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    I like the idea, BUT; The main problem I see with it is that building croppers as a non-roman will be even harder than before as you need to spend a good portion of the server just upgrading crop fields.

    Currently, you can upgrade things in your town that take up to 10 hours or so, and gold crop fields that take DAYS for quite cheap (even with just gold you gain from cards and silver exchange). Now you will have to gold your town buildings instead of crop fields, which means much more gold to keep up with romans! :(

    I've had my cropper building on com5 fairly non-stop all server and my roman friends are on 18fields while im still on 15/16 due to having to upgrade infrastructure first.


    I'd like to give some feedback on the app after using it for a while. I will keep it short as no doubt many of my points have been raised previously.

    Really missing the chat and Farm list,

    Push notifications for attacks incoming or maybe warehouse overflow/empty (I suppose these would need to be toggled on a per server basis in case you are getting farmed on a server you don't care about)

    Very annoying when I press back too many times and I go back to the lobby, phone data is slow in my country so this can set me back over a minute each time, maybe a confirmation box would help?

    The app feels quite slow but it may just be poor data speeds in my country (Australia) so I'm not the best for feedback on that one!

    PS Still very impressed, can't wait until its reached its full potential! :D

    Hello, my question is simple.

    Do all my villages have the tax of my aligned king, or do they all have the tax rate of their respective kings?

    For example I might have 3 villages:
    Village A: This is in my king's kingdom, and he has medium tax.
    Village B: This is in a neighboring king's kingdom, and he has low tax.
    Village C: This is in no kingdom.

    Devs: Please add notes on this to the Wiki somewhere if possible, thanks!

    I've sent my hero off to an oasis and caught a rat with a cage, the rat and hero are both back at my village but the quest is not complete.

    I did sent the mission as a raid however, rather than an attack. Does that make a difference? If so, it would help if that was explicitly mentioned in the quest description.