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    Alright so I get the point of this being a stradegy game and there being ways to counter chiefing. That is not an issue
    My issue is with how am I supposed to prevent this from happening every time. The player I tried to chief had 2 villages and would always simply change capital based on what village I tried to chief.
    I could of course look for some mind games and send fake chief to his other village and stuff, but it would still give me 50% chance of success or even less with my chief reducing loyalty somewhat randomly (and yes I know how the system works on that) so just does not seem very fair that I have to do all that while the person that I´m trying to chief only has to pay the cost of a new palace in this case.

    So I would suggest that what if there was a 3 day cooldown on changing capitals (1 on speed) it would give some counterplay to this and would force defenders to think twice before changing capitals away without a care in the world.

    So recently tried to chief a players village and discovered that as long as he demolishes palace and rebuilds it on whatever village I´m trying to chief he can freely change capital to completely prevent all chiefing attempts
    I do not see any counterplay for this, I would need to cattapult his villages down to nothing to prevent this from happening which kind of defeats the purpose of chiefing.
    Something needs to be done to change this, cause this is broken and makes already difficult chiefing completely impossible

    The fact the a four times larger army strength wise loses 18% of his army just tells how much better defending is compared to attacking.
    Could always send a siege I guess, but with travel time doubling, it just gives way too much time to gather more defenses.
    It´s really hard to play offence successfully now a days