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    As an veteran player Im quite bored with early game. Its scull numbing to up first few levels of every single thing every single time.. Not to mention.. first few days you cant farm.. So here is my question. Why do veterans have to go trough beginners guide..? We have lobby that remembers our avatar. How much gold we have and so on.. So why not our FIRST village too? In short my suggestion is that we can make up to 6 first villages in our account and chose from them what we take on new server. This means that in this beginners guide mini game. We take our first steps in solitude and in safety. BEFORE there is an open server.

    Once we finally join in new server there could be 12h peace period (So every new player has a change to look around. Maybe talk with people.) and then game starts..

    - We could also make regular start village. (Which would be the village that you get from doing introduction+step by step guide.) Which you can use to try Travian in new server faster.
    - Help inviting new players by giving person who invites friends change to build invite village for them.

    Mini game

    Mini game is game that you start to play when you join. Its also beginners guide that is meant to be go trough in 7 days. After this time period ends you get to look what your new village holds and what will it look like when you start your new server. In large game it will also be known as home town for your empire. This town has extra oasis. With no extra wheat production. Just 15% Clay, iron and wood. During mini game there is no residence or palace building. However you can start building them once you join in new server and start large game. There will be empty slot for your new residence. (Locked slot opens once you join in large game. Make locked slot movable so that you can decide where you build your residence,)

    Mini game should have 4 steps. First is introduction and step by step (first steps guide.) This ends to introduction on lobby functions. After that you join in mini game and start to build your foundation to future empires. Here you start reward based beginners guide. Which gives you rewards when you go trough it. After that opens missions tree that lasts to the end of the mini game. Once mini game ends you can use it in large game and start new server.

    You can have up to 6 saved mini games. You can always try again and overwrite your mini games. Hoping to get better foundation to your future empires.

    Inside mini game there is faster spawn rate for camps and hideouts. Which can give res for more aggressive players.

    Mission rewards??

    Missions work much like they do now. You can build what is needed and then collect rewards. Still missions should be in wider range. For instance. In village building we have 3 options. Culture, Resource or Military. In army building there is defensive and offensive options. Lastly there is hero building and bonus rewards.

    How this works is that awhile you can try building all types of missions bonus rewards get bigger more you go in one certain direction.

    For instance (20 defense + 15 resource) missions can give you x reward. One that you wont get if you try to do 20 defense and 15 offense missions. With this combo there is no bonus reward. Bonus reward pairs are. Defensive/resource, Offensive/military, hero/Offensive, Defensive/culture and culture/hero

    Harder missions are better bonuses you get. Mini game isint made so that its even possible to do all missions. There is no gold to speed things up either.

    Large game

    When you start new server you get to chose which mini game you use as your start village. After that you can chose your spawn direction, avatar name and check settings. After this your village, start oasis and account will join in new server with 12h protection. Oasis in large game can hold max 20 troops and its visible in village view not in map. In mini game its on map until you claim it.

    Anyways I hope I explained this clear enough. I understand this would be huge change to the early game, but personally.. I find early town building boring and tedious..

    In large game 20 troops that you but in oasis are not safe there if town is attacked. they defend with the rest of the village.

    I have to agree.. Also I think fake detection system is pretty annoying in this game. Another solution would be that we increase Catapult targets. 1-4 targets instead of 1-2 this would make harder defenders to split.. Sure, but it would also decrease need of so many fake waves.

    Now this is server Im playing on. If there is something wrong about crop production by treasures its the one that says (for every treasure your king has you get one grain.) There maybe more complex formula in place too, but in essence it goes in away that player who belongs in larger alliance gets more grain. Meaning 2 same level players in different alliances can have about +-1000 per hour in crop production difference due treasures. This means there is huge difference between alliances even in between top 5.. Not to mention smaller alliances that try to keep what little they have. And how can they do that when alliance with more member have also larger hammers because they get huge crop gift.

    So yes I do hope this is balanced more. A lot more.. or removed altogether and grain is added to other resources.

    In worlds started recently we added daily quests which give you silver as a reward. So it will be easier to bid in the auctions without having to buy gold.

