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    Is it so hard to implement one of the 2 options I've described in the leading post if this to

    Stand aside, we have a new product manager here who knows what the community needs ^^^^ ....
    On a serious note, i sometimes use spiking inactives to find who are the raiders around my area :)
    People who do not understand the concept that this game is a resource management simulator + inherent strategy are stuck with a one-dimensional idea that this game is only about one big hammer dashing on the ww or treasury. :')

    LOL what's wrong LB, did the truth hurt? seems you did get triggered
    you couldn't handle building a proper army, so you fizzed and popped twice on 2 different accounts in one month and then exited the server blaming anyone apart from yourself
    I think you need a little education on the term "meta" try & insult us if ya like, but don't come on here & be all salty
    (I thought you were coming back for your revenge ingame anyway?)

    there is no revenge, i pity normal servers and your tastes :) i can never play those normal servers with the noobs all over the place

    60 ppl on any server is a meta atm.. so PLEASE stop your bs! tell me one team which has more than 25 good players after half server age and we will talk.... ANd yes,sayin no to meta is not a new thing, ppl do it everywhere... So u FOught some Strong opposition (which btw are just 6-7 disillusioned kingdoms with kings who log in thrice a day) , WP GG , Noone begs for respect like this man.... cmon! and so many times.... i almost feel sad for you guys...

    getting triggered by one guy

    given that with kingdoms being able to see someone getting attacked increases risk element for the raider....

    my suggestion is to go for relatively inactive players/players with no kingdom. But more importantly, have quick raid units so defence reinforcements cant make it in time. The biggest shift from normal T4 servers to Kingdoms servers is that the cavalry army's speed holds very high significance now. The raiders you see in top 10 are likely to be (teutons clearing nearly inactives/ high pop romans or teuts ) or (romans and gauls who made cavalry and raid inactives and big targets with speed)

    you can always do grey village micro farming tho :)

    yesterday i lost 60 leg and 25 imp in a single attack and got nothing in return ...eventhough i had already scouted my target ,sadly the attack took 1h30min to arrive ,which gave the player enough time to call for help ..

    the 1hr 30 time with kingdom getting alert on your attack is enough to muster good deff sometimes :) prefer to go just imp + ei or EI + hero :D ( legs are just too slow and risky for attacks)

    If u go to vacation mode, u clearly are immune to attacks ... here is a strat a kingdom used in com2x3 ...

    1) spy informs of an off op on the kingdom tomorrow
    2) 2 dukes , a vice-king collects lot of treasures from other treasuries and go to vacation before attacks begin.
    2) now they focus deff on the remaining treasuries with all of their deff.
    3) off op crashes

    The result :
    the 2 dukes and vice-king still have a lot of vp production and safely hold

    my suggestion :
    1) king/duke cant go on vacation if any of his treasuries are active
    2) king/duke cannot go to vacation and still have their VP production intact.

    Giving away treasures should be banable.

    we cant really tackle this mate. it doesnt make sense to me. How would wings work then?

    Hiding treasures by govenors should cost you VP the same way if you are attacked normally (for chickenshit tactics - not victory)

    Just make any player's attack on treasury with hero able to steal vp along with treasures..
    so even a governor of kingdom's attack on treasury will result in vp loss...... This even makes sense to me. Why would u want to attack your own kingdom's treasury? Now now, how do we transfer treasures between treasuries then?
    for this , i suggest the following change , when there is no incoming attacks from players outside kingdom on a treasury, govs can still hide treasures from the treasury and incur no vp loss. But the moment there is an attack from outside, all attacks on that treasury starting after that moment will incur the vp loss whether it is a gov within kingdom or otherwise.

    This atleast would make sure an off op planned on stealing treasures and VP will not get upset by the 'hiding treasuries' strat without incurring a vp loss on the kingdom anyway.

    As a player who enjoys playing roman off much more than roman deff , I would like to talk about a very powerful offense tactic which is early cavalry rush which is VERY unique to romans.

    This strategy is credited to a russian player @Дезертир who usually plays in the TEST and comx servers

    lets get the facts here :
    1) teutons : they get paladins on lvl 1 stable , 55 off strength ( very weak)
    2) gauls : they get TTs at lvl 3 stable , 90 off strength , great speed ( much stronger than paladins )
    3) Romans : they get EI at lvl 3 stable , 120 off strength , good speed ( much stronger than TTs )

    Let this be known that this tactic is for very active off players and usually needs a team to execute the strategy perfectly. Also, this does not focus on an early second village as well . This strategy is best adopted by roman kings early game

    brief overview of the build order :
    1) get all fields to lvl 5 using residence lvl 1 quests, etc
    2) build stable and rush 100 EI using rez from troop builds ( this will be a little taxing )
    3) build buildings to get to 200 pop exit out of bp ( almost always, its easy because you are not building settlers)

    Now, when you exit the bp, you should find yourselves in the map at some of the highest pop players with other players doing early settle which oftens shoots their pop over 200.

