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    com2x3 here. I've sent my hero in at least 40 adventures so far. He brought zero pieces of equipment. Zero. I bought one helmet using silver. In the same time, those two players I'm sitting for have literally 2-3 pieces of each type of equipment. You name it, they have it. Heck some were brought when I sent their hero to adventure. Mine, instead, is bringing cages. I have 49 of them. Are you kidding me?!?!

    So, travian guys, why are you up my game? why some get equipment, and some don't? Don't tell me it's random. That is NOT random. 0 out of 40 is no no freakin' way random. Did you see I am a gold player and thought him, let him buy"???!? or what?

    How is this even possible?!

    (yea, I know this post will get deleted. So be it. That doesn't make you better in any way or shape)