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    Also, so much hate towards metas and pre existing teams here. Ive been leading my team in a few games now for over 8 years with a handful of players still with me from the begnning. Im always hearing people bash metas. i think ive finished 7 servers now, the largest team wins every time. I know some people are gonna comment now telling me how a small team can beat a big team. not if the big team is active i think its a rarity. Ive yet to see it. These new rules are not gonna stop groups of friends from playing together. All it does is force people to build quick 2nd villages far from thier spawn and then they gotta demolish their spawn. It will slow down metas but not stop them. If you want to take away the advantage that large teams get, the advantage i see is in robber camps. a loarge team maybe getting 32 robber camps at the end while other teams get 7 , 8. and the number of treasures keeps getting highrer and higher. A large team can win just by killing robbers and stockpiling stolen goods/treasures ad letting that VP build up everyday, and build up more and more as the large teams get more robber camps and treasures than the small teams. Sure you have the option to take treasure from the big teams but good luck doing that now when every king/duke only has 1 or 2 treasuries if they are lucky. I think the constant rule changes every server i play are too much and arent accomplishing anyhting other than making people leave the game. Personally this one time merge thing , in my opinion is horrible. This game makes it hard enough to get your friends on your team as it is. you just keep making it harder and harder but yu cant keep friends from playing together no matter how hard you try they will find a way and ive already found it with these rules. only having 1 influence zone is a joke and prevents you from building an empire. I thought empire building was part of this game. ou just force big teams to break up into small teams and make everying a bigger hassle but not impossible. I would like to see Travian perhaps use different game rules on different servers such as the normal speed and 3x speed servers , people get thier pick. Why not have a server with 3 kings per team (original rules, my favorite) have a merge server, a drought server(I will never play) but give people options cause not everyone likes changing the rules every server. as soon asi get used to one game play method , the next server its a totally different game. One good thing ab out these new rules is you wont be spending anywhere near as much gold casue fror kings its now no longer important to get 25 villages in a server. also on com3 can you please update the game so we can get our merges going its been over 30 days and our game plan is being stalled right now since the new rules were put in place prematurely it seems.

    I feel the game seems very slow. i am used to big empires but the 10000 treasure for a 2nd treasury on top of cutting duke slots in half at start of game makes it so as 2nd tier items come out maybe 1 kingdom has 10000 treasures for a 2nd treasury. pretty much you get 3 treasuries for most of the game unless you are a top kingdom. i think you could still slow things down without bringing expansion to a halt.

    I like the old 3 king version the best. allowing people to build more than one treasury in an active treasury village is must gonna make it impossible to take treasures from teams cause yuo can put all your treasure in one spot with only one place needed for defense you can still activate other treasuries to lvl 1 to give influence coverage to your team. Im not sure the reason for this change i feel it is a change for the worst why is it every round i play has a different number of kings , dukes, different rules, etc.. what was wrong with the original kingdoms version with 3 kings? i like thast system. dukes are now like kings with the tribute collection. It just seems people cant make up thier minds or maybe developers are listtening too much to people who keep losing and complaining about the rules. . Also, since you keep changing the kings/dukes, etc. HOW ABOUT THIS CHANGE. Get rid of the name King. change it to RULER. there are a lot of females who play this game and whyt are they forced to be a King, or why is Queen not an option. I know some players like Imperial will choose to use the term Queen due to his alternative lifestyle.

    I know everyone is on the edge of their seat to hear my opinion on this. First multiple wonders are great . as VVV stated it brings an extra challenge to try and take 2 or 3 wonders and hold them. it opens up a whole new range of different strategies to use. I think the best fix is as has been said many times. for a wonder to switch alliances the WW building itself must reset to 0. not sure the best way to make that heppen as far as game mechanics happen .
    Since its the endgame it makes sense that any mergers should have already happened by the start of the endgame. Its more fair for all teams to know who the team are, going into the endgame. I slipped in the last minute merge on purpose for effect. l wish i could have seen some of the looks from the other alliances when they say midway through lvl 99 that the merge happened. No one really wanted to prolong the server in question..

    The only thing that would have been different is the merge would have happened sooner but that would have changed the way the endgame was played by everyone.

