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    Are you sure? Because what can I remember I always got most of wood. I cannot remember single time when I got more of another resources (but I can be wrong for sure).

    Well maybe the random factor was in favour of wood? You could have just been unlucky in getting wood all this time :)

    To be honest I did not know this, and I did wonder that why in some servers I got wood more, in some clay more and in some iron more. I have a suggestion for this, why not make the random factor for villages, like in one village it is 40/30/30, in one 30/40/30 and in one 30/30/40?

    According to the rules:

    Travian Games wrote:

    §2. Sitting and using the same PC

    §2.1 Each account owner can assign one or more sitters, who can play their avatar during the account owner's absence. Sitters must play the assigned avatar according to that avatar's best interest. Misuse of this feature can be punished. Sitters of an avatar can log into the avatar using the login information of their own account. Travian Games is not liable for damage done by a sitter and no compensation will be given. The account owner is fully responsible for any actions taken by sitters. If a sitter acts in violation of Travian Games' general terms and conditions, both the account/avatar owner, as well as the sitter may be punished.

    §2.2 Players sharing a PC and wanting to play the avatars of each other, can do so using the sitter function.

    Well as long as you follow the sitting rules (in particular, no advantage to your account) and your father does log in occasionally, you should be good. However, as Daniel says, this is a form of 'legal multi-accounting' and while there has been a lot of debate and discussion about it in the past, no decision has been taken about it, yet.

    The change is already done on our internal test server. It will go live with the next major update.
    Same for the hero inventory with four columns. It took a little longer as we needed a 2nd iteration loop to get a result we all were happy with.

    Excellent! So now I have some things to look forward to in the next updates, like revised hero inventory, field messages etc.

    1. The premium features like NPC trade and instabuild should go, they only widen the bridge between gold whales and non-golders. As to rubble, remove the option to have it cleared instantly, complete unnecessity. On second thought, they can stay but could be used in a limited amount per day. The card game is OK, but the NPC is way overpriced. Then again we have silly unnecessities like instant tribute delivery and instant stolen goods delivery. I mean, do we really need to insert gold everywhere?
    2. Now, for one I'd like the ability to choose a type of face, a shape for the hero. Next, maybe a few more designs for the hero? The damage taken by the hero in the first few adventures is ridiculously high which results in us having our heroes lying idle at home with 0 health for days on end. The hero inventory should be enlarged to have 4 columns, instead of 3. And lastly, items the hero is using shouldn't be shown in the inventory, they only make it more confusing.
    3. Now, this is an idea borrowed from another thread, why not have the influence generated by the dukes shown in the tab where the influence generated by the kings villages is shown? It would help in better planning. Now, everyone knows that the duke system is greatly flawed. However, at its present stage it is quite bearable. While I would be quite against the idea to have dukes have multiple treasuries (as that would repeat the oasis fiasco), the maximum amount of treasures per treasury does need to be increased, its too low.
    4. The auction system is very transparent compared to the one in Legends. If there is anything which needs to remain unchanged, its the auction system.
    5. At the start of the server the map is very jam- packed. Kingdoms have only one or two squares or area. Like mentioned by KUU, the start up map should be larger or make kingdoms more far placed from one another.
    6. Now there is the thing of the chat. For one I would like to have a kind of conference room or so where one or more alliances can have talks with each other. Maybe restrict the access of that room only to managers and kings (possibly dukes too) and select people given permission by the manager/king. Then, why not have just a main chat subdivided into mini-tabs, like for secret societies, alliance, kingdom, player to player conversations etc. Plus, that chat button at the bottom left is very irritating and only confuses newcomers.
    7. Actually, I would like if gold from a deleted/ended gameworld can be transferred across domains, this would cause more people to buy gold.
    8. I have a couple of suggestions for the forums, why not make it possible to 'undo' your likes and dislikes? Many a time people who browse the forums on touchscreen devices unintentionally like or dislike a post.
    9. The other suggestion- why not create an option to preview your posts?
    10. The Travian team is very lax in terms of encouraging people to edit the wiki, etc. I would like to see more users and members edit and create more articles so that the wiki is no less than Travian Answers.
    11. I think, for invite a player option, it should be given to players registering on that gameworld, not on players joining Travian Kingdoms.
    12. Just thought to have one more, why not have internal forums too? And the ability to edit and sticky posts in the chat.

    If they are grey then they are automatically not part of your kingdom. And you cannot 'tribute them to death'. There is no way you can cure that grey issue. They will automatically delete for inactivity in the preset time. I do not understand why you are going as far as to give it the adjective of an 'epidemic'. Then again, you could also use them as farms.

    The daily quests are structured around silver rewards, not the hero? I understood the comments to be about the daily quests, rather than the standard quests.

    I have clarified my question a bit. My question is about the normal quests in the quest book, not the daily quests.

    Another question based on a similar but unrelated topic, if after reaching lvl 100 the hero doesn't get attribute points, then why are there quests (in the new quest system) that encourage the hero to go beyond lvl 100?