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    just shoot the embassy from enemies... flat bonus based on pop makes no real sense since popsimmers are usually useless to your team other than taxwhores... But perhaps do something with oasis that benefit a duchy, instead of a full kingdom. This requires certain midlying players to have villages in two duchy but at least it's in the same kingdom so it should be to much of an issue. The fights over oasis has degraded with the menhirs anyway. Only on borders there's usually some fight over it and people move Lightyears away from eachother anyway. And inside a shitty kingdom which isn going to last if there's a fight inhouse over it if it can't handle crop allocation themselves.

    doesn't matter which direction we run every other kingdoms has his def there anyway. Remember the fake operation on your treasury it was stacked with more 6x more def than sophie's wonder...

    Louis you do realise the first wonders are at 50 so even if people wanted to move out they will be without kingdoms

    perhaps we allow duals to get 30-50% of their own achievements to be boosted by what they do on other accounts, starting from the day the first get added as dual?