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    I do not understand the function of "Unwatch this thread" or "Unwatch this forum". No matter how many times I click to unwatch a thread or an embassy or other forum it keeps giving me unread notifications. I also don't understand how non-English threads can be created here outside their country specific server and survive happily to spam our notifications in any language.

    Please educate me.

    Do a search before posting question - read this first

    Vacation mode is not = no starvation

    What does it do?

    Once activated, vacation mode will make it impossible for other players to attack you (or indeed send any troop movements toward your villages) for a period of time. In turn, you won’t be able to send your own troops anywhere (except for sending back reinforcements received before your vacation). Plus, your wood, clay and iron production as well as your troop training will come to a halt. If you have activated the premium resource bonus, it will of course also be paused and wait for your return. Crop production, however, will continue as usual, allowing you to feed the troops you had already built up before your vacation.

    Grow a pair and do the work in-game. Enough cheaters who want medals without doing the work already. We're not going to get better tools than what we pay for and contribute to as a community. And with ads or attempts at being divided into "fan groups" being successful, we won't pay the dev's to play with gold anymore either.