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    Right now there are a whoppin' two programmers and QA's sweatin' their asses off to get this feature live the next weeks, and that's pretty much all the resources this small team can afford

    we dont need to hear what your dev team is suffering with... Frankly speaking, we dont care. We have paid for a product which was not delivered. Now, now, Dont say this

    It's really annoying that the button ain't done by now, but it's absence should not ruin the gameplay or annihilate strategies?

    REALLY? As a game designer, that has to be the worst line you can come up with. Don't try to hide behind generic statements like that. Yes, without the merge , we never had access to attacks on our mates in the other kingdom which we could have responded well with otherwise. Usually, the 2 kings who are friends go to 2 kingdoms to merge later. One collects VP while the other makes big armies to destroy enemies. Now, with this whole delay due to unfinished product , the strategies have been ineffective aside from the fact that the 2 kingdoms have been existed as separate entities even if they were supposed to be one. Don't You think that the whole gameplay , the feeling of being in the same kingdom is lost in this whole drama of merger.?

    If you are not ready to deliver, Do NOT PROMISE to deliver.
    If you want to experiment, Experiment as a TEST server, not a production server
    If you didnt deliver results , Apologize and take corrective measures to make it right (give the gold bought by players who played a TEST server instead of a real server)

    but premeditated teams use this as advantage, so while we have 54k treasuries we have 7 active treasury, some kingdoms at 59k treasuries have 12 active treasury. all know about whom I spoke.

    Transfering treasures to get new treasury slots have been used by many teams before... This is not the first time it has happened.. Dont talk about it as if it was cheating :) Its just some were clever to understand the game dynamics and plan ahead and you simply couldn't come up with such a plan. If you had information regarding this, you would have transferred treasures among friendly kingdoms within a blink of an eye.

    regarding giving the gold back, completely agree with it... Its a pity not even a single person from dev team replied to this thread with some useful information.

    very irresponsible behavior from the dev team.... what is wrong in giving an updated timeline? or the current situation so the players are prepared..... is this how you provide service to your customers, people who have paid for this server.... really bad.... not even one post accurately talking about what is really going on... i would admit i like this game too much to try any other mmo's out there... but i would definitely not recommend newbies to choose this game over several alternatives.... this is classic example of a company which does not give much thought or care about its own game community..... SAD!

    Now i can kinda guess why the TEST server is 1x and not 3x as usual... They did not have a merge feature ready to be implemented... So, they wanted more time which they could get only by having a 1x TEST server instead of a 3x as they would get more time to develop the feature. Now, they gambled against the new game worlds thinking they would be able to deliver on time but sadly, they look to failed the deadline of delivering by 30 days server time of the comx server ... WP

    Some people specialize in spiking farms and enjoy this aspect of the game as much as you enjoy raiding them.

    As much as i would hate to admit it, i have to accept that it is indeed an efficient method for really active defenders to fight back against really active raiders :) plus, if you are raiding really far away areas and the players near the farm feel bad as they had cleared the farm and would want to reap benefits while someone far away sends 2 clubs frequently stealing all your work...... the only effective weapon to stop those hungry raiders is to spike the nearby farms..... This aspect of the game is here to stay as much as the aspect of a greedy farmer raiding all map :)

    I have checked this just yesterday with various simulations in Combat simulator and agree with everything Jallu said.

    Unlike your def bonus, hero weapon applies the buff to all the troops in that village (not just yours!).

    Just to clarify above line, If each defender has "Short sword of legionnaire" , the powers dont add up... each legionnare defending that village (your troop or otherwise) will get only +3 bonus per legionnaire instead of +6 .. however, If there is a "Short sword" and a "Long sword" , the higher bonus is applied to all the troops...

    I use the friendlist feature often. I use it to show my online status to my friends only.. I have always encountered the rpoblem of spies within kingdoms. So, i usually show my online status to my friends only and add most of my core team to friends always :)

    I think the idea of introducing friends in lobby is a great idea and will help in building good pre-made teams in travian kingdoms servers.
    I would definitely like to use the in-lobby friendlist feature for sure!