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    I second what Sca7ha said.

    The game is unplayable for few months now, happens on every single world I play. As a heavy gold user, I would really expect you to fix it because this doesnt happen anywhere else if you pay for the game, only here on TK. We also spend more money here than on other games.

    Please, stop talking about fixing it and really work hard on it. Com1x3 was laggy as well. We reported the issue several times and all we got was reassurance every now and then that the devs are working towards a solution. I know that is your job, Georgi, but nothing is happening, really. We played that server for three months and it was all the same till last few minutes when I was unable to properly lead our offenses to a WW, because we couldnt communicate via the game properly.

    It was the same on com2x3 even before that btw and Im not even talking about other slow servers, where people are experiencing same issues.

    Since yesterday, my chat wasnt even visible. I am glad we decided to play casualy this time...


    I already submitted this bug via the help center, but nothing is happening. Several people from the kingdom Entropy have their troops bugged on an attack to oasis 12/42 (com1x3). Those troops never arrived there and are frozen on 00:00:00. With stuck troops we cant do anything. Theres peace coming and we needed to get at least one more treasury down for VPs, but now we cant because we tried if it truly is bugged (we got reportedly said, that you cant even launch that attack, so we tried.. couldnt press the send button, but those troops actually disapeared from our villages after few minutes and werent visible until refresh, when we found out they are on their way to that bugged oasis and was too late to cancel it). Please resolve this issue at once and if by any chance those troops kill each other somehow, restore them.

    With regards,

    Erszebeth, Queen of Entropy

    Same here. Can't do anything all day long. Been like that on com2x3, now here we go again on com1x3. Newly added Kingdom Unions won't keep our mounths shut, these are still THE SAME issues we were pissed about few days ago.