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    • Everyone get a chance to reach a camp as planned by the mechanic, no matter who "deserve" the most.

    sometimes and mostly its matters

    its not ok for me at all to let a player with 1500pop having the same quantity with a player having 10kpop

    espachilly when we reach the med-end game period

    as a kingdom how we let the stolen goods reach the trasurrys to produce more VP faster and no one are keeping them at hero inventory this what mattered:

    - strong deff gov accounts having more than 10-15 villages all of them suffring crops (piriority 1st)

    (forget to mintin that with teir small off troops they allready facing big looses on robber hideout twice every 24h)

    - off players having 2 villeges (piriority 2st)

    -rest active players

    -unactive players or small accounts wont sell the stolen goods as them and this what will cause a late in increasing kingdom trasurrys

    I am praying to never play in your kingdom then :D

    i will say Amen To That

    will be nice to plan for vanishing your 8k catta cappital again :P

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    It's especially for Def players that we need to change it in this way ^^

    Off players can split their Off easily and Def players have only a robbers Off on cap, so if Off can attacks only one camp at once then Def players have same chances cause they also cannot attack one camp at once usually, it would make it equal.

    But the defensive player does not have a lot of offensive troops usually,

    unlike the attacker, who can send on more than one camp at the same time.

    If we implement your idea here, it means that the goods in the camp can only be take by the hero, which I expect will only be a full attack and not raid

    As I mentioned before, because the camps equation I see is somewhat unfair to the defenders, when I play as a king I only allow the defenders to loot the camps because he does not have many attacking forces .

    I have a question for you

    Do you think that the goods are worthy of all members of the kingdom equally?

    Or should we prefer the quantity of goods to the one who deserves it more, is more active, sells it faster, has a higher crop consumption

    Heroes on robbers camps to take treasures has been skipped, we can guess for which reason but it would be again a lost time.

    How about really improve the game ?

    this will be bad for deff players

    they are the most nedeed for stolen good espacilly those who are on kingdom camps

    when i play as a king i allowed to deff players to raid camps to catch more goods

    but if the hero is important to raid them that mean

    all the members are equal to have camps and deff wont be able to take stolen good

    i found that isnt fear becuse a deff having 300+ deff are worth more stolen good than acount are not so active and dosnt have decent troops

    robber camps deserved to be taken from the most active player as they will use it and sell it faster than anyone .

    استراتيجية مفيدة بشرط ان لا تكون تعدد عضويات.

    وفي الحروب الحقيقية في عالمنا الواقعي وارض القتال الحي هناك ايضا الكثير من قادة الحرب اللذين يحرصون علي زرع جواسيس استطلاع وزرع عناصر نائمة بين صفوف العدو لنقل الاخبار والتحركات العسكرية واحضار معلومات مفيدة منهم واحيانا الضرب في مقتل من حيث لايعلم او يتوقع العدو

    الحرب خدعة وعليك ان تخدع خصمك لتنتصر

    Well maybe some will find this funny,

    Since I was a child I'm having this nickname people also in real life called me aleesh, however my real name is ''ali'',

    but it's start when my Mom decide to called me aleesh. I have to admit that in my childhood I was a naughty boy so my mother used to yell my name angrily when I broke a plate or a glass or even if I didn't go to bed early . She was stretching the letters of my name until it became pronunciation like aleesh. May her soul rest in peace.

    This nickname kind of stuck with me

    I loved it from a young age until people no longer call me by my real name ''ali'', also I use it on all social media networking sites & in real life.

    In travian only sometimes I change my avatar name to "skyline" or "To The Sky" and that becuse of the childhood dream that unfortunately did not come true.

    My dream was to become a pilot captain in order to fly to see the sky line,

    :: unfortunately not all that one wishes to be happened the winds sometimes run against our desires and wishes::

    When I matured and grewed up, I was convinced that I could not become a pilot due to the living conditions and economics conditions in my country . My passion shifted to the computer science. now at this moment, I see myself that I'm actually flying , but not in the sky, in the programming,

    so I am now preparing my master's degree in computer programming and I hope that I can land soon in peace.

    تعديلات الأسعار المحلية

    سنزيد أسعار الذهب للعملات المحلية في جولات اللعبة الدولية. معيارنا هو سعر اليورو. سيؤثر ذلك على أسعار الريال البرازيلي والليرة التركية في جولات اللعبة الدولية أكثر من غيرها.

    ممكن تشرح أكثر النقطة هذي؟

    يعني سعر الذهب في السيرفر العالمي راح يكون أعلى من السيرفر المحلي؟؟؟؟

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    السلام عليكم

    شي جميل أن يكون في سيرفرات خاصه عربية

    وايضا اتمنى طرح نسخه عربية من الليلي السريع x3


    نعم النسخه العالميه لم تكن ناجحه بسبب وقت الهدنة متعارض وقت الذروة

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    أفكار / رغبات / اقتراحات

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    اتمني لو يكون الوضع الليلي اختياري وليس اجباري


    Mmm :/

    A speed is about time, farming 17/18h a day is already a big management of res.. so since that reason imo if you raid only 12h a day I believe that I will follow the Gossip thread, I wonder how will be the "Hammers" here :D

    There is a good tactics also for raid in night truce server ;)

    Pls give us this new kind of server ASAP

    A Speed one with night truce will allow us to have more fun and a good night to sleep in peace


    I feel fine and well, and I hope all the friends are the same.

    We are all trying together in solidarity to fight this epidemic.

    This disease will pass if we all commit to staying in our homes , giving the opportunity to the authorities and doctors in our countries to work in complete comfort.

    Always RFR is not just an abbreviation of a name , or group in the game,

    it is a symbol and each time the meaning is differs:

    Rest For Resurrected

    Ready For Race

    Rest For Recuperation

    Thank you for giving us the motivation to stay in our homes with RFR