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    Can someone please explain how kingdom borders are determined for competing treasuries (meaning two different kingdoms both exerting influence on the same tiles)? Obviously the treasury with more influence will have borders around that tile. However, I see several examples in my current server with the governor's village having < 50% influence and still maintaining kingdom borders with their kingdom (I found an example as low as 28% influence). Is the only explanation that the kings with majority influence raided these villages to lose their borders?

    • Assuming you know the influence %, what rules determine the kingdom borders when competing with another treasury? Does it matter what kingdom the village belongs to, or if it's a capital?

    The objective is to prevent fast settle for experienced players so they are not all taken in 24 hours. Some declare that fast settle is P2W/unfair, but I'm able to fast settle using the 40 free gold in the server. As low gold user, this is fair to me. Some solutions presented above to accomplish this objective (with my comments):

    1. Eliminate fast settle (alter quest bonus, cp needed, etc.) - There will Always be a fast settle guide, even if it's 6 days instead of 13 hours. The players that join servers immediately will usually have advantage. The difference is that P2W will be more important than the 12-24 hr fast settle meta (more time in server = more time to buy instant finish/resource cards/auction items, etc)
    2. Delay cropper spawns by "x" days - cause lots of internal drama when new croppers appear. Timezone determine what cropper you get, location, and oasis bonus (doesn't sound fun).
    3. Make players earn croppers by accomplishing task (clearing Natar/NPC) - This is the current topic and my comments below.
    4. Add more croppers to the map - changes the priority on croppers from getting a cropper to getting cropper with best oasis bonus. Up to game devs if that is desired.
    5. Terraforming - Creative solution, would work but alter map strategy. Game devs already commented their conclusions on it.
    6. Limit player on cropper expansion, just like cp - If player settles cropper for 2nd cp slot, cannot get another cropper until 4th cp slot (9 crop) or 5th cp slot (15 crop). This does not solve fast settle, but prevents each player from monopolizing croppers.

    Comments on implementing the proposed system of clearing NPC:

    • Good Concept for preventing weak players with no troops from getting good croppers, and for adding excitement/action to settling croppers that's usually decided in the first 24 hours of the server, BUT...
    • I agree with others that def players, new players, and small kingdoms are at disadvantage. They won't all have friendly kingdom members to clear for them, and experienced kingdoms will monopolize them for distributing to members later.
    • I agree with Negru that kingdoms will coordinate to cata/chief these croppers from other kingdoms/neighbors after all NPC troops are cleared - devastating to small players/kingdoms that clear them. I believe PVP skirmishes should be focused around other kingdom bonuses, not croppers for single players.
    • Crop would need to be balanced, this method would mean accounts are left too long without a good source of crop.
    • New race/tribe is exciting to players, but I would recommend to just use natar tribe. Already designed ingame NPC, and most players don't know the natar troops/stats because they are never needed (for natar & WW, you just siege with all troops anyways). So this would be good opportunity to use them further.
    • For rewards: extra build slots (so rare to find in card game) and they can be used to turn your new cropper into hammer/anvil village.
    • Idea - Earn cropper by training "X" number of troops, instead of needing to clear NPC. Does not matter how many troops are alive (could have been killed for kingdom off/def). This would allow both off and def players to earn their croppers. Difficult to balance for each tribe with different troop costs/training time.

    Interesting idea, but I feel that it would favor a Roman sim-style player (less troops, crop efficient troops). I haven't tried the server so I don't know if this is balanced or not. Interested in trying sometime :)

    Thank you both for your answers. Marshmallowman, the coordinate explanation is exactly what I needed. And I do already know about the fast settling technique, thank you for the reference again! I just like to understand parts of the game that are confusing to me.

    I have a clarifying question regarding first village placement when starting a server. Let's pretend I want to start as close to 50|0 as possible, since I want to go to that WW for the endgame. What region do I select during the start of the server? east? south?

    My thought is that if you pick the following regions, your village will be in these coordinates. Is this true?

    • North: ( - | + ) or ( + | + )
    • East: ( + | + ) or ( + | - )
    • South: ( + | - ) or ( - | - )
    • West: ( - | - ) or ( - | + )

    Based on this, I want to settle in east to get to 50|0. Is this how the game works? Because my friends and I have picked south region before and always end up in ( + | - ). Is this just a coincidence we end up in the same corner every time? Thanks for your help!

    I am in a kingdom, but my capital is located within the borders of a different, local kingdom. Because of this, I obviously deny tributes to this other king. Since I don't get attacked, my tribute fund in this village is full of resources. Can I have a friend/kingdom member attack my village to gather these tribute resources? Because they are sitting there and no one can get them. Just want to confirm that this is a valid strategy, and isn't breaking any rules. Can someone confirm? Thanks!

    I settled my second village, built a palace and declared it my capital. However, I've had 2 separate incidents of robber hideouts still appearing at my spawn village. Shouldn't the robber hideouts be appearing only at my capital? This is inconvenient for me because I settled far away and am building my army in my new, second village. I don't want to travel 5 hours to get to my robber hideouts. I'm still in beginner's protection.

    Anyone have an explanation? Additionally, if I delete my spawn village, will this fix the issue? Thanks!

    Currently on the quest page in TK Wiki, it states that the quests for "construct a town hall" & next "hold small celebration" are only unlocked after "Found a new Village" is completed. Is this still accurate or has the game been updated since?

    Because if this is the case, then how do you get enough cp without the rewards from these two quests? Thanks,

    Yes, I have made friends in my first server of travian kingdoms. Particularly one really close friend, and we enjoy playing with each other and are great at cooperating, helping with advice, and covering each other's inactive periods. We have invited each other as friends "in-game" already.

    I think the new global friendlist (existing in the game lobby after the server ends) is definitely worth the effort. I'm afraid I will lose my friends if I don't join their other servers before our own world ends. But now I can find them through the lobby and join the server when it's convenient for my lifestyle. :)

    I'm having the same issue. If I'm sitting for someone, does it count as using the same pc? Because I was kicked as a sitter because they were inactive, and now I can't raid/chief because "I cannot do these operations from someone on the same pc".

    How long do I have to wait before I can steal resources from this inactive person? Thanks,

    I wanted to confirm #5: What if there is NO existing treasury? Then the second attack will take all remaining treasures, regardless of whether the defender is king/duke. Is this correct?