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    Relax, Georgi, being community manager, is the communication line between us and the developer team. They saw the thread, if they see it as a problem they will fix it sooner or later. There are hundreds of questions/suggestions/other stuff that is asked daily through the forum or through tickets and they do their best to answer as many as they can. They noticed this thread so don't worry that they will take the necessary step if they think it needs to be but don't expect that they will answer you out of the many people asking questions because it is impossible to do it.

    About the selfishness, I don't know why you try to attack us, as I said multiple times, this "abuse" has helped your current kingdom more than anyone else so far, removing it would damage you in the first place, since the beginning I've been trying to help you guys out. Also I don't see how you could call us selfish seen the quantity of stuff that we have shared to the community either through public or private channels.

    This being said, I think we've had enough "drama" on threads that shouldn't have any, me in the first place so I'm sorry for it. I would be fine if the scout thing would be removed since indeed it doesn't make sense that a failed scouting gives hero experience even though he's not involved in the battle, even though it has always worked like this and it has never been a problem so far (no one tried to use it since it's not that easy to do in the first place, and if you do it randomly it takes a lot of time and if you talk about using bot to do it then that's a real punishable offence that if you have proof should be reported and sanctioned). But I think it would remove a lot of strategic choices and opportunities from the game. It's up to the developers now to decide what they see fit for their game.

    If they see fit doing it, they will fix it, don't worry. Although if they think they will change how it works, I hope they will do it right now so that people using it can't use it anymore asap.

    Stop it guys, I'm gonna blush. :P

    More seriously, you can believe what you want, the removal of this thing will be a loss for everyone but it won't change the outcome of such fights. About my "success" I'll leave you speculate on what you wish :)

    And if it was an actual scouting, I would have no problem with it and would congratulate you on a job well done.

    Maybe we did some real scoutings in between, or maybe we did something else in between. Also real scouting or not depends on the means one can have, due to other decisions ones take. If you take a certain decision it might affect other stuff and you have to deal with it as you can.

    Yes, these are normal, public information where you get to through normal routes.

    Watching the statistics is the equivalent of watching hero experience, it's part of the statistics offered by the game, no?

    But none of this is the point of it, the real point is whether the hero should receive the experience from a failed scouting or not. In my opinion it should receive the experience because of what I said previously, in your opinion it shouldn't because the hero isn't involved in the battle between scouts even though the hero itself is present in the village where the fight happened soo I understand your point of view but I still think it shouldn't be changed.

    Finally some real hard changes! I love it.
    Kings will need to work a bit harder on the game side instead of the talking side since the role will be shared with someone else.
    Also this will finally allow to have some real diplomacy between kingdoms, and also premade teams that would have co king and dukes could eventually adapt and change. Smaller kingdoms overall, which means that more teams will compete at the end of the server, while making the server all along fun because people will need to fight over WW territory and over their kingdom territory since there will be more kingdoms. Confederations between kingdoms towards a single common goal while having other real objectives will be possible without a meta since it won't be possible for them to join afterwards.
    I'm already imagining how the server could look like all along and I love it.
    Kings can be def kings and raid just like anyone else, on last COM1, Knight (BM former king) had 300k def and he was top raider, it won't be as easy for kings to have enormous troop numbers like it is right now, but it still possible.

    Glad you guys are finally taking some real steps towards something that would make the game more fun and create opportunities for everyone, not only a few.

    That being said even though the counter play exists the risk-reward-effort balance to the players involved in both sides just don't match up and the entire interaction just doesn't seem satisfying to me

    I don't particularly agree, I mean the effort is really on both sides, being under hundreds of attacks and being able to use that while knowing that since it might not work you need to spend time on other stuff to make sure you're covered anyway. The other side knowing the threat of it needs to adapt their selves. I get your point, but then would it be healthy to use the hero equipment as a data? Or off points of the enemy? Or anything really like top10 raiders etc..
    It's one possible tool people have, it has been used against me, we used it against other people, I have no problem with it, I even find it exciting to have such a tool available that anyone can use.

    I understand your point of view, but if the enemy actually manage to scout you 1 second before you're supposed to launch, it's not by chance that he scouted you at that very moment. At the end of the day it's a troop that dies in your village, and just like any other troops that your hero kills he gets experience from it. About non participating, the bonus def of the hero isn't applied to defending scouts when they reject a scouting? If not, I could agree that without being involved at all they shouldn't get experience out of it.
    This being said, this is no where near being game breaking or anything anywhere near that. It's something that can be used as a tool for both sides of a conflict. Up to each side to know how to use it best. I don't think that by removing little things like this, which make the game more interesting, that the game will improve.

    EDIT: Agree with Eartheater, just like spiking, which in theory shouldn't be allowed, we all agreed upon leaving it a possibility for small players to have tools to fight bigger players, etc..

    EDIT 2: From the looks of simulators, heroes aren't involved at all in scouting defense, so getting experience out of it is a bit weird indeed. Devs words on this is the final take.

