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    A yellow crystal is worth 2, the female is worth 8 and the boots are worth 6, therefore the answer would be 8 x 2 + 6 = 22, however the boots in the final line seem to have an additional yellow crystal socketed into them, so I suppose the answer is 22 + 2 = 24.

    Let's say I have two friends register two accounts and set me as sitter.

    If they never log in and I run those accounts am I violating the rules?

    What if they log in once a week?

    How much activity do they have to show so that I am not violating the rules for piloting their accounts?

    Hey, I see the message "You can only gain a limited amount of loot from players using the same PC." appear.

    Does this happen only when I am trying to rob my multi account or it can also appear when I rob an account that belongs to a unique player but I am a sitter of that player?

    (I don't actually have a multi account)


    Since no international server is starting for a long while I was consiodering joining a german server since I speak some german. However I noticed I couldn't find any foreign (or national) server among the available game worlds.

    How can these be accessed?

    You need not be a duke at start, just start as a governor, rush the second village following the forum guide and have someone appoint you a duke after you have taken the 15 cropper. If you are a duke from the start you will have trouble rushing the 15c without the resources from the robbers.

    What do you do there exactly?
    main building 10 > residence > settlers > demolish residence > academy 10 > demolish academy > town hall > celebration > demolish everything and go?
    plus sidequests?

    A player on COM1 has a second village within at least 28 hour of server start and his main village only has 39 population. To my knowledge that is impossible since:
    - artwork usage should be limited to 1/day (though I'm not sure about this)
    - main building & academy level 10 (which are requirements for town hall quest) should put you at least 43 population and there's the residence & warehouse & granary too

    Can someone tell me how he did it?