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    As much as i hate the thing, it exists, it's very powerful and should be used.

    Honestly I really like it. It enforces that troops should be used. I hated the kinds awkward stalemates this game tends to have. It was a very classic Samurai duel kind of standoff, where the one that attacks and looses their hammers first looses the war, unless they had large number advantage to begin with and could just overpower the other defense. Usually server go stale around day 80, but action seems to be going strong well past it. A lot of people don't like 1x because nothing happens most days. Not as much the case anymore as the time to build your initial army, is the largest time investment. I think they should add other fixes to this problem, and nerf the tent then, but in the meantime its pretty good.

    What a day! About time we get some action! Good game everyone. Lets hope there is more to come :) If kingdoms need to start shacking up then so be it. Diplomacy is part of the game IMO. I'm no stranger to uphill battles.

    For me, I just want to quit the game without lost of money I put in an unpracticable game. But they don't care !
    As I said in an other post, since a spoled final, I thought they have be able to fix the security of their servers, in fact it's not, so I want to quit !
    But administration team has no time to answer a customer complain !!!!

    One thing to keep in mind is that this is a Ddos attack. There isnt a whole lot a a website can do to defend itself. This isnt a hack, its essentially a server overload. When AAA video games servers get shut down on release day because too many people try to play, thats essentually whats happening here but its intentionally trying to shut the game down.

    Now im not saying people shouldn't be upset about how its being handled, but this occurrence isnt TKs fault. Ive played travian for like 15 years and this is the first malicious attack like this ive seen. Yeah the game has lag issues, but rarely is the game entirely unplayable. But i think we all deserve a bit more then they are giving.

    Ok let me try to be level headed about this whole situation here.

    Ok imagine you go to a nice restaurant. Your soup arrives and there is a fly in it. Now its not the waiters fault there is a fly in it. It might not even be any employees fault that that fly is there. Could of been a customer that let it in. But that doesn't change that there is a fly in your soup. Most restaurants will say say "I'm sorry let me fix that for you" and go get you a new soup. In this case we are all being told that the waiter will come back in a bit and fish the fly out for us, but we still got to eat the soup. Some people got the soup for free, other paid for it. Some may have paid way more than the soup is worth but they enjoy the company at the table.

    DDos attacks are hard to avoid. Travian isn't google, their servers probably aren't incredibly robust because they never needed to be. But I think at times Travian forgets the product they are selling. This isn't Age of Empires 2, if the microsoft server goes down for a weekend, my experience on Monday will not be lessened because I didn't get to play on Saturday. Travian is different. If I can't log in and someone notice my account go inactive and snipes my hammer, that is a month of hard work gone. Plus I use gold, so that's actually money spent.

    Some people are here screaming that their entire meal should be free, a lot of people just want to be sure that this experience doesn't ruin our whole meal.

    I can't help to feel like that's a real bad decision. Not only is there an in game button to go to the wiki. But knowledge is so powerful in travian. It really puts old players at a much larger advantage then new players. They really should go through and update it. You can't just discontinue it, until there is a proper replacement.

    You can keep this a bit balanced by scaling the difficulty with kingdom rank.

    I am so excited for this. I kinda wish we had more "optional" buildings like this. Lets player take different approaches. Do you build this instead of a GS or GB? Do you sacrifice a resource building? It something new to think about. No everyone will be able to find the room, but i think thats actually ok. Im kinda tiered of there being one "best build". Lets bring in some tripple club production instead ;)

    Honestly, I like kingdoms a lot more then I do legends. I would rather see them become more unique rather then try to merge. I got some ideas but they are not ready yet ;)

    How about a more robust tutorial. Something optional, that keeps the player in the "outside game" zone for an entire day. Perhaps has some extra quests, like read the TOS, how to use the farm list, turn silver to gold, complete a daily quest, send 2 attacks in the same second. Most experienced players fast settle, so if this period offers no CP gain, no map access, and essentially operates in a "dream state" it can give a few bonuses that could really help a new player, but also come at a cost that only experienced players would care enough not to pay. I don't really feel like the standard tutorial really teaches players what the game is about and players are shocked when they are raided, catapulted, and just given a bad time.

    Also there was a discussion about noob servers. Perhaps just make a standard speed server that is travian light. No WW, No VP, just whoever has the most treasure on day 30 (60?) wins. Just let it be a new player slog fest. Perhaps make it so new players can only play govs on this server, and anyone with more then 3 gold stars has to play a king or a duke. Also perhaps to keep it non competitive kings are randomly assigned their dukes as "experienced" players join. Have 2 kings and 4 dukes per kingdom, no kingdom merge.

