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    F5 refresh and all? I've tested this for shits and giggles, and if I demolish a level 1 embassy, I've lost the bonus from that oasis and the slot I occupied. The production changed immediately, but I had to F5 it for the oasis to be updated when you click on it for the listing.

    And one more thing to remember...

    You specifically stated you were aiming for top ten defender. That means losing troops when defending regularly over the server, not just stashed in a WW - those points have to be shared across too many people. So the comments above in regards to replacement time actually becomes the main driver. Because if you're putting your troops in harm's way, then crop upkeep don't matter. Res cost don't matter either, the difference is marginal. It's training time that'll be the defining factor.

    If you're playing a server for fun, pick you favourite tribe, work out a playstyle, and knock yourself out. But if you're aiming to be the best in the server at something, there's specific tribe advantages that really should decide your choice for you. And if you're aiming for top defender, it's gotta be Gaul.

    Agreed. I realise my posts come across as sounding like I'm saying don't do it, which isn't what they were intended to be. Just more a case of do it, but don't be surprised if it's tough going, or you fail. But those failures are important. You always learn far more from any failures than you ever do from successes...

    Maytrix and Mayo,

    Yes, both of you are right. But let's be realistic - if you're coming on the forums to ask for troop counts to be king, you probably don't quite have the experience and the understanding of the game to make those lucky right decisions that mean your kingdom will last.

    Once again, I disagree with Mayo on this one. I don't think the Test changes will stop metas, nor will it get rid of late game wonder switching. To give you an example, I was worried on the previous com4 that people would try and get me to switch late game while I was ahead to deny WAR the win. (Thankfully, Radagast, Paris and co were not interested in that sort of thing).

    Nor do I think a single wonder is a good idea. If an alliance is brave enough to try multiple wonders , and defend multiple wonders, let them.

    So either lock a wonder owner to one alliance, or 0 the wonder if changing alliance. Both have strengths and weaknesses, but either should limit late game shenanigans.

    I might go into a little more detail for you.

    On a COM server, if you do not arrive with a pre made team, then the chances of you lasting as king are slim to none. But if you want to try it, it's not just about troops. You will have to convince every neighbouring king that they need to abdicate and join your kingdom. You can only do that by being bigger than them, and having more troops. Diplomacy will only get you so far - you will be on a constant war footing. Even then, sooner or later, you're going to run into a pre made team that's bigger and better than you.

    It's a real weakness of the game design that kingship is made to look as if you can take it on by being active. You can't. Unless you're going to hide out on the rim and not be involved, you will not last. Build a kingdom, make it as strong as you can, but recognise when discretion is the better part of valour - when one of the massive alliances wants to expand in your area, accept you're going to fight to the death, lose, but have fun holding out as long as you can, or just abdicate and join the bigger team.

    Stick with the team long enough, and unless they're the sort of people where it's always the same people being kings, then sooner or later your turn will come (unless the single king mechanic is successful in the next test server and gets rolled out, then all bets are off).

    I was going to post something along the lines of "for the love of all that is good and holy, let this thread die", but it was actually a couple of reasonable posts for a change. Pity, though, it robs me of a chance to yet again climb on my high horse and carry on like a good sort.

    Yeah, it does need to be changed. I think that switching alliances changes to 0 would be the best solution. And if that had been in place, we would have done the merge as WW came out.

    We still would have been a meta though, as far as the forum warriors are concerned...


    I've been around this game long enough to know what most people think of metas, and why. Some of the Titans that are newer to this game don't understand the depth of feeling around it. I'm trying to educate them on the depth of feeling about it, but it's difficult to make headway given the amount of vitriol people spray on this topic.

    But anyways, there are times when I almost feel sorry for you, given as I stated earlier in this thread you were the only main participant that didn't make use of the meta, either directly or indirectly. But every time that happens, I look at the report of Lets Get hammer on the Circle wonder...

    I'm going the other way on this one. Especially given the new concept on Test of one king, many dukes. Your duke is an important player. They're producing influence, storing treasures, etc... If you can't trust your duke with the ability to check your villages at a glance to see def and crop situation, you're picking the wrong person for duke.

    I've relied on my dukes when playing king to keep an eye on things if I'm not around. I don't really want that ability taken away because people are choosing the wrong dukes, or flip flopping between alliances...


    Yeah, you're right, this has gone more than far enough. I don't actually really know that much about your alliance on com5, I figured that was Jascon's problems, I was dealing with EMC then GS. You were rude, I was rude, we said a bunch of things that were probably fair enough, and a whole heap more that were just carrying on like pork chops or straight out untrue.

    I had my reasons for doing what I did - especially my splat on you, I have to say, I was really, really, disappointed your fields were so low, I wanted to do a little more damage than I did. You rounded up a good defence for me though, wish you'd done the same for lets get's hammer.

    I'm 'probably going to start another thread on metas/game philosophy sometime soon, away from this one, away from any embassies, where we can discuss things a little more rationally than we have managed thus far. We'll still need to reference particular servers, but I do think it's worth discussing a little more.

    Oh, don't do that. I have a massive Russian multi winged meta to the south of me, I'm tempted to raise a hundred or so individual tickets about it...

    I would suggest that it's a troop numbers problem. I get that the troops taking out hideouts can't be out farming. And early on, yes, that's a problem (though the hideouts tend to give good res returns, it's more the wait time to gather enough troops to actually hit it).

    But much after about 4 villas, you should have enough troops to be able to deal with hideouts while still farming. Run dual hammers. One purely for farming, and one for smashing stuff up. Use the second on hideouts.