    Ah it happened elsewhere? On which server? And if its possible, I would like to see the consequences of it please, to see whether the damage caused by this controverted use of the scout mechanics and rankings has such bad influence on the game that it must be fixed above other current known problems of the game.

    PS: You forgot NotFunny who's here aswell.

    Anyway, this has always been possible on travian, and it has never been a problem, why would it be now?
    It's even more interesting, it opens up so many possibilities, constraints, tactics, strategies.
    All of which are really exciting imho. Instead of seeing it as a problem, see it as an opportunity to a lot more things, just like Ariakus was suggesting earlier!

    Making the two things separately is really hard since the reason of this thread is due to COM7 events but the thread should be a thing of its own. Using concrete examples from a server though only strengthen arguments for either sides which is needed in a discussion. What must be avoided is taking it personally. You are right that most of this thread could be cleaned up to a few replies.

    PS: Btw try to reply once by editing your messages instead of posting multiple messages in a row, no rush to answer.

    EDIT: Hey PoLo, I thought you left the game :)

    ZooKeeper, and the other Turkish players? Or it just happened by chance that as soon as you guys started writing about this there were by chance 3 other turkish players thinking about the same thing, maybe it's only a coincidence, although it would a really incredible one. The last thing I am right now is salty, just stating what it is. Downvote me as much as you want, or upvote, or whatever makes you happy guys, I'm trying to be reasonable on this since it affects the game directly.
    Anyway, if you think that we simply scouted as much as we could, you're terribly mistaken, although you were mistaken before too.

    Stop calling it a bug, it is not. You haven't found a solution on how to deal with it, then think more, you don't need to spend time in game to think about it.

    You may not be talking about COM7, but it's exactly why we are here and why you and friends are acting like this.

    I'll leave something to think about, if you have the chance of being scouted, whose fault is it?

    So any potential players are "outsiders", I am sorry but "you need to get a life".

    Okay, that was pretty random, I won't take it personally. I don't like to assume things I have no idea of what I'm talking about.

    Guys when you calm down and you are ready to discuss it calmly like adults I'm sure every member of the forum will be glad to talk this issue with you guys.

    I'll just say this, if you think that spending more time in game influenced our scoutings on you, you are greatly mistaken and once again, try to see the bigger picture.
    (Little hint: the scoutings on you lylai weren't necessary)

    You guys are, just look at the above comments, upvotes, downvotes, without even reading the comments.

    Anyway, more seriously, ACK, your argument is invalid in my opinion, the game is spent on time management, strategy, predictions, organization and planning. This thing can be avoided and dodged in many, many ways.
    The game is already casual enough where meta's can win relatively easily without much effort. Reducing possibilities and mechanics for outsiders that can make a difference against metas really won't make the game easier, or more casual, it will make the game more boring.
    Fortunately they are taking some steps in the direction to reduce metas.

    This is a really nice occasion to learn some new stuff and not repeat the same mistakes in the future, it's not by removing the problem that you will improve or the game will be funnier.

    Ariakus, I do, and they do use it aswell to their advantage, it's just that they are taking it personal because of something that happened on a server and they can't keep things separate.

    Guys, instead of downvoting randomly, try to explain how it would be an abuse of the game and why it should be removed? There are ways to counter it, it's just a tactic like another, you used it against us, we used it against you. Keep an objective opinion on this.

    Btw, in case you didn't know, what is said on the embassy of a forum is called trashtalk, it's part of what travian community used to do and it doesn't have to be taken seriously.

    You can be scouted 1 second before sending units, hence it's impossible to do what you say.
    The problem is that there is no problem at all, it's within the game mechanics, it's up to us to know how to use it.

    Hello guys,

    I think it would be nice if the dual section in your lobby was above the one of sitters, sometimes you need to scroll down to access your main account and you sometimes if you're in a rush you might missclick on the sitter section. Also since when you are dual you are playing on that account I think it should hold the same spot an owned account holds.


    Are you even reading what we are saying?
    We play as dual regardless of it, it would be a nice add because of everything we mentioned before and people will keep playing as duals regardless of medals and prestige (to be honest you just need to have your dual teams and you stack up your prestige on one of your duals account which is the same thing) BUT since it's an implemented feature of the game whether you like it or not it would be nice that it had the same recognition of other people based on the work someone does on it and not simply who creates the account on that world.

    Your position is that you don't want duals because they are OP but people will always have duals if they want to because they can have duals and they will do it regardless if they can get prestige / medals. This is a war game and to be competitive against people who are really active and you can't be that active due to life commitment and other stuff, you sometimes need a dual, a person that takes care of the account like he is the owner aswell and not a simple sitter.
    Now maybe you don't understand why people would want duals, but thank god there are duals, the game would be slow and boring with only a bunch of active people in it.

    The problem here is that we are fine with our decision but you're not with yours, and you're coming here rambling your own problems with the game with a suggestion that barely or don't affect at all.