    My opinion of anti-meta people are they are babies who cant compete with big alliances so they wnat to break them up. I think Travian is making a huge mistake with the Test server with thier goal to eliminate preformed alliances , that move will kill this game. My team has been together for 8 years some of us . We play games cause we enjoy fighting with each other. We are like a family. Im sorry you have never found a group like that Imperial. Perhaps if you didnt stab yoru teams in the back you could have had a team like that. It great that you can put togther a team of 20 very experienced players. Just casue you wnat a team of only 20 doenst mean others do. just like in real life if you fight one of my friends you are also fighting me. if we outnumber you, great, its better to be in a brawl 6 on 3 rather then 3 on 6. Perhaps if you cant compete yuou may want to grow your team. Some people are abrasive and have bad personalities so its not easy to build a loyal team of big numbers. If you think we are a meta now you should have seen us in our original game with 2500 members. our numbers are much smaller now. but as long as i see teams with more members than us, i will continue to recruit. I dont see a difference between Titan, Bob, Tonkawa, Dominion or Titan 1 , Titan 2, Titan 3, Titan 4. Its the same thing by different names. I have been told on the test server some anti meta people in this post are merging alliacnes in the Test Server. just casue your team is smaller i dont see any difference. Looks like a meta move happening there from what ive been told. . Just casue you wnat to do it with 20 members , doesnt give you the right to judge us for merging 40 members at the endgame in a pact we made on day 3 or 4 of the server. I really dont care what you think of metas. Titans are a meta or mega or a big alliance its all the same to me. merging alliances is no different than recruiting 10 or 20 players. Are you suggesting to end recruiting as well? I am trying to build a winning team and have done so. if you think we were strong in com 4. com5 is taking it to a new level. Since you are also merging alliances in your test server , trying to find ways around the new systems your whining here has no credibility with me. when i look in other com servers i see alliances with more players than us. Its not our fault pepole want to join Titans. The mroe the merrier. I have made some good friends in these games and we will continue to play as a family no matter what the game rule changes are. I just hope the mods or dame developers think long about making too big of changes to a game we have grown to love. in…y-special-test-server-en/ its stated that they are trying to get rid of alliances. I think thats a huge mistake. you will lose a lot of players and a lot of gold purchases . Check out our team and see how much gold we spend , i doubt Travian makes more money from other teams. i know on our servers by far we are the biggest contributors to the game money wise. The purpose of these games is to make money . If they werent profitable they wouldnt exist. You should all be happy that we support the game the way we do or maybe you wouldnt have a game to play. Ive seen other games, including our original game , cater to crybabies who coutdnt compete with larege elite alliacnes and changes were made that ruined the game and drove away millions of players from it. I think it would be a better idea , instead of giving a game an overhaul that doenst need it , perhaps have special 1 king servers similiar to the way there are SPeed Servers scattered around. If you want to make a change in the game to meke it better, and the warss more fun, i would suggest eliminating CP requirements for new villages. its not really possible to tkae over an enemies area the way it is. cut the CP requirements in half would make the game a lot more fun i think. Chiefing is the most fun part of the game but you cant really chief and enemy allaicne when it takes a week to get each village if you are fast.

    The consensus is clear to me that a lot of the people i see complaining about our 120 person alliance are in alliances with more players. Circle and GS worked together with a total of 150 + players at one time. i see some circle members in another world with 3 allaicnes way more members than titans had. eMC in other thread where mona is showing her hypocracy took on a 2nd alliance that became GS eventjually . all they did was take emcs name and add some "!!" so i feel that everyone who's whining here are hypocrites cause i bet they all have been in alliances our size or bigger . we are not even the biggest team out there so i better get back to recruiting. TITANS are now recruiting , strong active fighters, message me.