    Now, all you need to do is scout and hit villages out of bp (those villages have good economy but no real deff) , add to the fact that most players would be on boots ;) .. .Teutons are most obvious targets .

    The best part of the strategy is the speed of the horses and their strength .. No real deff/help can come in when horses travel at 32 units per hour on speed servers. Add to the fact that players are human and need sleep. Simple observation of player's pop growth can give away sleep patterns.

    Gauls can do this build , but are much more vulnerable to die when deffed. Romans are definitely much better in this vertical.

    If done right, with good scouting and activity, the roman horses can really raid a lot of rez at an amazing pace and have an explosive start to any account.

    Would you say most pros actually want to crush noobs instead of playing on an equal playing field and would therefore join the noob server? I'd think players like that would be in the minority, at least if you take metas out of the equation. I could be wrong.

    The question is :
    So someone does indeed smurf , does he get respect for that? NO imo.
    Normal players play this game to see their team win, to get a decent fight, win and earn respect for the win :D

    Just give smurfs shit, they wont like being there really :) and having smurfs can probably make good players sometimes :)

    Atleast, if a good meta goes to beginner's server, they will get no respect atleast. They wouldn't want that. So, we can have a fair good game in the pro servers.

    So, we can have a minimum prestige to go to pro level servers. I think the implementation will probably take like few lines of code and changing server name to "prox3" , "pro1" and voila

    I agree with what you say. I must say , Last com2x3 , com1x3 were in my opinion the most balanced travian kingdoms rounds i have seen in my travian journey so far so much so that there was not only 2 big teams fighting in the end, there was atleast 3 in the mix. And the server finish (allegedly) was a nail-biting finish. The travian team has been successful in preventing metas from getting a big advantage. Congrats Travian team :thumbup:

    Travian Kingdoms Tournament, as someone suggests in a forum thread , CAN be a very good server imo :)

    I agree, the whole concept of unions is failing because of the non-replaceability of the kings. If a king merges early game and quits in between, the kingdom is now broken as the vice-king can no longer leave the kingdom while the governors are free to do so. A king from a premade in com1x3 tricked a king to enter a merge and immediately deleted xD.

    I guess they can give us the normal 1 king game back with 10k treasures per new treasury rule. That should be good instead. The 10k rule adds some new dynamics to the game and decreases the WW dependence.

    unfortunately, those hammers don't mean much, some of them were on abused servers and some of them were on local servers that have much less players than com servers which means less action in whole game round.

    P.S.: Also, speed servers' hammers mean nothing imo, no offense :)

    Take the time to appreciate a good player sometimes :) Building those hammers requires a LOT of experience, dedication , activity , team work and Time. Some of the hammers above have come REALLY close to the theoretically highest possible numbers.

    And sometimes, winning in a normal speed server with a lot of experienced players against noobs with really low activity means nothing imo, no offense

    game companies rely on more reliable sources than their forum population to tell them about the future of their games.

    yea. this thought is what screwed travian anyway. Look at the number of players in the new servers. A lot of very good players ( people who spend a lot of money too) i know have left the game due to this attitude of the company. If you were talking about a "Hit" mobile game doing awesome on play-store, this line would have made sense. In Travian kingdoms ofc, you have only the Serious players and gold whales contributing most at the gold-store. And most of the serious players are forum users. (If you were a serious Travian player, you would have known this fact and would not have said this line) .... When a company does not take its community seriously, it is bound to lose in the long run. but i am sure travian is probably not looking for long-term hehe

    I have been following the forum for a year now. I have seen great ideas floated by the community, they had invested lot of thought proposing changes to Game mechanics. and every time , there was an update, the issue was further deepened and made no sense. ( Top 10 VP stealing rule , etc ) . The sad part is , there was not even a single comment by any of the dev/commnity manager regarding the ideas. I get it, its your game and you make the rules and you release servers with new ideas but why not , introduce the idea to community first, take feedback, then, go back to implementing the ideas. Since the community is smaller than most of the other MMO based games , surely, you would want to retain the player-base you have. But that's just my thoughts.. sorry for the big rant