatility of farming.

    As you said, farming/raiding its not something a new player would think of right away nor do, but its something a lot more easy to grasp than having a good account and theorycrafting the perfect balance of economy in order to maximise resources and investments in troops and buildings in order to maximise both capacity of production and sustain.

    Anyway, we are working on a full guide on how to build accounts for off/def players and other stuff. It will be released at the end of COM2.

    Not really many farms a lot and still have shitty troops cause their account doesn't allow to have more than a certain amount of troops due to feeding so raiding allows them to have more troops but they won't ever have the troops a good account will have. Also raiding is easier for a new player rather than having a good capital or learning/understanding long term investment vs short term investment in terms of economy and troops.

    @Bukka: If continuous spiking would happen, the server will end up with good players still having large hammers (100k+) and new/average players with small hammers

    1. Because average player doesn't have a good account and therefore needs to compensate it by raiding. Remove greys will give an harder time to new player rather than experienced player who know how to farm active/build self sustainable account. It will only widen the gap between good players and new/average ones.

    2. I get it but it's not removing greys that will create enough incentives, maybe even the opposite, if people are in danger they will look for metas to play it safe and sim happily. Whether a kingdom is aggressive, attacks, defends, its the kingdom choice, not the game, so that has to come from the players to start with.

    4. That's not how top raider farms at all, not even close. Our raiders spend lots of time on their farmlists to make them efficient and we fight cause we play the war game whether it means losing and having to delete cause the other ones destroy us.

    5. On this matter too, not really, a village produces with all lvl 10 res fields and res bonus 3750 res/ hour. No kingdom on COM2 farms on average that amount (at the end of the server I will release statistics on this, I kept track of raiding since the first few weeks). Also to take COM2 still has example, its really competitive in terms of raiding and the efficiency of raiding is really low due to a huge quantity of good players farming the whole server.

    You're correct, I didn't take the proper time to read it all, apologize, the discussion for once seems to be rather interesting.

    About your arguments to remove greys all together, I don't particularly agree, most armies on tk can be done with a proper account built decently.
    I don't really get your point on metas, whether there are greys or not it won't change them.
    If anything, removing greys will be a loss for governors and a win for king and dukes who don't need to raid/farm to have insane armies.
    Then again, if you think about it, farming a guy who hasn't grown in the past 5 days, or a guy who has become grey for a day is rather similar.. it just means its harder to spike cause you don't know who is afk for real or not, while farming becomes safer since most people check their targets if done properly.

    Also, if it is so easy to be top raider, why aren't you up there? It's easy to say it requires no skill and little work, but there is actually a lot of work put into it that is needed in order to be at the top. And even without farming you can build 100k+ armies if you have some good account economy and logistics.

    In 3 years, the discussion is still at the same point and the developers have never given their input on this topic (correct me if they have).

    1. Remove morale from grey farms
    2. Make visible name of spiker/defender
    3. Make raids on grey villages cancellable in case of spiking on targets >20 squares from farming village (this one might a bit op, but it would make a big difference between people farming manually and the ones using a clicker).

    With this it would be balanced between attacker and defender.

    PS: Bukka/Flint you might need to try a bit harder to understand what we complain about (not cry, its quite different), maybe you should start farming and experience it for yourself.

    1. Valuable resource, your troops' lives depend on

    2. Type of troop movement

    3. Valuable good, generating victory points, often stolen or collected from other players

    4. Left hand item, used mainly for protection in the real life, grants fighting strength in Travian

    5. Healing item, your hero loves it after a hard battle

    6. Elite Roman defensive unit

    7. Sells delicious food in real life, helps with the crop production in Travian

    8. Hides your resources during a battle

    9. Fierce animal, sometimes found in oases

    10. A list often used to raid other players/villages

    1. CROP

    2. Reinforcement
    3. Treasury
    4. Shield
    5. Ointment
    6. Praetorian
    7. Bakery
    8. Cranny
    9. Tiger
    10. farmlist

    Not sure I like the idea of giving a notification about incomings on the phone either, it means you get an advantage even when not playing the game. The travel time of troops can give a lot information, giving the exact travel time with a notification is giving a lot of information to people about the attacks incoming.

    The top 10 stealing isn't about the top10 ranking tab in the statistics, it was an old rule that was removed afterwards because it was unbalanced. But is the rule actually was that instead of stealing VPs, you simply removed them from enemies it would make the game more fun across the map, where fighting everyone would make sense.

    Same thing for the WWs, it would allow additional kingdom to have one and generate more VPs overtime and thus maybe being more competitive as well

    PS: In my opinion these ideas taken alone don't make much sense, if you consider them all together I think it might have a good potential.

    Good evening everyone,

    I was going through my old folders of travian and I randomly found an excel file containing some improvements that we thought could be interesting for the future. We splitted those improvements in different types of categories (PLEASE KEEP IN MIND SOME HAVE BEEN IMPLEMENTED ALREADY):

    1. Wonder of the World:

    • WW holder belongs only to the kingdom when he conquered the WW
    • You can invite people at anytime as long as they were within the kingdom borders before the WW appeared
    • Limiting 1 or 2 WW per kingdom
    • WW bonus is applied to daily VP production instead of when its completed.

    2. Victory Points:

    • Top 10 "stealing" reinstaured
    • You CAN'T steal victory points, only make other kingdoms lose them

    3. Player Roles:

    • Instore a hierarchy within the kingdom (could be fun to engage governors to be more active to climb the kingdom ladder, such as count, or noble or stuff like this)
    • Create internal managing role names such as Commander in chief, Deffender in chief, diplomat, etc..

    4. Game improvements:

    • Improve Rally Point (check discussion we had several times about it), keep in mind that adding some filters by marked colors and type of reinforcement would be of huge help already
    • Add a feature where by marking the fields in game you give targets to given player as fake/real with a landing time.

    Anyway, let me know what you think about those, some are really simple ideas yet I think most of them could really twist the game in a good way still today.
    I'm curious to see what you guys think about it! :)


    I'll be honest, I haven't read 10 pages of replies of this thread I can imagine the arguments.

    Metas aren't a problem of TK, there have always been metas in Travian. If we really want to see that stop ourselves in the first place should adopt a different mentality and strive to stop recruiting people. TK team can put as many limitations as you wish but at the end of the day there is always going to be a way to look like or act like one.

    Addressing Accord comment on my team, I'm unsure of what you consider a meta, we built ours server after server including people willing to play and learn together with us but limiting ourselves in order to prevent ourselves from being too big. People playing with us stay with us for the quality of our team and if you consider 50/60 players a meta then I'm scared of knowing what is a kingdom of 200 people in your eyes. Certainly our players are not the random average player that you randomly recruit in your kingdom, but it didn't happen overnight.

    So ultimately maybe the solution to this topic can come from ourselves. Start recruiting and seeing the real interest of people in playing with you, show your values and share them with your team and keep an objective eye on where you are headed. If you are all so interested in making the game more competitive and interesting start accepting the fact that you should stop recruiting and inviting people and start making more war proposals.

    Certainly TK team can improve the situation but so do we. Start playing as you wish everyone was playing and you'll see that many people will do the same and even if no one is doing it keep doing it, otherwise nothing will change.

    PS @ruiperesc: Yes, we might recruit at the beginning but as soon as we reach the 50/60 players mark, we start suggesting players to join other kingdoms in order to make the game more competitive.

    Yes it shows total attack and defense with respect to other teams. Ranks are updated once a day after midnight. In case someone joins your kingdom they are updated.

    Its not a bad thing, its an interesting information