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    Hello Georgi,

    I remember you as being the best of the bunch and am happy to see you as the community leader :-)

    If the Devs won't answer for themselves, I'll be happy to discuss it with you. But doesn't it go to show that the Devs aren't very involved?

    Where does the idea that a big part of players play as Govs because of time constraints? Maybe they can't be in a leadership role, not everyone wants the headaches of leadership, but does that equate to a lack of activity? No, I don't believe that.

    There used to be things to do, oasis to fight over, grounds to cover, artifacts to find and defend, enemies to make, ACTIVITY, not just building resources and troops that hang around, the biggest problem being how to feed them until a rush to defend. I admit, it's better for offensive troops as far as activity, but I doubt even they would complain about more things to do. Again, Quests are fine, but it's not team play and it's not the kind of activity that I am referring to.

    Was there a poll or something? I don't know any serious teams that want occasional players or simmers and those types of players don't last long anyway. I've seen the opposite, even on the forum, where players are experimenting with lone wolf survival and havoc play just to stay interested.

    My point is, I don't believe that it is correct to assume that the majority of players, govs, want to whittle away their time until the end game when they get the thrill of sending crop, sending troops, sending crop, sending troops,. Yawn and delete. I'm sure you've seen it.

    Do you see the difference? Not "you", Georgi, but the Devs. Unless of course, that is the future plan for the game, not one of battle and strategy but a sim city type. Nothing against sim city, but that's not what I am looking for here.

    The constant changes I will discuss. When you say advanced stages, that is relative and does not address the sea of constant change. Teams formulate strategy long before the game starts and it's dependent on the last known rules of the game. Any change once the server starts can change all those hours of planning and coordinating, don't you agree? Not only do the players lose out by having to readjust , which is time and for a lot of players, money, But Travian often ends up paying out or at least listening to all the complaints because of it. We won't mention the first time players overload of info.

    In full disclosure, I am average at best and that is when I am surrounded by talented players who are willing to teach and support. so maybe the constant changes aren't as frustrating for the advanced players.

    Suggestions? I believe there have been many made from legacy players who've been around a long time, but I'll throw my two cents in.

    Invest in developing software, more staff or any other way to better detect multis and bots quickly and efficiently. Cheats are a core issue, you can simply do a google search for Travian cheats and get pages of bots and stuff. I've come across ones that give unlimited free gold. That should be a business concern, not just a players concern.

    Develop activities that promote team play and activity for govs, not just dukes and leadership. Maybe special oasis, mini midgame WW's, contests in game, not on facebook. I don't know, something, anything other than quests and robbers. I'm not a creative type but I bet there are legacy players who have a couple ideas that they've already offered somewhere. I can't find anything on the new (to me) forum .

    There have been some good changes, but it seems like an identity crisis. Find out for sure who is playing and who is paying and what they suggest.

    If some folks want a sleeping sim server and you can accommodate, then yeah, more money for Travian as a separate server.

    But reserve and preserve other servers for the hardcore who actually like commiserating about the lack of sleep and the SOB who made off with their loot overnight.

    Spread things out and give some breathing room. villages are so densely packed around the stinking WW's that nobody wants to attack anyone else until the end game.

    Develop incentives for playing apart from meta's if possible.

    ya, that's it. Maybe it's all bullshit to the Devs, but that's how I feel about playing as a gov.
    and I don't want to. I want to have fun again.


    What do you see as the incentive for playing as a governor?
    As a defensive governor?

    Do you sincerely believe that a first time player has a chance in hell of making it to the end of the game by using your game plan and tips? Or even want to?

    The majority of the players are governors yet they can't plan or strategize or spike on their own volition because they are totally dependent on the required information to be supplied by the leaders. Why? Because leaders don't have enough to do?

    It is my opinion that there is little incentive for governors to play unless they like to sim or cheat or liked to be told when, how and where to wipe their own noses.

    Is there a reason that the rules change mid-game and constantly? I thought that was the whole reason for the test server?

    It seems that the more you change things and try to accommodate (I don't know who you are aiming to please), the worse it gets. You are getting in your own way.

    Now I know that things have gone down hill because of the cheaters and the development of meta's, which are often one in the same, but what I don't understand is how all the veteran players can spot the multi's and bots in no time, while the hunters seem to find so few? What am I missing here?

    It's great that you are releasing new troops, it doesn't matter much to me, but I've seen it requested frequently. It's nice, but it's not the meat of the game and it's the meat of the game that has been suffering.

    There is a saying, 'you can't see the forest for the trees.' It means that you have been missing the big picture and it seems that you want to.


    Why don't you want to see the big picture and make changes to the fundamentals instead of all the peripheral stuff?

    If you would answer just a few of these questions, it would go a long way in helping me decide whether I want to continue investing in this game.

    I see a misunderstanding.

    bythe, hello :-)

    It is not the members of the forum that you want to convince, but the Developers who run and read this forum for feedback. There are many, many, MANY ideas posted here , but only a few are chosen for change. It can be a long process. Of course not everyone agrees, why have a forum for discussion if everyone agrees?

    You are being heard by the developers - you are being heard by the people who make the changes.

    And just so you know, ALL the players who have posted on your thread so far have a long standing reputation for being fair and honest.

    I hope you can give us the benefit of the doubt and continue to post and make your opinions known.

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