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    Travian Kingdom staff should employe a motivational speaker, so it will push them to get passion and love for this job. The only reason many things did non change is because people are working without passion and love, but just for money. Is better to have a company with 10 partners that share some love on their craft than 2000 employees without love for what they are doing.

    Dear community of Travian Kingdoms, is been long time I did not open a thread, I wanna say something to the Staff of TK. I wanna be that silent voice of players, that are playing this game and PAYING it. Is been a long time that I waited to come back to play this game, since my old experience, that was not so pleasant; because of players that are not fair play players. How long on this Forum there been topics about multi accounts/cheating/bots/scripts and we can bring a full list of these things here.

    To be honest I'm disappointed with Travian Kingdom staff, this game is out already for years and how a international company that is hosting this game is not able to fix the issues listed above once for all? I honestly paid some servers that I'm still playing with 150 euro, but that expense is not worth of talking about when I meet some players that, yes they pay like me, some of them, but they abuse of multi account and so on.

    I wanna make clear one point here, when all this no sense will stop? Free to play game know for cheaters and abusers, is not even pay to win at this rate, because this game is still Cheat to win. IF the TK Owner still cares for his image like a business man he should offer a better product than this. There are people paying your company my dear owner and most of them they are disappointed like me to see in game still same issues that are not fixed, why you don't force players to connect a Phone Number or even a ID to hold 1 account, like Riot Games did to prevent most of this no sense, and make this game better for everyone?

    Sometimes I feel that you let cheaters to do what they are doing, till they paying the money to do that, everything is allowed.... If this was the dream and vision of creators of This Game, then I will tell you now, You Failed, the community and also the Target that you wanted to reach.