    Heres my 2 cents about the "meta" thing. First of all, I dont know what meta means, change? in other games we considered ourselves a mega-alliance which "mega" means large . a mega-alliance is bigger than a regular alliance. I dont agree that having large alliances ruins the game. For some it makes the games more fun. A bigger team means we have more friends and more people to chat with, figtht with , and learn from. in any war game, numbers have a big part in it. My opinion is you cant stop alliances from growing. You can cap the number of players allowed in an alliance the way Tribal Wars does, but in Tribal Wars you start to see the larger more successful allaicnes have 1,2, 3, etc... after their name although only one team will win the lower ranking teams of an alliances still fight so their main alliiance can win. Titans always are willing to fight to the death to help our friends and allies. As far as the last minute switching of the world wonder is concerned I do think something can be done to prevent that perhaps a 20 lvl penalty for a wonder that switches teams without being chiefed could work, (20 being an arbitrary number that could be increased or decreased depending on player opinions). I dont think there is anything wrong with growing a large team that sticks together and fights together. One of the things i hate most in TRavian is the huge amount of backstabbing and deception that players perform on their own teams.. This is the reason why Titans are building a strong core of fighters that will fight together on every server. I will never add a duke to our team unless they have proven themselves in a previous server and stayed wtith Titans for the next server. i want a team of loyal Titans. So far we have encountered a spy on every server we have been in.. I thought we were spy free in the last one until the final days of the server when i got messages from players of at least 3 different alliances showing me a screenshot of a small portion of our hammers. I believe someone has shared it somewhere in this forum thread. Im sorry if you dont like our strategy, you are welcome not to play with us if you dont liek it. if you decide to fight us you will have to deal with our style of play whether you like our "mega" alliance or not . eventually you will see you are better off to have as many players as your oponent. if hyou think you can win with less players , more power to you. I think i see where you get the term meta from when an allaicne changes into another alliance. that may have occured in com 5 but you shuold not consider Titans a meta, consider us a "mega" alliance wtth the sole purpose is to not change. I dont want to change players. i dont want to change alliances. I want to grow and have a stong core of players iknow can jump into any map and make a good run for the win. WE will always be recruiting strong and active fighters who obviously will come from different allliances but meta has nothing to do with it. It has everything to do with mega and having loyal players i can trust not to give our enemy our troop counts or screenshots from our chats. Thats about all i have to say about "'meta/mega"

    Instead of repeating meta this meta that how about a solution? I get sick of the complaining. Circle had the entire south of the world with 0 competitors. while in the north 5 preformed alliances started. it could have been worse, EMC was part of the confed in the frist week along with Titan and Bob, dominion were friends not part of our confed . EMC was untrustworthy and Titans backed out of the 3 team confed and decided to goto war with EMC. Who did Circle ever goto war with? You barely ever attacked us other than our WW. You had a confed with GS and controlled the entire south of the map . Im sorry if you dont know how to recruit. Titans lost our first server to a team 3 times our size we got 2nd. in our 2nd server the entire world allied against Titans and we got 2nd, so i decided not to be outnumbered in the 3rd and it worked exactly as planned and we got 1st. What is your solution you propose to stop the meta. . Titan and Bob combined were 120 players at the end. im srue theare much bigger alliances out there. I hardly count 120 players as a meta, whatever a meta is. Titans original game we had 2500 Titans. Thats a meta. Do you want to put a limit on how many players can play on a team? all that will happen is there will be a Titans 2 , Titans 3, Titans 4. If players come to me wanting to join us, how am I at fault. On com 4 ihave a ton of player coming to me to join and we have not taken them all but dont be surprised if we have over 120 players next time too. Our team sticks togheter every map. about 75% our team has returned for the next server. I dont plan on being the team outnumbered like we were the first 2 servers we played. However we no longer are using the multi alliance thing we are alll under one tag this time. perhaps you should work on your diplomacy or be a good leader that players want to join. its a war game and diplomacy is part of the strategy, at least its part of my strategy . maybe you should reconsider your strategy. we werent the only team of 100 on com 5 . I believe Circle at one time also had 100 players or close to it. you admitted you knew Ttian and Bob were allied and had a confed, this was your strategy flaw. Why did you not send any attacks at their wonder? or Dominion wonder. you let them both build their wonders up while you and GS tee'd off on our wonder. That was your big mistake. instead of throwing a dozen sieges at us, maybe you should have controlled your rage and played smart. you could have prolonged the server by taking ourt Dominion or reduced our VP bonus by not letting Bob walk away with the #2 world wonder. You didnt really think your strategy through at the end. If iwas leading your team i would have tried to prolong the server our VP was barely a million more than yours. GS was smart enough to hit our main building something you failed to target even once. yoru troop counts were weak even after 10 sieges on our wonder we lost only 20 levels and still had over a million troops in the wonder. Your were outplayed by a superior group.. just like we weie outplayed inour first server agaisnt FU (United) 3 times our size. i never came to the forum to complain a team 3 times our size beat us. I learned from my losses , hopefully you learn from yours, regroup and come get us after com 4 ends Id enjoy a rematch. Titans took the full brunt of all your hammers on our WW and we beat the attacks. i think we had about 5 or 6 hammers hit your wonder and killed no troops, including a 170k hammer that hit an empty world wonder. We easily could have destroyed a third wonder. so Good Game.. show some good sportmanship next time and dont be such a poor loser. For the record all the top players on the server were titans We owned the atttacker and robber leaderboards the entire server and our troops counts in our WW were double yours. you and GS combined had less troops than our wonder. instead of crying , figure out what you did wrong and try to learn from it and become a better team. if you still have a team. Im guessing Circle no longer exists. you only grew big cause you were the only large alliance in the south so you got all the cowards who didnt wnat to fight to join your team. We are a warring alliance we always have been for the last 8 years and we always will be. Even with our troop counts and hammer locations you were not able to do anything against us. Tell Duke I said hello, I have no respect for spies and its sad that you had a spy and our GT troop counts and still did nothing with it. instead you passed those troop counts to at least 3 other alliances hoping they would do your fighting for you. I agree that server was boring cause EMC quit after 3 or 4 weeks into the war. Their problem also was diplomacy . Having a leader who tells people to join or die is no way to make loyal alliance members. i hope you learned something . We had fun teaching. Class dismissed.

