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    this game is played for honor and achievements. It is a shame when you post incorrect information about the server results and show incorrect information in it. Every server it is reported but you and travian disregard it and dont care about correcting your repeated mistakes. When you take out the name of the king from your reports and replace it with the vice kings name is disrespectful to the King and the Kingdom he has lead. You just took away his name out of the records and in your reports as well.

    you posted this
    COM2x3, Round 3 (January 2018 - March 2018)

    where you have mentioned vice king as the king and have done that in all stats of the server. Is that Intentional or you dont pay attention to what you post. whereas Rampage was the King not Dent. what is more surprising is you have made that mistake only for DWS but not for other kingdoms. That makes me think is it intentional ?

    Rank Kingdom Points King Villages Population
    DWS 7,151,199 Dent 752 736,069
    ASAP 5,162,177 НаучитеИграть 424 401,839
    Violence 4,828,000 Violent n00bs 341 315,882

    At every end of server you post this in the system. And every time the bug and error is reported and you and Travian disregard this and do not correct it.


    look at this the 2nd and 3rd rank kingdom has omitted the king names in the ranks. and it is showing the vice king as the king.

    Please correct the incorrect information in your post and in the systems and expect an apology from you and Travian for making the same mistake every server and for changing the stats and for reporting in correct information with out checking the records.

    I look forward to your prompt feedback

    here we go again

    another deactivation of treasury. every time there seems to be another way to go haywire

    Please note that in village (15/-55) we have two treasury building. While leaving one kingdom to join another as a duke the king removed the duke to join the other as a duke but the result is one Treasury has become hidden treasury while the other one is still active and both showing zero treasury in it
    . i have attached screen prints for your reference below

    Screenshot by Lightshot
    Screenshot by Lightshot
    Screenshot by Lightshot

    please make both treasury active again with the treasury in it

    please address the error as soon as possible as we are loosing vp and coverage of influence and resources from tributes

    by compensation i mean correct the vp lost and the resources lost for the error and the delay to correct it. that is what is the min they should do. but they refuse to own up to their short comings and errors.

    that is why i stopped buying gold in the game at least i only loose time dont loose money when i leave the game and dont want to pay them for their screw ups and bugs and delay in response.

    not only that there is enough bugs and they refuse to correct the loss incurred for the bug all they say is sorry cant compensate for the error. what kind of a joke is that. you cant own up to your errors and the short comings in your game and we have to pay for your mistakes and short comings.

    how can we even play if every time we deactivate a treasury we are stuck for days and loose VP and resources and tributes and everything associated with it

    this is unacceptable

    fix the bugs and own up to your short comings

    this is really taking too long 9 hours past still it has not been fixed. It is damaging the game of an entire kingdom and its wings of more than 120 players.

    We are loosing VP, resources and stopped selling of stolen goods. Struggling to feed the troops, training of troops stopped at my villa the list is endless.

    How long do we have to wait for fix. The same bug happened earlier in the Test servers and now in Live servers

    not to mention the bugs on this server is too many to handle. goes offline every one or two minutes, no cards at the begin of start for 7 days.

    Please address it or your loosing players fast and thick

    I'm happy to bring some more good news!
    We deployed a hotfix and that should fix these connectivity issues and improve your experience :) If this happens again please let us know and check whether the red disconnect icon at the bottom left corner of your screen is still there while you're experiencing chat troubles.

    Best regards

    cant play at all now in com1x3 . messages dont load and reports dont load



    please urgently fix it

    now in com1x3 you cant use the chats and cant see the village name in the reports and also cant send troops resources from village to village . please fix it immediately cant do anything in the game.

    Please urgently look in to it

    Hey again,
    our tech support did it's magic and restarted few systems which seems to have fixed the issues, or at least they are no longer present for us. Could you please check again?

    Best regards

    Nothing changed in com1x3 it still disconnects every 1 or 2 minutes . further more no cards since the start of the server

    very frustrating