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    If its not on ameriacn time ill stay away be to boring to have everyone on truce while im up and everyone attacking me while i sleep and cant attack back because they get the truce by the time im up.

    This is a good idea but needs to be for countries one for America one for eu.

    The gold prices on kingdoms has got out of hand 5 gold to npc now thats not cool I will not buy gold anymore on kingdoms until they lower the prices of all the gold functions to what they used to be.

    I wish others would do the same they raise the prices to almost double what they were and dont give you any extra gold when you buy gold not worth buying gold if they are only interested in screwing us out of it with higher prices.

    The farm list now switches around every time you move a farm if you have it on distance closest and put a farm to a new list it switchs to farthest first without you even cgangung it have had alot of wrong moves in my farm list since this update.

    Please fix it asap.