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    Actually, each domain has it's own set of allowed forms of payment. Many of them overlap. When international players are having issues on US domains we usually suggest paypal. Paypal will accept local credit cards which helps a bit.

    What about someone who is 16 years old and don't have credit card :confused:

    however i need gold but i think that travian is better than most other games as even with out paying money u can get high ranks i am rank 3 in top raiders with out buying gold but this may not last for too long

    I thin it would be good if top 10 players get gold for medals for example rank 1 get 75 gold , rank 2 get 50 gold ,rank 3 get 25 gold and other rank get nothing or 10 gold

    can u make all servers as the com server all countries r available cuz i don't have visa i am just 16 years old so i only can buy gold in com server Only
    and now i need gold in US server but don't know how to get it

    Not quite.
    They are linked to your capital -- appearing within a few squares of it. (I think someone said 4 squares once, but don't quote me on that.)

    And they appear a set time after you clear the last one. So if you were to destroy both camps at the same time, two new ones would appear at the same time about a day later. The time between appearances gradually changes (getting longer) over the course of the server, so I can't give an exact time on when to expect the next ones.

    You can also kill all the troops in them, but fail to collect all the resources and it will stay forever and you can safely ignore them after that.
    At least, that's what I've been told, I personally have always enjoyed killing them for the easy resources and stolen goods -- but I also have always played with offensive troops. If you're an anvil, it can be more of a pain than it is worth.

    yea it is correct now i defeat the 2 RH in the same time so every time i get them in the same time together

    Each case is unique and doesn't follow any rules. But technically the player can be logging into each account still, to keep them from going gray -- unlikely, but it could happen.

    That said, these villages going gray won't help you, as a banned played stays banned when he goes gray -- so those villages will never be farms for you unless they are unbanned.

    Are u sure ? cuz there was a player in com4 named clown as we knew he was banned but he changed to gray and became a farm
    i am not sure if he was banned or not but that what people said :P
    but is there any chance that a multi account player will be back i mean unbanned ?

    I think i saw another thread about banned but i can't find it so i made new one anyway ,
    my question is : if a player is banned for multiaccout will he be back and if not when will his villages become gray cuz i know a player made 7 accounts i reported him and the MH banned him with all his 7 accounts now i am surrounded by 3 banned accounts so i hope they get gray cuz i need more raid :P