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    Georgi what are you doing for that this shall not happen again?

    It is still laggy today but it is playable. Only once we had to support a player with crop cos he couldn't take a crop chest or sell any treasures. He couldn't do anything in inventory.

    This is really bad!!! Travian shall be ashamed.

    We are buying gold for real money and can not play the game. Troops are dying!!! Troops that we have spent hours of farming to get resources so we can build them.

    We have treasuries under attack and we can do nothing.

    It is not the first time this happens and the bar stays at 50%. To bad you have not fixed the problem.

    I like the game but this might be my last server :cursing:

    1. Area around the World Wonders

    Like the Halloween Hunt, there will be an area around the WW’s that no one can relocate to. The big difference to comx5: There won’t be other special rules for this area. This should ensure that the kingdom(s) around the WW have more time to react to suddenly appearing guerilla attacks.

    Size: 13² map tiles = a quadrat with a radius of 7 fields around the WW tile.

    I think this is an good idea and I can even think it shall be a bigger area

    I think it is a good idea to make it not possible to menhir 2-3 after the server has started. It is now abused when one kingdom is trying to conquer area and the other kingdom is filling up all tiles with menhir so it is impossible to send settlers. If you cata a village down there is a menhir before settlers land. You can not cata a menhir so you can never take that area.