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    А и это еще не все. Наконец то ПОФИКСИТЕ дань у забаненных аккаунтов за нарушение правил. Что за бред? Половина корвы в бане но дань со всех собирается, тоесть выфармление ресов и потом еще 3-7 дней получение их же за счет дани...

    Привет очередной ЛАГ и минус весь деф на чудесах, как было на праздничном серве.

    "40 целей по 50 атак это как раз равняется лимиту в 2 000 атак от одного игрока."

    Опять будете ручками зерно на чуде досыпать? Или как вы там это делали? Наверное тяжело было просто из за данного бага отключить голод на сервере.

    Но в целом обновление хорошее . Думаю теперь понятие отпуск можно заменить на "Бессмысленный уход в забытье для удаления", или "как убрать офферов из списка атакуемых целей в опере"...

    Пофиксите пожалуйста для браузерной версии постоянно всплывающее окно цены стройки поля или здания, которое вылезает на весь экран и не дает отправлять торговцев, войска или завершать строительство. Так же просьба пофиксить перепрыгивание чата при написании в нем сообщения, которое так же исправляется перезагрузкой страницы.

    We have mentioned the ww spam status here.But MULTIS WW said that spamming is fun.. Then we sent 3k attacks on their ww and the fun officially started. He started crying when the MULTIS 20m defense died :D

    We crying? You suck all time in this server. And yes all our defense die. But now you write text like monkey.

    Hey MULTIS kingdom, you did the ww spam first when it was ok. Then you experienced the same situation karma. I think winning this game should be enough for you. Otherwise, if we stopped at ww 99, you would neither have ww nor treasure today.

    We spam your ww? You kidding me? Sharley have dialoge to your King and give Word dont attack your ww. Our 7 ww hammers go to shield ww not for yours. Your ww spam 1 player. It was reksay. They sent 650 attack we dont know that the do it. For that? We dont know. If we want spam your ww we do how your player did it. 7k spam or more.

    After your 5k spam we spam all ww because we think game can crash. And all ww was stopped. But it doesnt work always on your ww only. And now balerion dont write we about first action of that.

    For you:
    You are a really sick type, we called for spam after 5 thousand attacks on each miracle came out on us then we lose 5kk defense for 1 hours, we did not spam the Turks purposefully it was done by one person with whom we are playing for the first time (Reksay). But you hamburger can't understand this because you always consider yourself to be the right and the strongest. But I will tell you how Bodrov is from the movie that you all need to watch "Brother 2". The strength of the hamburger is in the truth, for whom the truth is stronger. The truth is behind us here, we played the whole server and deserved to win. Someday you will build 20kk protective troops on 1 point (WW), then you will write something that I will pay attention to and tell you that you are cool and for now you are such.

    My sincere wishes is for all the cheaters that spend money and ruin the game to quit at once. This is a perfect opportunity to do so and never again show your sorry *sses around.

    This is what cheating brings you, but you always have the Olympics ;)

    Best memastrolling man, ever i see. Your American Olympic team all use dop...g ask Phelps about it, they want suicide few month ago. You so terrible and funny.

    So now Ded1ik made a call to also spam every other ww except TURK

    Ofc i say this about spam dude. That we need to do in this situation? Attack come to WW and capture it without defense. All defense sent in time to attack dissapear. Ofc i call for spam. BTw. Because we sent attack with catas too, for destroy all WW if this bug work in all. Now i hate this game. I hate people who open their mouths at the way we played. Not once has anyone in the TK built 30 million def for a miracle and had 500k treasures. And last every server this game repels people and the administration only needs money because they have a small team and a weak budget.

    For especially gifted foreign players, we didn't use any bugs, we fucked this server without it because we dont need it. We have 30kk defense that we talking about winning here. 12 trigles 2 tur+cz hammers destroy with village, a bunch of villages have been captured, a huge number of defense built by our top players. One of our players decided to send spam to the miracle of the Turks in large numbers when no one gave such instructions, because many solo foreign players appeared in our ranks on this server, whose actions defied any logic. That is all. If someone else writes about bugs and the fact that we are to blame for this go fishing in the forest... And stop bla bla bla words.

    I Play with 12 account man. And it is relax for me. Next time in New bash i try Play in 20 acc. 700 acc vs 200 you very funny man. We all like then you cry=) about cheats and tehnical accounts - close you mounth dude. Dont write more about it. Do memas it is the Best you can. Delete this game in your life and be happy.

