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    This game definitely need more tribes, as a asian player I felt quite alienated when I played my first round of travian.

    This game is based on real historic races so it does attract players who are interested in this and it's part of the fun of this game, but Asian's won't get this fun because there are no races they are familiar to choose from, I hope I can see the Hun and japanese someday.

    At last, I believe the devs made TK a independent game because they want to try something new, a new tribe would be the best to try than anything else.

    Server down again :(

    I love this game but servers are too unstable, it hasn't been a long time since the last shutdown, serious lag happens during every server start and things are even worse in test servers.

    Devs please get more stable servers, I don't want to see this game being ruined by potato servers.

    Btw you won't comfort us players if you simply send us gold like the last time, many of us play one server at a time and those bonus gold won't matter during the endgame.

    1. Badzone was the founder of United and he's also the leader, doesn't that speak for United? However I don't think there is a problem about swordy overthrowing him, I will do the same if my leader makes confed with another alliance and tell me we're going to giving away the victory. The part I'm sick of is you these traitors betray us during late game then call us dirty, If you think Heartagram's betrayal is dirty, you are about the same. Btw something funny is that you have been a leader of xtools wing for the whole server and now you're saying you never considered xtools your alliance. You not only made a "mistake", the fact is you lied to gain protection then backstabbed us because you didn't think carefully while making your promise. xtools policy was always the same, if you really hated it you should already left already. You waited until badzone started the friendly war because you know you have no chance to survive without the chaos.

    2. So you created it, this is not only even worse than jumping ship, you totally don't know what you're doing. Why the alliance is still named United? Why you're not the leader and you didn't hold its WW? Just admit you pulled few rafts then tie it on someone else's ship then made your alliance members sunk miserably with you.

    3. Yea I suck too, so I learned from the leaders to make myself useful and play hard to help the team, that's why I become king in xtools main alliance till server end. I had lots of fun fighting Samurai and being a king in the main alliance. I wonder what fun you get and what skill you improved while being a no name in United playing with the ashes after the great war. About diplomacy, if you think its not important then why you formed a meta to fight us in com2? You'll look super "honorable" if you fight on your own, stop doing the opposite as the words you say and try to know yourself man.

    4. That's how surprised I am to see you betray us after xtools protected you for an entire server. I believe people did hard work to build the WW but the hard work you've done will never match mine. Heartagram built that WW for you, you just need to set up trade routes and we wanted to let Heartagram finish his WW asap so you should have no problem defending it. Btw we have players dedicated supporting his WW too. On the same time I was sitting creeks account to manage his WW and insane hammer.

    5. Yea its been a long time since that history, without you going offtopic and digging up the fossils I might never recall it again. Its true that xtools became inactive during the end, I'm aware about it because I'm one of the few who remain active, but I wont blame those people, they are just frustrated to be screwed by traitors like you. And actually it doesn't matter during that stage of game, we took down Samurai and Heartagram will bring us victory, we already got honor and just need to wait for victory.

    About my gameplays, you call them all "cheap wins" by that little information without checking? com2.2 might not be the most fun server I played but its definitely valuable because we met alliance REP and got lots of good players to form our current premade team. Its somewhat an easy win compared to other enemies I've fought but not a free win as you imagined, according to getter its us 120 vs 45+9 players during end game, far from the 90% you mentioned. Seriously why is that a cheap win? We fought hard to kill the enemy, so we got an easy late game, whats wrong with that?

    At last, I've read your com4 story and I believe you have the skills because no winning is cheap, maybe I should write some chronicles for my alliance so people wont judge my victory from gt statistics, just afraid that haters will hate anyway though.

    Never argued it wasn't respecting rule or anything, though I'm sure we could find something not right. As we discussed it 100 times already, over and over again, there are different ways to win, you guys always chose the easy cheap win.

    You always say "we did not compete, we did not try, etc.." at the end of the day no one really believes you guys cause you never even remotely ever done it. Either it was the first Round of COM2 by switching alliance or the second round of COM2 where you were 90% of the server or this third round by doing that, or in the speed with Creeck and the mega meta. I mean, it's pretty obvious that you don't try to do it the honorable way because you are probably not capable of doing it ;) and if you think that doing wars means killing mindlessly you clearly have no idea of how to do it and what means doing a real war

    I don't think you have right to talk about honor, you betrayed us in the 1st com2, you jumped ship during late game, after the WW is out and after we defeated samurai, that's nothing different than switching on the last day.
    On the other hand, your words are false and you're just trying to calumniate me and my team.
    Here is what really happened:

    1st Com2: Badzone promised to let us xtools win when he started that "friendly war", even Samurai players are helping us after Swordy betrayed, we deserve the victory. United lost because swordy let an xtools core member hold their WW.

    2nd Com2: We started as a small alliance fighting REP, the biggest alliance in the server. We fought hard to earn an invitation offer from them. Then we dominated by killing rest of the alliances without making much wings. Whats wrong with this server? I don't understand why you consider it cheap.

    speed: We KR(creek) kingdom is the only kingdom in our alliance until mid game. Our enemy, Pirates and 404 is many times bigger than us from start to late game, you played with them before you know how big they are and imagine both of them working together, I wonder why you are saying we are the mega meta even you know them. If you are judging by the alliance names during end game, its because all nearby alliances surrendered to us, there's no point to keep fighting them.

    At last please tell me what kind of victory really worths to you, you consider mines cheap but I've played with you before and you form a meta like everyone else, you just didn't recruit 90% players of the server.

    We didn't violate the game rules and smoke didn't dominate the server
    First of all, The VP stealing system was announced long time ago, we know how OP it is and complained, unfortunately the devs chose to keep it.
    In fact the system wasn't canceled, all we can do is build our strategy around it. Note that this is not a bug, it is a system approved by the devs and we didn't violate the game rules. This is the nature of gaming, devs set the rules and players compete with each other by taking advantage of it, Smoke gain advantage by holding hands, we gain advantage by studying the game.

    Second, though smoke dominated the early game by making wings while we Jallu kingdom were screwed by bad allies and quitters, they are still far from domination and even winning. They are in top of VP ranking because we didn't compete with them on VP, we know how dangerous it is to be 1st in VP rank because we are always that alliance in previous servers. On the other hand, attack ranks don't mean anything, you can easily boost it up by clearing oases or bully weak players. If smoke really dominated and deserve the victory, they'll wipe us out instead of whining in the forum.

    At last I want to remind everyone, this is a war game and it's definitely the most cunning one in its category, featuring espionage and betrayal. Also remember war is not all about killing mindlessly, strategy is what really matters.
    "All warfare is based on deception."
    "All is fair in war."
    From The Art of War written by Suntzu