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    You don't think it's getting a bit transparent that you are trying to divert the servers OFF armies away from UNKNOWN and towards NewOrder by constantly driving this false propaganda-like one liner?

    Just judging from how you joined NewOrder to attack Stars, then joined Stars to attack NewOrder, then attacked 4uma to steal treasures and VPs ... the story that you are just here for the fun and working against METAs -- no one is buying it ... you are in for the win and your own gain.

    like you are playing this game for other reasons :!::?:

    ntz ntz ntz :rolleyes:

    Sorry to disappoint you, but you just said you made the first move even before the server started and still you are accusing us of making the move first :D :D :D (btw, call it a "Union", not Merge, with Fruities please, so Sissox#DE doesn't get confused)

    Looks like our diplomats are really good as they declined your planned merge with CodeX and later used their skills to create a temporary friendship with UNKNOWN to make more than half of your leadership disappear :)

    i did not accuse you of making the first move, i just pointed out the history, and i don't get these accusations...about who merged first

    any way... any thing interesting in other parts of this map? or all the drama is up here in the north?


    any info on refugees, rebirth, nemesis, OПГ, uyma?

    Oh you can't be serious here :D It was your kingdom who made a diplomatic move first and merged with Stars :D

    sorry to disappoint you, but first kingdom that made a move to merge STARS was actually your beloved CODEX ...why do you think we were in the same area spawning and taking up space near (-50|0)ww? ...

    we were talking about playing together 1-2 weeks before server start, but for some reason after they saw the situation in the field they chickened out and said they will be neutral, and not take part of the STARS-NEW ORDER war ...... and look how that went, they now are attacking us and merging you!

    in the end i can say we were in luck that FRUITS spawned close and had an option of merging with them because they are great players and they keep their word!

    also tnx UNKNOWN for a very interesting game (while they were attacking us) .... i can't wait to see who wins in the end ...

    this has been one of the greatest servers i played

    this is so funny, yes spiking is so annoying but to say that it is killing the game is an exaggeration, the ones with most loses will be the ones that are using some kind of automated system for farming, because if you are actually active and have your hero free you can kill the annoying dudes hero 50% of cases - specially if it is near :)

    dudes there is no getting to you ....suit your self's but for the last time, that was not a multi account

    and seriously, we're not playing the same game? you farm with scouts that every one knows can't carry resources while your hammer is parked home?

    I'm using spies for farm villages.Everyone will spy my village

    so? again? should we all play exactly like you like?

    you are seriously accusing me of playing not like you like? Jesus instead of being glad you don't have to bother about scouting

    it is not my fault a one c6 village account managed to scout your treasuries .... think i am the only one with that capability?

    no we are not giving up on com1, but some of us are going to experiment night truce server, to encourage the Travian Team in keeping the concept

    i for once find this the ideea very good in case you get tired and want to chill out a bit and night truce just gives you the perfect opportunity to do that - you get to play during normal local active hours, and also get a nice sleep

    and LVGD, we are a much smaller team we just used the beginning of server to gather all available free players - i think UNKNOWN are actually a bigger pre made

    i apreciate the way you guys play, but please stop these small harassment on forums as we are not cheaters, nor use some very dodgy tactics, c'mon let's focus on game :)

    i think this night truce games are meant for local teams, not international ones, so if the game designers do a europe time, then it is a must to make an american time and an asia time - for people that want to play local - it is moving from national severs to zone/continent serves

    the travian team is conforming to reality as most of players are actually from europe :(

    i would love to get in touch with players that could i could collaborate to have a 24 hours covered acc but they are rare as gold - you try to find some one from asia and some one from west usa to play with you in the same time and as active as you are so you could actually depend on them

    so for the rest of us that are getting tired or busy in real life, and can't afford to wake up at 3am just to snipe i apreciate the night truce it promotes a healthy life style, but is should not be done at the cost of other active and fun servers, it should be as it is now an experiment or as a retirement server, as other wise some would just not play at all

    c'mon Be2-e4 ... you have never heard of an active anivl? or mobile anvil? you show me how you can do that with a roman .... romans are good only for standing def - you can't get them any where to defend in time - that is why it is considered a tribe for strategic actions, you use them wise both in attack and in def - you don't fill a trapper with imperians now do you? nor use them as rammers ...

    and gauls are the preset tribe for beginners - you take that trapper away from them you make them a very specialized tribe - as there should be another building that would enhance their characteristics - so instead of trapper what should it be, a troop speed up building? would you like a 25 speed TT? i know i would :D

    so that trapper is perfect for exactly that - semi active or new players, as it keeps them safe from raiding, and being farmed - no one will demolish a noob village just for fun, but we always farm them if we can