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    Hello, I just wanted to clarify some details about stealing treasures. All situations have hero accompanied with the attack. I am currently attacking as a duke (but I don't think that matters)

    • If I attack governor, I will steal all treasures from tribute fund
    • If I attack duke with active treasury, I will steal 1/3 treasures
    • If I attack king with active treasury, I will steal 1/3 treasures

    Let me know if I am wrong. This next part I am not very sure about, but this is what I think will happen. Can someone confirm if the following game mechanics are correct?
    If there is first a clearing wave that catapults/destroys the active treasury, and the defending player has no other active treasuries, then:

    • If I attack a duke (destroyed treasury), I will steal ALL treasures
    • If I attack a king (destroyed treasury), I will steal 1/3 treasures

    Let me know if this is right, thanks for your help!

    I have recently upgraded my 3rd village to a city (increasing 500 population, etc etc). A few minutes after, I switched my capital to this new city (using palace function). The palace switched my capital correctly (I checked my profile and it agrees that my 3rd village is my capital as well).

    However, my 3rd village (new city, new capital) only gained +200 CP/day when I check my palace. I thought I should get +500 CP/day for having a city and making it my capital. Did I do something wrong, or is this a bug?

    Thanks for your help!