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    I like the send Hero option which also stops folks going 5-6 hours to the one with the most rewards in the well behaved kingdoms making it nuts for those nearby.

    Alternatively how about with Hero - you get same attack strength as normal but without hero your attack strength against robber camps halves and speed reduces to cata speed - the slow speed and losses will make splitting troops prohibitively expensive until endgame i guess. Makes it punitive for those who split forces and attack many camps simultaneously.

    Finally limit how many camps you are attacking or returning from at any time (or say a two hour period) to no more than 2 - that way even in a small newly formed kingdom with less active players - the active ones can clear out kingdoms but only slowly and over time

    Like attack or defense (troops I killed) tracking, add a troops that I had that died tracking... that only tracks those who died - so total troop count = those who died + those who are living (remains a secret someone cannot see unless sitter or attack/scout reports)

    Unknown - I agree merging troops maybe making hammers super powerful - especially with you folks spending a lot of time hunting multi-accounts which do some version of this - will only make this worse.

    But merging only level 20 troops restricts it as suggested


    you make it that to merge troops

    1. you need a new building in every village which contributes e.g. a Castra of minimum level 10 (see Roman Castrum) that needs a lot of resources to build,

    2. Remember the building can be cata-ed down by rival kingdoms - and if so your merged troops demerge (can see a bit of implementation challenge e.g. track attack separately at village level like defenses)

    3. and a Castra can have a minimum level of stable and barracks before you can build...

    To get carried away, maybe level 10 Castrum allows you to merge your village troops with one other level 10 castrum for infantry only

    level 15 castrum allows you to merge horses

    Level 20 castrum allows you to merge catas as well

    Suggestion on a potential improvement on Incoming Troops - but could apply to outgoing troops as well

    Often times at night my attack troops go away on long journeys - while I do know roughly when they come back so I can log back in and send farms etc - if you have lots of farms in farmlists, tryign to find when exactly the troops are coming back is painful because i scroll through many pages of farm returns before I can get to the large troops I sent away... Also the clicks are not uniform because if there is zero resources in a farm, the number of lines changes so i cannot go click-click on the same spot...

    I find myself at times after launching that I have not put the right left hand equipment or shoe for the hero - and i want to go searching for the outbound and cancel it quickly... same click click search ensues ...

    Can we have a way to solve for this by:

    a) Being able to select troops between two time periods e.g. show me inbound between 03:00 and 03:03

    b) and/or Select troops based on #troops > than 1000 say

    I thought it will be a useful feature and one that allows us to search from what could be 300 = 75 pages of inbound or outbound ... with active farming villages.

    Remember you can have at any time 1000 outbounds = 250 pages... for those it could be very vaaluable

    Thoughts / Other builds? Am I the only one missing something and there is a easy way to do this?

    ++ definitely agree on the Teuton bias for wood ++

    While it helps TK with Gold required for NPC - keeping total constant and rebalancing the res mix needed likely to attract more teuton defense players.

    A query dear experienced veterans.

    How does hero experience accrue as a consequence of successful (or unsuccessful defense) where attacker splats lots of troops.

    To make scenario simple - lets say attacker has 10k crop troops @ 50 each = 500k attack strength;

    Defender village has 20k crop of troops @ 50 strength = 1m strength defense defending.

    Defender has his hero with say 10k Fighting strength defending the village.

    Say someone sends 1 hero ONLY with 10k fighting strength to support the defense.

    Simply put 10k troops SPLAT against the defense.

    How much experience do the two respective heros gain from this?

    Two separate things to gabi's suggestion:

    a) When you click on WW you can see the top three contributors. Make that a tab and in the tab allow WW owner to see the top 10 providers - and total resources and maybe a separate tab for total crop supplied.

    b) Create Badges for top supplier to WW; Top 3 supplier; Top 10 supplier to WW; maybe separate for Crop vs Resources.

    Click on village - main building - and you can see the current name - click on it and change. Assuming you are on pc.

    PS> search in forum - most of these questions are generally answered before.

    ++ suggestions ++

    Like some of the startup companies why dont you very good folks create a simple trello board with a backlog of features you are considering and allow for players to ask to bump things up or down?

    If you dont want joe public - even restricting it to heavy users (you can use the achievements for that) would help.

    that way you get clarity on order of what you are considering as improvements and we can suggest order we would prefer it in?

    how about an ability in outbound and inbound troop movements to click separately for farmlist driven raids/attacks vs those sent separately / individually? That data exists clearly because you can see in reports if the raid was from farm lists or those sent separately.

    While at it - would be great if you could track where the hero is in outbound/inbound troop movements?

    Or at the very list if I click the button outbound to track a separate attack that tag carries over when back in inbound?