    Honestly i would really like to see treasures be worth more in the late game. After day 111 you get like 1 more week to try and steal treasures before its no longer worth the effort. So perhaps either

    A. Stealing treasures GAINS VP stealing rate as the WW goes up, oppose to loosening it to incentivize more skirmishes during the WW construction. Also stealing from any player results in lost VP, not only treasuries.

    B. After the WWs appears let kingdoms spend their treasures for bonuses a little bit each day. Letting them change their last bits of VP production out for other benefits similar to Legends relics.


    C. make a change to the midgame that will fundamentally change the way players enter the late game.

    Right now servers start out action packed for 20 days, then go in a lull untill day 30-35 as kingdoms prepare for union, then you got the metas weeding out smaller kingdoms until day 60, then between day 60-80 some larger kingdoms crash, then you go into a cold war for the rest of the server until WW's reach level 50+. The big 3 or 4 kingdoms just fight over messages as everyone tries to figure out who's going to strike first, and what everyone else win condition is. Honestly I like option B, because if those in the lead can just wall up after WW is built, then the other kingdoms can't wait to act, if there is a relic for faster troop training, then players can afford to throw some reckless attacks. . . the options are there. Just a random thought.

    Troopwipe is also needed to be standard punishment for main account who abuses/uses multi accounts

    This is important. I think a lot of us understand a full on ban might be a bit might. But in a game of rolling snowballs the punishment must be greater then the gain. 1 million resources the first 2 weeks makes a HUGE difference over the course of a game. IMO i think we need something like.

    1. 20% off all building levels

    2. 20% loss of CP, if this drops CP below a village threshold they loose their most recent village.

    3. 80% loss of all troops

    No recourse/troop/CP/Buildings produced for the duration of the ban.

    Kingdom looses half the treasures produced by that player, and looses CP equal to the treasures removed multiplied by the amount of weeks the server has been going for. This punishment should also get harsher with each "group" banned this server for that kingdom.

    I don't like the idea of punishing a kingdom for someone else mistake as accidents do happen, but there does need to be an attempt to undo the damage done. Banning a player after he already cheated to kill a kingdom and steal its treasures doesn't bring the players that quit back. Nor does it hurt the kingdoms leader board position.

    A another form of multi's that need to be seen is when players make 2-3 more accounts at the start, then abandon them for an easy local farm. They stay active on the multi for the first few chaotic weeks then let the account go grey after gathering hundreds of thousands of easy res off of it. I've seen a few rounds where it was obvious a few players were doing this, but never got punished for it as far as I could see.

    There should be some sort of long term punishment as well, then. Maybe give each account strikes. Each strike permently increases the punishment of that account. First offense could be the rules as stated, next hit could be a 7 day ban, 3rd is you just get wiped from the server every offense. Also I think there should be some backlash to the large meta kingdoms that have 20-40+ members of their kingdom banned every server. Perhaps a 2-5% Vp hit every banned member. The big problem lies in that the advantages of a cheater never goes away. The treasures their cheating created stays, the tributes they created stays, the opponents they defeated are still gone. I know some new players wont take the time to read the rules, or understand them, but I think how profitable cheating is in this game is literally killing it. With VPN's its even more of a problem. And i don't mean to be crass to the creators, but perhaps coding something to perhaps make multi hunting easier would be a better use of assets then a visual overhaul. We need to make sure players come back before we try to lure in new players with cute cartoon graphics. In its current state (in any state really) this game can be brutal. Its both its best and worst features. But you got to feel for new players that and in the middle of cutthroat multi kingdoms.

    2. Ban the avatar, not the account on just 1 gameworld. Ban them on every gameworld and force them to either stop playing or make a new character with 0 prestige. This way we will know which players are the scum and which players actually deserve the prestige they possess.

    While I feel its a bit harsh, I really think its necessary. It really sucks that there is no good solution to handle the damage done by a multi. If they are not caught by day 30 or 60, they very well could of used their advantage to make dozens of players quit who would of had a fighting chance otherwise. Those players wont come back. Period. I know farming, raiding, looting and burning down those who stand in your way is part of the game. But people need a fighting chance. I don't think travian understands how much they are loosening in the long run because of kingdoms of 60 people, who run 200-300 accounts.