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    I'd wish they got rid of trappers and give them a better building. The trapper is so much worse than the other tribe unique buildings.

    No the big ACTIVE offensive players are at an advantage against the Inactive/Barely-Active/Semi-active whatever players. Active defensive players who are farming as well also get hurt by spikers as well. In fact I'd argue it's worse when playing def because you don't want to be rebuilding raiding troops.

    Spikers isn't helping defensive players, it's helping players who log in 0-2 times a day make 300 defensive troops and throw them somewhere.

    I don't understand how this is an off vs def argument, it's an active player vs less active player argument.

    It's more than the 'afk click' farm you said earlier on.

    If people want to spike they can spike. I'm not complaining about that. They should just be known so you can do something about it. Why in a strategy game can I not take out a spikers barracks/stable to stop them from spiking? Sometimes you can figure it out without the def points, but I don't see why we are making it easier for them to hide. Sure a lot of spikers are throw away accounts and they don't care, but at least it may stop them from this server.

    Someone earlier said that without spikers tuets would just club spam everyone. Spiking encourages that because they are hurt the least form it (Clubs are very cheap) and Rome/Gaul farmers are hurt more losing TT/EI

    This is where you're wrong.

    Farming grey's isn't being active. It's clicking a button every 5, 10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes to send 100 attack. That's not being active. Being active is scouting villages before attacking them. You are more than welcome to scout all the grey's before attacking them, now that would be active.

    This is where your wrong. If it's so easy why don't you do it instead of spiking?

    First you have to add the villages.You might have to scout and clear it if no one else has. Then you have to figure out how many troops to send to be optimal, and if it's worth any losses you might get due to residence/palace. Then you have to decide if it's wroth it to destroy the residence/palace if your losing troops (Which you may need to scout first to find out which one it is, so you don't destroy a warehouse or resource fields). Sure you can select every village and send 5 troops to each, but it's possible to end up with more losses than gains. Granted later on in a server it becomes less of an issue, early on it's important.

    Every action should have a counter to it. If someone is spiking farms we have a right to know so we can deal with them. If they are strong enough to have a defense that it's not worth attacking them, then fair play to them spiking. But letting these barely active players that sign on once a day throw 50 spears into a grey with no consequence is dumb. Why would you punish active play with inactive play?

    And people wonder why the game is doing worse ¯\_(ツ)_/¯