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    1. Ok. Play for win. eventually you will say - "so what, I just lost 3-6 months in my life for no good reason"? Multies should be hunted and banned, and there are good tools for that already. And also, conditions may be met for the reward. Both you and your multi are in the same kingdom and you both have played 70% of the time? Really???

    2. Solvable. You expect that everyone will just use 5 gold every day for just 8 hours? And even if you choose the "average time of OPs " and be protected, don't you have all night to be smashed then? What a hell are "average time of OPs" on a globe? I can always plan to launch attack when these hours expire. Are they the same for me and you? I would even make these hours silver buyable. They will raise strategies, planning, tactical awareness.

    3. Yes. "Decent hammer" if you have them. Extreme disadvantage to players who don't have them! Try to defend with 5 cities against just one cropper. You can NEVER SUCCESS! Therefore - remove these, and wildly increase 3/3/3/9 (triple their number on the map).

    All of that screams multi abuse
    We want to eliminate multis not encourage them....

    And lets add a 0/0/0/18 cropper too

    Why would "defense mode" yield multi abuse? There is a server with "Night mode", and I have no idea how that produces multi-users.
    Rewards will be limited to "played at least 60%" of server time. If someone is so much very successful to create and hold multi-user for 60% of the game - I will buy him gold.

    1. Make the game more competitive!

    Winners should receive prizes on their account. For example, on server end, if a player have been in winning team - reward is 50 gold. If player was duke - 100 gold, and if he was king 200 gold. Also if alliance, say 50% of winners. These are examples only, management should decide. For now we are "just playing to win".

    2. Introduce gold buying "defense mode"!

    There are servers with "no night attacks", which is OK, but the earth is round enough, and time zone difference makes "night" in America - day in Russia. Instead, allow player to buy " 300% defense for 2 gold, for 8 hours", but - this is important, any player can turn on "defense mode" only once in 24 hours! Also, you may introduce item from cards that replaces the 2 gold. As before numbers (300%, 8 of 24 hours and 5 gold are just examples)

    3. Make more 3/3/3/9, and remove 1/1/1/15

    1/1/1/15 gives too much power. Remove that, or let that be only WOW

    Monopoly is also a very good game and that has never evolved or had to be developed further :S

    I seriously don't get why the need for change, the game is great. The thing that makes it bad is the players that try to play it in a different way than intended.

    The interaction with people & their teams are what makes this game special, personally I don't think we need any more reward than to just have some clean, honest fights happening on all servers.

    (But I guess this is just my pipe dream as some players seem determined to try & destroy the game completely, for the sake of some cheap victory)

    So why are you not building embassy level 2?
    come on... change is good. And monopolly has evolved as well.

    I believe, there should be a reward of some kind for the players that were in winning kingdoms. Moreover, there should be individual prizes for "best attacker", "best defender" and "best hero". For example - All players that were active on server end, if they are in winning kingdom, they should receive special bonus (let's say - 50 gold, or maybe some artefact(s), 14 days Travian+ or something else. Best attacker should receive some basic attacking units, Best defender should receive defensive units, and best hero should receive scrolls, or gems for artefact upgrade.

    Travian Kingdoms is very good game, and thus - should evolve.

    For example - lets say - Embassy... 99.9% of the players are keeping it at level 1. Why would it be level 2 if there is no second oasis in reach? Why not make oasis percent depend on embassy level? And it is the same for all players using it. For example Level 1 embassy gives 2.5% resource. But level 2 embassy gives 5% bonus and so on...

    Next example is Academy. What is the difference between level 10 and 20 if you don't need Chief (Senator)? I believe Academy should give 1% hero experience on battles for each level. Same story Residence / Palace... What is the difference between Residence 10 and 19? Just some small amount of CP for really, really big amount of resources. Maybe some training time, but who creates settlers on level 19? No one! So each residence level should give speed or quantity to arriving resources for governors, and dukes, and bonus of treasuries value for kings...
    There are more things, but travian kingdoms should evolve. Even appearance of Carthaginians, Macedonians, Mongols (as historically great kingdoms) may be interesting.