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    Im a new player. Ive been playing as a Gaul but thought I should try Romans in this round. What are the Strengths of the Romans? Are Romans best as Deff or Offence?



    PRAETORIANS - the standing defence

    Roman Praetorians are the strongest one crop eating defence against footsoldiers so these are highly welcome as standing defence making romans a good choice for less active players to produce troops and send them away ;)
    As the research for thepratorians isnt very expensive dont go for a great barrack but build them additional in another village or even more to get a high output on troops if needed after your defencesive troops are whiped out by an
    attacker - time will be your enemy if you are not prepared ...

    Don't raid with Praetorians - they are slow and bad offensive troops!
    Work together with gauls to mix your troops in chase of an attack ...

    LEGATIE - fast any cheap to hold scouts
    the horse drinking trough makes them only consume 1 crop and you can build them faster in the stable with this unique roman building - a + for the legati in the later game when numbers are higher.
    tiki-index.php?page=Horse Drinking Trough (Romans)

    If you want to go for faster troops you can later in the game build Equites Caesari they work fine as Off and Deff Troops but build a horse drinking trough to let them consume less crop.


    THe Horse Drinking Trough makes your Units much cheaper in crop consumption - so build lager numbers and dont waste them too early.