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    Dear Georgi,

    Menhir'ing really changed the game drastically since it was implemented. That affects cheating, but also the variability between servers. Everyone can now stack up within 24 hours and within that time frame all newly started servers look the same. Clustering should be something that must be achieved, not granted from the start. People need to be able to fight with the resources given, and adapt to the environment instead of creating safe-zones instantly.

    To summarize how Menhiring in total affects the whole aspect of the game, it affects:
    * Clustering from the start, making it a game of numbers.
    * Multis easily making multiple accounts (def accounts, scout accounts but now also used for 200+ poping and moving the resources in an instant). People even stopped hiding the fact that they have a multi, because its so common now a days.

    * Instant settling, it used to be that you had to perform for a few days really hard in order to settle quickly. Now people simply menhir next to a 15c, and settle within 18 hours. People finish the quests from the resource fields, menhir and recover the resources.

    * Portal 'bad guys' (people with bad intentions) to a foe in an instant. We've 'abused' this a lot in the past, and it is VERY effective.

    Menhiring is an incredible powerful tool, especially in the wrong hands. And from what I understood when it was implemented was to support new players to find a decent kingdom. So 'nerf' its power so it doesn't affect the idea of helping new players, but makes it not interesting for veterans.

    I would suggest the following:
    * Include a travelling/cooldown period where a player can not play while the menhir is in progress. If you would like to move 30 squares, you will have your account inactivated for 10 hours (30 / 3 (settler speed)). This way "real" players will have to think twice whether or not it is worth it to move to a different location.

    * Do not recover resources spent on resource fields. This way people cant abuse the returned resources to 1. quick settle, 2. raid their multis for their own purpose (Son&Sponge on com2). This might be harsh, but then again, menhir'ing should be a last resort solution, not the biggest bonus in the game.

    * Lower the resources recovered from destroyed buildings. I like how it speeds up the start of the game, but combined with the resi to 5 -> 10 quest it stimulates cheating.

    * Menhir'ing once per server is enough. By that time a new server has already been started for a fresh start :-)

    * Limit menhir to once per kingdom per day.

    * Limit menhir to be possible after 7 days (beginners protection). <- Players who need menhir'ing are players who are being farmed/new and want to have a fresh start or a nicer community. The need of moving starts after 7 days into the server.

    Well that's about it for menhir'ing. I can start another topic about Gold and the improvements I see there without affecting the profitability of the game, but I've seen many threats about that already :-)