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    Very small idea: The numbers for various achievements are written like this "Collect 10000000 resources in tributes as a King", for example. These big numbers without the regular form of writing them (10,000,000 for example) makes them much harder to read.

    So apparently Russian players don't sleep and need to use the night to exploit everyone else who does in order to have fun? Surely they must be the small minority then, albeit a loud one.

    But if the argument is that you literary cannot make long-rage attacks on other players because it interferes with the night-truce, maybe there could be a work-around for that (I don't know exactly how night truce servers work technically as I have never played one). For example: When you launch an attack against someone that takes three hours to land at 1 AM (and the truce begins at 2 AM), the attack will go on for one hour, and then "pause" for the duration of the night truce, and carry on again after the night truce for the remaining two hours and land. Would that be a possibility? (assuming it doesn't already work this way at the moment).

    And obviously, everyone wants their target to not know they are being attacked so that they can gather defense, but should we really sacrifice sleep to achieve that? I think many of us who wants to do good will feel inclined to do so, myself included, but I think it would be even better if that weren't even an option for anyone, that everyone were compelled to sleep rather than stay up and exploit those who slept. It is only a game, let's not forget, so let us at least create a game that cater to our human needs as well, instead of a game that rewards behavior that counteracts them. It would be be more healthy and conducive to everyone.


    Do I still receive the weekly prestige-points when my avatar on a server is being deleted? I noticed you can't access gold-stuff or the auction when under deletion, so I was wondering if this applied to prestige too.

    I only played travian kingdoms for 3 days now, but I thought I should share my first impressions. I have played a lot of T4 anyway. Quite hard.

    So, initially, I did like the idea of being either a king or governor. It just felt.. Kind of cool. Have your own kingdom, yea thats awesome. And you do get more resources, but the same time puts your more at risk. Fair enough. But now there seems to be a lot less picking and choosing. If you play as governor you are born into a random kingdom and its alliance. And as King you get random governors. So in both cases you might be surrounded by idiots, cause its so much randomness now. And the kingdom next door might be playing really good together and they will kick your *** since they are playing together and you are not. Whereas before you could always sort of be agile, sneak around troubles, pick your fights etc. So if you were good you would almost always make it anyway. But here your starting position seem to make or break you a lot more. I understand there are more play in regards to this later on. But the start is after all very important in travian.

    GOLD: Many players seem to be complaining about travian being a pay-to-win game. I disagree. It is true that gold really makes quite a difference between 2 players if one have gold and the other dont, all else being equal. However time (and knowledge) is far more important in this game, so whether you buy gold or not you really have to work for it. I really like the gold structure in travian, and that's the only reason why I spent what I did. You should see some of the other browser games out there, you can basically buy resources. They are just awful money grabs. I would never spend money on, or either play such games at all. And gold in travian can only give you so much, and are worth most at the start. If you can afford some gold, you are doing really well.

    I like the option to buy more building slots for 50 gold.
    Card games seems cool. But I feel there should be a bigger variety of cards perhaps. Kind of boring to get the same ones all the time.
    I don't know why the colored symbols for items in the auction is gone? Now its much harder to differentiate items, and less appealing overall.
    AND, where is the stats page for own village, production etc? That was an awesome feature in T4, one which I think you should even expand on further. Its such a nice way to track progress. I mean, this is a numbers game, give me some graphs!

    Price of gold? Seems decent. Maybe reduce it slightly.

    Oasis: I haven't completely understood all of it, but it definitely seems like an improvement to T4 system.
    I also think my hero lost HP quite quickly, despite putting all on strength. But he was cheap to revive, so that was good.

    Overall it feels like a more complicated game than the previous one. A bit buggy, but nothing major. Seems like a great game!