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    The Cat's Meow from COM1!

    1: Crop

    2: Reinforcement

    3: Treasure

    4: Shield

    5: Ointment

    6: Praetorian

    7: Bakery

    8: Cranny

    9: Tiger

    10: Farmlist

    What is the best/fastest way to generate Culture Points (cp's)?

    Buildings that passively generate CP are usually the most cost-effective. Otherwise you have to hold parties like Small feasts or Large feasts. These cost a large amount of resources and crop but they definitely give you a lot of CP.


    this is my first time playing Romans.
    if i am being attached. there is only Prehistorians to defend? there is not enough defensive troops


    Legionnaires are good offensive and defensive units. They're pretty good against cavalry and average versus infantry. You can also use them in combination with Praetorians which are very good against infantry but not so good against Cav. Your hero if you put points in fighting strength can also be used for defense. I recommend to build up your wall as well since that gives a % defensive bonus as well as build crannies to deter enemies from taking much or any resources if they manage to breach your defenses.

    A couple changes are in order such as reducing or removing the crop bonus from the stolen goods. Though the latter may prove to be too much, but reducing it should pressure players on their crop right where this game server is about.

    I also agree with the "season" change thing, maybe that it shouldn't just be about the Dry Season but a game server with multiple type seasons or such.

    What and why do they do this?

    It is all explained here: Holiday Truce namely the holidays are coming and most players will be with their families/friends/beloved ones and have less time for games. The truce is only active for the aforementioned servers and time durations, I don't think a necro was necessary though.

    If you receive an item from the auction house, the item value will be determined on quality and how many times it has been re-sold already. The more times people re-sell it, the less it will become worth in the end.

    I just chose a male avatar because I liked this dashing hair, although I did a couple female ones for the customization fun but otherwise wouldn't.

    The Cat's Meow - COM6

    Actually this information is already available in the blog that came up before the update:

    Namely that there will be a 48 hours (24 for speed) countdown before it starts, in that meantime they can be attacked by everyone. After that they cannot. But since it only lasts 14 vacation days and VP production is stopped in that time the abuse should not be as prevalent.

    We will see soon though if anyone does try to abuse the system though, then Travian may have to tweak it I suppose.

    At the Wiki we have a Beginner's Guide.

    Generally you want to have an active Kingdom where players can help you and the recently a new server got started.
    I would not recommend a speed server as that is truly insane with all the action :P

    If the influence zone doesn't increase, then surely the size of kingdoms will decrease? More careful planning is required to develop the kingdom...

    The Cat's Meow - COM3

    The 'No' part refers to not exclusively selling to your Kingdom only. It doesn't prohibit your Kingdom members from actually buying your resources.

    If it's set to 'Yes' only your Kingdom members can buy it.

    There's an order: The first leftmost animal will get caged, then the next one and repeat until the last and recycle back in order.

    So if an oase has 3 type animals and you have 5 cages it will catch 2 of the first, 2 of the second and 1 of the last. You can only catch them with the cages equipped so don't forget.

    The choice to relocate is only given when you meet said requirements, no matter if you really want to go to a specific kingdom or not.

    You could always settle your 2nd villa in that kingdom.

    You can read all about that here:

    In short:
    The armor/left/right equipment can boost fighting strength, even more if you have matching troops with your hero such as Club of the Clubswinger +3, for every additional clubswinger with your hero on the same attack.

    For healing, if I remember if right the Helmet/Armor have several variants of healing equipment. Ofcourse Tier 3 equipments are the strongest.

    Furthermore you can boost the items above with dedicated gems, up to 5 for every item.