    Congratulate triangles. They don't only build main building on WW and moved treasury all time but they can destroy one village in 2 months (with help of 3 others kingdoms)! Brilliant. Really great. Husla is the strongest opponent :D

    30 offs vs 1 my off. It's very important for win, very important))

    36 off=)

    WW attack:
    Screenshot by Lightshot

    Treasures attack:
    Screenshot by Lightshot

    This game will know our HERO!

    My dear=) You and your party play well. Give 21 heroes for 40 min attack it is the best reaction ever i see. But then we ask MH about this "Usain Bolt' reaction, she answer "this is strange situation". We can kill your small group with 1 relocate hammer (how the Chechz did it in south), but our small hammers did it without relocate. We capture around 100500+ your village, thx for that.

    About our kingdom. We dialog with many people. Franch Italian German Portugal. Many people dont understand English language at all. It hard to speak. About "big team - zerg". We know that we was war to all server. Turkish, Huslish, Czech go to kick our ass. And we saw a alies. Now we have 350+ players (many afk potato player), we have 400k treasures (dont see this number in TK history) and we have small achivments (we destroy 7 huslish hammers in home 'destroy village'). We love you all that's all i want say my dear EU player.

    Начал играть за короля хочу снять корону. Вкладки в посольстве нет где она и как снять ?

    Самое главное условие 200 наса - или выход из под нубки. Далее в посольство - королевство - покинуть королевство.

    Hello my dears russian friends!
    Sorry i just come here now (was in travian vacation). I'm amazed you guys got 2/2 servers. Tried on Server Test and lost, tried on ES server and lost. Maybe you should focus only on RU servers. :)

    Congrats Marvel Team!

    Lol. Man wake up plz. In test we not have a team=) only few jumpers relocate near the wall. We dont have a team in es too. And in es server we play relax Mode. We have es vacation. Only few jumpers Play well and got top 10 with attack and defense. And last. You and your team can enjoy our server and you suck with all ru kingdoms because we all was Play against gamburger chesburger bigmag team. Good luck.

    Han pasado ya 4 días que han llegado al foro. Probablemente estaban celebrando su victoria. Todos estamos muy contentos por TI. Pero por desgracia quiero recordarles a todos que tres reinos fueron derrotados por nosotros. En estos reinos había más de 150 jugadores. ¿Les recuerdo sus nombres? Con quién lucharon ustedes, todos lucharon contra el Reino 1 y ocupamos el lugar 2, o ya se han olvidado. 4 óperas para todo el servidor y sólo 1 suerte no te avergüenzas? En los tributos y bots, eso es muy loable. A diferencia de usted verduras hemos jugado un juego activo, Mira el Top 10 de ataque allí toda la INFA. ¿Qué más decirle, venga al servidor ru y Mostrar el mismo juego, tratar de jugar mejor que nosotros y luego reír juntos=) gg wp. We end this 2nd place.

    buen juego chicos! Unreal dont play in this server. Solo unas pocas personas jugaron aquí desde Henrial's y fueron al servidor para vegetales, como si vinieran a visitarte para descansar (turismo)

    No estás cansado de escribir constantemente sobre dibujos animados, personas que jugaron todo el servidor con bots. Farm bots y bots en el sitio de construcción, pero no hay pena de multa 10% de la población sin la eliminación de las tropas, esto se considera normal y nadie llora a diferencia de usted. Cuando usas Toons y bots está bien, bueno, cuando lo usamos, todas son lágrimas y como tramposos rusos.

    En cuanto a los offs, el buen trabajo de los chicos realmente merece respeto. Nuestro objetivo era un poco diferente, teníamos que lanzar a 5 y sacar a los titanes luego a los Marvel y luego volver a la base y terminar con los. Si recuerdas la prueba, entonces solo 3 Offer te dieron muchos problemas aquí éramos 5 personas. Pero debido al hecho de que la base no era capaz de resistir 2 reinos en la etapa inicial que todo el servidor nadie tocó y, por supuesto, usted ha reconstruido offs. Aquí no vino la alianza Unreal aquí vinieron un par de jugadores de él. Bueno, el final, por supuesto, fue épico, pero a pesar de la superioridad en 3 veces que ocupamos el segundo lugar.

    82 jugadores contra 220

    930 aldeas contra 333 no es divertido para TI escribir y publicar memes. Gracias por jugar todo el buen humor y buena suerte en el futuro! Y ya basta de escribir sobre Toons, pude crear muchos temas sobre tus bots, en diferentes subforos, pero no lo hice, aprecio mi tiempo, y siento pena por tu dinero y fuerza, a diferencia de tus quejumbrosos.

    registros para el final
    Screenshot by Lightshot