    Ok I havent seen those, but that sounds nice. Too bad UK2 isint recent enough.Still its good silver isint that hard to come by anymore.

    only complaint I have about heros that equipment play too large role with them. Awhile silver is hard to get without buying it. Also auctions favor those with deepest pockets which makes non- gold player to rely purely to luck. So either Hero must be much more fragile or silver must come more actively in play. On place for it would be Robber camps. Just camps.. not in hideouts.

    Take travian game imperion for example. Between every galaxy wing there was large empty area that took extra long time to go over. This made it possible that large alliances had natural walls between them. It also made it easyer to have smaller alliances. Ones that can still muster enough power to kick down even the mightiest fist/hammer. Game simply needs features that favor small alliances. Maybe not in end game but in survival.. So you cant always beat someone into submission. Also I think its too hard to find allies in early days of an alliance. If server is month old then its pretty much waste of time to build your own thing.. I know Im in this situation. You either join forces with bigger ones or die.. Hero alone is enough to kill our forces and those things are fast. If you are not gaul then its even harder to keep your stuff. Grow bigger. So natural walls, choke points or something like that would help to build your own thing after +14 days. Even more after +30 days..

    Fun thing about my server is largest alliance had a member sending threats to me because I was buying stuff in auctions..Saying that he would catapult me.. Size difference is significant. So no wonder if people quit.. you either join in first week or you dont.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Something like: if alliance has <10 members they get 30% bonus production, if alliance has <30 members they get 20% bous production, if alliance has <60 members they get 10% bonus production :D

    Wouldnt stop metas.. people would just abuse it.

    Its my believe that players are just as much in fault as devs in this matter. Kingdom system is actually forcing more people close together to work for common goal. Yet it also supports bigger is better type of game style.. Where you really need to surround yourself with more and more good players and then you finally are left only to fight between 2.. or maybe 3 sides.. Personally I think it would be better if east, west, north and south would be more separated from each other. So there would be more local wars in start and then united survivors of each general direction against each other.

    Or a free server where the only Gold available is through selling on the market from adventures, that would sort the veterans from the wallet warriors.

    (will never happen)

    I have more respect for Wallet warriors than Veteran multi accounts. This type of server would more likely to encourage to play with 100 accounts in benefit for one. In my view multies are not only cheaters but also pickpockets. Since they usually try to gain free gold by abusing system. Thus stealing from people that try to make this game better. No gold and no silver server would be better. With no NPC, crop bonuses, auctions or Plus accounts. This would seriously change the game too. It would be much more brutal..

    Enter fee server would be good too.. Like topic starter suggest it would take out some of the multies pretty effectively. Also people would be less likely drop out in a first day or week. Making it harder to earn res..[

    I kinda like this one..

    It still dosent fix all the problems like players with 20+ heroes attacking players with 2 day old accounts. Just to kill troops. Dual glove would need some type starter bonus too. Since it is def type of item. For instance (50 x citizens) in hero strength during first 5 days. This would give player with 200 citizens 10k strength points in the duel. Also I would make it so that Inactive players cannot use this.

    In addition early def items in general could be fun too.. Items that have 30 days expire date from registration.

    Chicken boots need to go in my opinion. Same goes to few other features, but duals and sitters.. Those I would keep. Another option would be sitters and vacation mode. Vacation mode would be x days long. Its same as playing in protection but, with few more restrictions.

    1. No barons, adventures, attacks to oases or ability to collect tributes.
    2. -50% res production (crop is normal)
    3. You cannot keep troops in oasis.
    4. You dont receive reports or messages (Alliance, society, kingdom or other.)
    5. After you return from vacation you cannot enter one in a week. Vacation lasts minimum 3 days

    Incoming attacks hit immediately after support/trapped units return to their owners.

    If its something like this then no one will go to vacation to safety, but rather because of a good reason. + If you have available sitters its still better option. Vacation still allows you to leave game for 1-2 weeks if needed and not to be in complete stop. BTW Much less harsh vacation rules work in many other games. So it shouldnt be a problem