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    Oh, I'd like to sign off on this one.

    Qwr the game worlds, the lobby, everything is up and working right now. Try a refresh if that is not the case for your game round.

    Sca7ha If you can't recall past compensations, then you might have been lucky and didn't play on these worlds... or given compensation gets forgotten quickly...

    So remind me of your biggest compensation, or list of compensations? I recall a book, some heal and 20 gold max. Those people's armies died at completely different values? What are you gonna do? You can't revive them, but now they died say 40€ + time because they couldn't join. Ok, this isn't your fault (+-), but it is your fault that there was no peace when it didn't work for people. What are you going to do?

    You will cry again, like I cry, that you have no feeling and love for your customers.

    Isn't that right? What did we get for ruining the F5 key on your first Halloween x5 with bonuses? Oh, I forgot.


    You were still making fun of it. You were glad it was forgotten because the first BBASH was terrible too. Except now you're just crying about DDOS attacks lately.

    Well, if we have this unannounced peace, who won?

    What's going to happen now, what do we have to rely on? Here we go again for hours without any answers. Even on the free services you get information continuously, here you don't get it at all.

    I'm looking forward to more "we're working on it but we're not going to talk about it, we're in touch with our team".

    Every customer of this service must be delighted that its customer service is provided by one person in bulk messages on a years-old technology called a "forum". Help centre where there will surely be a ctrl-c/ctrl-v response about how sorry we are and you will get nothing, we will not refund anything and even if everything died or you lost your village, we are sorry but there is nothing we can do for you and you can't claim gold either because it is in our terms and conditions. xD

    Travian Games - after EA and Activision the best company that listens to its customers <3

    In the original proposal, I also talked about people on holiday. Without clicking on the person, clicking on the unit and clicking on attack, you don't know if you can or not. For banned, it will at least write the farmlist, but if the player is on vacation, it can be put into the farmlist completely at ease.

    Another thing, why can't banned people be put in the farmlist too? If I'm banned no one can add me, but if I'm unbanned everything is ok and we can add?

    Of course all this options would be optional like seeing the amount of treasures on the map and where the main villages are. Just another UI improvement.

    Hello everyone,

    do you remember this idea of mine? It was at a time when I hadn't given up on the vision in this game and that there really was a chance that developers were reading these threads.

    Now extremely many accounts on the whole map have been banned and it's really "annoying" to read every time it's banned.

    It would be enough if you couldn't put a "+" next to a banned account, like you can with an unbanned one in protection (but I'd prefer something like what I wrote in this topic).


    I am really wonder what would they do if half of the server demand refund :/ :/ :/ or like always they would blame US or Sitters or unknown outside factor ????

    If you spent the gold, they won't give it back. (I've had this confirmed in the past.) You'd have to have a very smart bank.