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    Building queue: Sometimes when reserving resources in the building queue, the queue charged twice the amount of resources for leveling up than necessary. This has now been fixed.

    wow ... you had this huge of a bug ?!?

    for the rest of improvements 2 weeks seems reasonable ....but bugs like that building que should be fixed ASAP

    and if we're on the farm lists one more thing

    you have the info about exactly how many ress a raid has got you from hovering over the full/half/empty reports list icon, can we pls have the same option on the farm list? now that option is covered by the cut/copy/delete micro menu hovering above the list entry, right where the full/half/empty report icon is

    i get about 6k crop for one stolen good and that barley is enough....why would any want to limit the ress... ?!?!?! i don't have enough ...if you can't spend that is your problem, but i spend all and still it isn't enough ... and i know you are going to say i have to farm...i am farming over 200 players, and of course including all the greys from all the map

    i use gold .. a plus account all the time, some npc and some, 25%ress bonus and all the gold for that i get buying and selling at the auction,

    so if you want to play this game for free with all options on you can still do it for free if you give it time, stop limiting other people just because you don't have time or you don't want to pay!!!!

    love to all!

    Honestly I want it to work exactly the way it does now. I want my troops to be landing at each farm every hour or so. It doesn't matter to me if the troops I sent an hour ago are still underway, I would still rather hit the closer farms after my hour gap than go to my further away farms that I didn't have enough troops to send to last time.
    Or to put in another way, I'd rather attack 100 farms every hour with a 3 hour round trip than 50 farms every hour with a 6 hour round trip.
    I never assume my farms are going to build up resources just because I didn't attack them last hour, because I know there are always plenty of other farmers attacking any given farm.

    besides this it would be very useful if it would show the info of the last report to be able to get the farming info just like in the reports window it is overlapped by the delete copy move option... so it would be very nice to move the options small panel not to overlap any info...


    the possibility to move buildings around is great :) ruble is good, but in this version of travian i think you have a big problem if you're not using the top left shortcuts for barracks, stables, workshop, and merchant ... they remain in place, and can be used even from the map view in my opinion the position of buildings is not as important as it was