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    So basically if the off force is not overwhelmingly large enough to defeat the def in a simulated raid, then the wall has significance impact on the end result?

    So does ram damage taken into account before or after the attack. Say there are 100 legions defending with a wall at 10 against 100 imps with 50 rams. For scenario's sake, lets say 50 rams takes out the lvl 10 wall. Will the wall be destroyed prior to the battle denying the def bonus or after the stats have been input for survivor-ability of the off army?

    So I have a lvl 14 horse fountain, but when i check my stable, the crop stats for my scout have not changed (still -2), is it done automatically but the text stays the same? (-1 instead of -2 crop for scout, EI -2 instead of -3, etc)

    And in regards to your last post, If RP is 20, itll find 19 troops plus 3-7? itll be 26 amt of detection possible? Theres no exact value to an ungemmed T1 item?

    I am referrring to the wiki, but what do these values mean at the end of each item? "This tier has variants of the bonus of -2, -1, +0, +1 or +2 troops" These are in regards to gems right? But whats the significance?

    Can someone explain to me in a very detailed summary what the spyglass does in all entirety?

    -For each tier (1,2 ,3) how much troops do you need to send to be effective in negating its effect? (with highest rally point it entails)

    -If they do end up seeing my troops what will they see? My troop numbers and type? (praets/EI/Imps)?

    -Generally how many fakes and how large should those fakes be in the early game (tier 1 & 2)?

    -How much is the population defense bonus? The one where if you are an atker with higher pop, the defender gets a bonus?

    -Does it count all of your population or just that one atk vil?

    -Is it worth it to keep your off vil lower or is the bonus small enough to build up to city or higher pop ?

    So i have a 9 cropper as my cap and it is 4 tiles away from my other vils (also close to kingdom). Is it worth it to chief a natar 15 cropper that is 15 tiles away away? The oasis spots for both are as follows: 9 cropper: potential 75% and the 15 cropper natar vil is potential 100%. Keep in mind that the 15 cropper is even further than the 9 cropper to the targeted WW. Thoughts please?

    Ok so i was asked a question by a friend in regards to damage reduction. Say a hero with 100% health fights a battle where he loses 100% damage in the simulation. If the hero has damage reduction of 4 from the scale armor will he survive? In my mind, the only thing that I think about is what are the odds against the hero. But I would like to ask someone with more experience with this topic.

    How is experience divided among several aiding allies? Like say you have 5 heroes defending against 50 clubbies, how much does each hero get? The full amount for each hero or a fraction? And if its a fraction, whats the math behind it? Links would be awesome thank you