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    Its like feeding a rich more. Luckily you have a cropper. Think of those who playing without cropper(because no cropper left) and making huge troops. Your advise only supportable if server divided to equal amount of good cropper to in player number.

    As I said earlier like me many have pretty bad experience from menhir system. I really don't like it..

    Anyway.. If you want to keep that tools. here is my few advises.

    1. Open new kingdom to create instant open treasure spot. This can be use to abuse. So I recommend no one can use more than 2 may be 3 time to create instant open treasure spot.

    2. I don't like the destroy resources fields after relocate.
    Because If you destroy than you need to refund (otherwise it wont be ok for normal type players + it will slow down the game greatly) and if you refund than highly likely abuse can be happen thru farming MA from some expert players. So no destroy no refund..

    3. Destroying warehouse level and granary level after relocate.
    To slow down the early game abuse.
    I like to mention here that early game abuse is the worse kind of abuse. So we must do something to slow it down.

    4. Cooldown. After relocate player cant attack next 12 hrs keep this rule.
    I would like to see no one can attack the relocated vill (at least first 1-2 days) to stop MA farming (early game abuse). At least 1 time in the server.

    5. Player who have 1 vill/city for 30 days can not use menhir. (To stop jumper). Old account cant use menhir after 30-40 days after the game start (some pro players give away their vills to create a jumper vill/city).

    6. Reinforcement to MA vill to gain more crop income. It wont be easy to stop this abuse.

    7. 1:1 trade first 7 days.

    8. You must be more smart to catch MA 😑.

    I am really enjoying the comments, ..

    I never play with pre team in any server till now.
    I can share experience from last 2 server.

    First one. we called it jumper.. Enemy player settle near to our WW when ww appear. Start new kingdom as a result it open a treasure spot instantly than some of jumper with huge offense relocate and destroy our ww. Than after few weeks. same thing happen again and again. we keep complain about this abuse and nothing happen. At some point same way they start new kingdom next to my hammer vill and raze my hammer vill in 20 mn with a 150k+ Teuton hammer (what a joke insane level of abuse). .Imagine feeding a 150k Teuton from a single 4446 vill. and jumping all around the places and keep erasing vill. 50-60 people delete from many kingdom because if this abuse.

    Next one. Our kingdom was rank 2. and suddenly came under attack from neighboring elite kingdom. Those attack was a shock. because their king build 30k hammer and all duke 20k+ hammer in first 35 days. They destroy 4 treasure vill+ 3 other vill (completely razed) in 5 days, As a result many people delete and team spirit became 0.

    All these abuse happen because people want to win no matter what. And if they find some tool they will abuse it in many ways. You impose a new law they will invent new..

    I understand your point. But this system like giving a rich more.. Imagine if a strong team found a way to play and build safely from 20 hrs after the game start. It will not not gives a fair chance to others resulting those who come to play without pre-team will face a nightmare while game in progress as a result either they play like simmer or delete. I know Travian HQ dont give a dam for them :).
    In old ways I play some servers and play with full noob team and still make a super impact in the game. Even a noob team play good when it sees team doing well. Those are the good memories hope it will come back somehow :(

    Better cancel the Menhir than making so many laws. I think Menhir is such a system where x type of players will always find new ways to abuse it. Now server is like team players settle/relocate around mountain with very safe and passive play. It will be good for the spirit of the server if it have more action/diplomacy from the beginning.