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    this is so funny, yes spiking is so annoying but to say that it is killing the game is an exaggeration, the ones with most loses will be the ones that are using some kind of automated system for farming, because if you are actually active and have your hero free you can kill the annoying dudes hero 50% of cases - specially if it is near :)

    the travian team is conforming to reality as most of players are actually from europe :(

    i would love to get in touch with players that could i could collaborate to have a 24 hours covered acc but they are rare as gold - you try to find some one from asia and some one from west usa to play with you in the same time and as active as you are so you could actually depend on them

    so for the rest of us that are getting tired or busy in real life, and can't afford to wake up at 3am just to snipe i apreciate the night truce it promotes a healthy life style, but is should not be done at the cost of other active and fun servers, it should be as it is now an experiment or as a retirement server, as other wise some would just not play at all

    c'mon Be2-e4 ... you have never heard of an active anivl? or mobile anvil? you show me how you can do that with a roman .... romans are good only for standing def - you can't get them any where to defend in time - that is why it is considered a tribe for strategic actions, you use them wise both in attack and in def - you don't fill a trapper with imperians now do you? nor use them as rammers ...

    and gauls are the preset tribe for beginners - you take that trapper away from them you make them a very specialized tribe - as there should be another building that would enhance their characteristics - so instead of trapper what should it be, a troop speed up building? would you like a 25 speed TT? i know i would :D

    so that trapper is perfect for exactly that - semi active or new players, as it keeps them safe from raiding, and being farmed - no one will demolish a noob village just for fun, but we always farm them if we can

    i don't see the point of going back to the old system - this is more clear, people have build strategy's for years around hero usage both on T4 and T5

    Daisuki is not even active any more according to wiki, so what you are showing us is a clear action made by a virus or some malicious program

    I have never seen a comercial in my life as you show me, and it is not they way travian would put comercials, in travian legends there were a few, but in the lobby, or somewhere outside of your play canvas interruptions ever!!!

    pls install an antivirus program, the big comercial names are ok, kaspersky, northon, bit defender, etc

    if you have no buget i recommend you to try avast free - that is what i use for a couple of years and i never had a problem

    georgi the limits are no very clear!

    not all situations are covered, and you take decisions and do not write the follow up on them in the rules

    where the sitting is considered multi accounting? at what point? how many hours is allowed a sitter to play ...should the owner always play more hours?

    should the sitter be prevented to send messages?

    i am not talking about giving info about game mechanics or internal company rules, i am talking about the fact that you are not open about how the very generalist rules are interpreted

    in one part you encourage sitting, in other you could consider it an abuse -as it is written in the terms of use players are not allowed to share an account!

    why the text in the small info window above duals differ from the text in the game rules you just posted,

    why the terms of use are not clearly posted on forum and wiki? nor the game rules actually


    i have been searching and i could not find some proper game rules clearly written, this is a real issue, a really big issue because you can't really know what is allowed or not, and how to interpret the so called abusing of rules, where do the general acceptation of an abuse of a certain rule is to be found, am i the only one without telepatic abilities?

    if you can find the whole game rules explained in detail pls post here

    starx, i don't think we'll all respawn all 60+ of us :)) and i don't like the ideea of limiting kingdoms ... there will be more subversive and under the table agreements and in the end it will only be 2 kingdoms fighting each other any way 1st and 2nd, the rest are just building up momentum, just as we as a small team did before.

    yes duals must have the same treatment as owner of the acc, you could split prestige, but they need to be praised for the dedication so they need to get at least the badge for being in that server, it is a really bad idea to not have the server badge as they have played there and are not allowed to have an acc on their own.

    i think if you can settle in 24 hours for a c15 you should be able to move that village because it makes the game more dynamic and more complex, yes it will seem unfair for regular people but it will be hard for a meta to actually use the system and move their c15 to a better spot/kingdom - not impossible but their kings/dukes must sacrifice a lot ,

    + if you are very developed ... at least above 20% in ranking in a category you can't move that village the system doesn't find you a better spot just doesn't i'm waiting for a week to find me a new place and have no options
    one way around this problem would be to just make more c15, free or Natarian

    and in the end i'd like to say that this system is perfect for lone wolfs who make the game fun, please don't stop the fun way of kingdoms to reinvent Travian, if players like a more conservative approach they should play Legends

    hey i have a question regarding relocation... i want to move my c15 -the single vill - to a safer location ...i'm to close to a big kingdom that has no c15 but has lots of players ...but for almost 1 week the system can't find me any spot ... why is that?

    server is 13 days old

    Building queue: Sometimes when reserving resources in the building queue, the queue charged twice the amount of resources for leveling up than necessary. This has now been fixed.

    wow ... you had this huge of a bug ?!?

    for the rest of improvements 2 weeks seems reasonable ....but bugs like that building que should be fixed ASAP