    Im sorry Mayo that we were too strong As a leader, diplomacy is part of the game. Titans fought the #2 alliance EMC and destroyed them to the point where their leaders Mona (Sun Tzu) and Reddog fled the server. Their excuse was lack of time to play, yet they started a new server the next day. Then we fought the new #2 allaicne CIRCLE and at endgame added GS to the mix. we received a dozen sieges on our WW and only 20 levels taken off at the most. We leveled the #2 alliance WW to 0 and even chiefed it at the end. Your allaince was GS? What alliance did GS ever fight in the entire server? did you fight a single person before the endgame? Did you even send one attack before the last day of the server? Its not our fault you were afraid to fight. GS was lucky that i was friends with your leader is the only reason you made it to the endgame. Its a mistake i learned from. We should have taken you out while your team was weak. We let you rebuild and regrow and you fought no one the whole time. Its a war game. if you dont want a boring server, next time try war. As for the endgame merge that occured, that endgame merge was actually a pact made by Bob and Titan the first week of the server. Bob held their end of the bargain and now are part of titan 100% so come find us on com 4 if you want a rematch. I know you wont come. you were told before it started we would be there and you decided to take the cowardly route and try to get me to abandon my team and join you late on a server you were already established in. If you think its easy to build a team like we did why dont you do it. The rules are fair as it is . If it changes we will adapt to those changes. On top of all that your team even had screenshots of our troop counts and locaitons of our hammers you got from a spy who somehow hacked gettertools, and you were unable to do much with it. If we had the info on your team (alll hammer and defense locations and numbers) we would have done a lot more with it. please whine to yourself cause ive been hearing it for the last 2 weeks and its getting old.
    good game.

    Technically, what you are doing may not be an actual violation of the rules as they stand - however I cannot see it as legitimate either. The devs badly need to get the situation resolved and get the proper coding in so that when an account holder is inactive for the prescribed period of time all sitters are locked out of the account. I would like to think those who play the game would not take advantage of such lapses - however, it is clear that some will take every advantage they might find without regard for what is right or fair. Until the devs step in and correct the situation, which many of us have urged them to do, this will continue to be a problem. As do most players, I see it as a form of multi-accounting which should be a clear violation of the rules.

    I'd have to agree 100%. Just because there is a flaw in the game that can be exploited doesnt mean its right to exploit it. Everyone knows using multiple accounts is against the rules. Knowingly using the account of someone you know is not returning to the game as a 2nd account and "personal defense", so you can build 100% offense in your account, shows a lack of integrity and is not what the sitter feature is designed for. There is a rule against abusing the sitter function. I can see no bigger violation of the sitter function than to turn the account into a 2nd or 3rd account.

    is the perma-sitter/multi-accounting issue being addressed to stop players from exploiting the flaw in the sitter function that allows players to sit for inactive accounts? especially now that sitters can settle villages this needs to be addressed i hope.

    in US3 only one player is piloted by 5 players take a look at the stats its a ridiculous exploit of a horrible rule. Everyone should play their own game. If you are not active you deserve to be attacked.

    Please revamp the whole dual sitter thing. to have 4 players play one account is ridiculous and not fair to the majority of players who play their own accounts. The sitter thing should be limited to a week or 2 for people on vacation or ill. otherwise you are giving players 2 account or more to play. why not just allow people to have unlimited accounts. Thats about how fair it is now. You can see worlds like US3 where this rule is being exploited like crazy and keeping everyone on that sector from having a fair game. some people pay a lot of money to play this game to have it ruined by accounts played by 4 players