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    Only bought gold passes to the next game. If you sell your items and exchange silver for gold you won't have that gold in the next round. Otherwise you could accumulate infinite gold on you account without spending any cash.

    Yes, but if you spent your bought gold, then you can get it back by exchanging your silver. And it will pass to the next game.

    Robber camps spawn only on fields with 7c and 3456 distribution.

    This is why Attack Players will have to settle on crop locations that might even be far away. I thought this would be clear to all.

    This is clear to all, except you didn't wrote "Attack players should prioritize settling 9c and 15c fields." You wrote:

    Attack players prioritize on settling outside of borders.

    Except 250k + 50k armies hit 2 location instead of one. So if 300k and 250k hammers get caugth, 300k hammer does not cause any damage to the infrastructure, as 250k and 50k hammers do, and on top of that you only lose 250k of troops instead of 300k when they are caugth.

    You fail to see, that 300k army and 250k and 50k are fundamentally different

    Except that if I know that you don't have 300k army and I know about it, then I don't need def able to withstand 300k army. So I can split my def and def 2 locations instead of one. So you have to fake more targets, so you need to build more units for fakes, so your main army is weaker, so you need more units for fakes and so on.

    This is the setup i plan my Kingdom on. As it is only played in Night Pact 1x servers. The server you think it is for, is COM x3 which is isnt.

    All numbers were given by you, not by me. I never played x3 and I don't care about numbers there.

    It doesnt even matter are the numbers 260k + 40k or 250k + 50k. The result is still the same. You have the exact same amount of crops in your use and will have the exact same amount of troops at your disposal. That is what matters the most. And the one who utilizes scouts less, will have more troops.

    Except it matters.

    Hammer consisting of 300k off troops is significantly stronger than two hammers consisitng 250k + 50k, because of the way casualties calculation works. And it might get through even if catched, when the 250k + 50k ones won't.

    anyone has read the 20k letters ?

    Don't think so.

    DISTRIBUTION: Out of the 50 available, on top of King and Dukes, there will be 17 Attack Players, 15 Defensive Players and 15 Support Governors. (...)

    As there are #50 Badges and the King wont have one, one of the 50 Badges is made as King on another adjacent Kingdom instead, and generates a separate cell that acts independent from the Main Body.

    Any idea what is that '50 available' and '50 badges' supposed to mean?

    Seems that you want your def and support players to settle exactly at the spots where robber camps spawn, and attack players to be outside of kingdom, so you won't get any tribute from them?

    So short overview.

    1. your kingdom has no significant hammer, as you won't use tributes for building it (ofc, you have big number of small hammers, but because of the way how casualties are computed, they are worth less than one big one).
    2. kings and dukes will have even bigger problems with crop than usual, as they won't have 15c capitals, so your governors will have to support these villages even more than usual, but
    3. governors will have problem with crop as well, as they will have less stolen goods to sell, and these stolen goods will be worth less, as you demanded them to settle at the spots where robber camps spawn.

    Your guide will result with having a kingdom, which waste most of tributes, as over half of the players are supposed to settle outside of borders. Which would have smaller off capabilities than enemies, and wouldn't even have better def capabilities, as it wouldn't even have crop to support def troops built by king and dukes.

    I dont see it the same way. You can as well push the kings and dukes res to an offensive players crop capital. I already typed that in the original post.

    If you did not know, there are even players who build their hammers in 4446 and push their crop from 15 to there. Some of there players are even Kings or Dukes. So if they can push it away from 15, why cannot they push it in ?

    Of course it is not a problem to build hammer in 4446 and push crop from 15c there, but that's in the case of two villages of the same player. And obviously 15c is the capital in such case.

    Pushing the kings or dukes tributes to off players should not be a problem, especially if you have a Trade Office. Just make your Treasury next to the 15 crop and let your off player take it. That way you probably wont even need trade off, as the capitol you are pushing it is right next to you.

    You know that there are limits on amount of resources sent to/taken from players of the same kingdom and you just won't be able to transfer most of the tributes to other player, even in the middle sized kingdom?

    Obviously, before you start coming with some solutions for that, lets note here that, yes you can solve it in some way.

    But at each step you will just generate a lot of problems, only to get similar result to the one that you would have if you just had off players among royalty from the start.

    Not having off players among royals is just significant burden on your off capabilities.

    KINGS AND DUKES: Will take the 4446 spots. The rasoning is, that King have one anyway, and the crop spots are needed for Attack players. If King is within 4446 spot and Dukes are within 15 spots, it creates imbalance between them. Kings and Dukes will preferably play Teuton, and will play defensive + help pushing resources to crop capitals.

    Tributes and treasures are incredibly strong, because of that Kings and Dukes have ability to build much bigger hammers than governors. Even if it is good idea to have one or two good def players among 'royalty' (preferably as kings, I guess), having all positions taken by def players is just a waste of offense capabilities of your kingdom. And even deff playing 'royals' should take 15c as capital. If you have tributes, it is not really feasible to support the amount of troops you can produce without 15c capital.

    Depends on what exactly we want here.

    Being able to manage troops sent to other village i.e. not having to send them back before sending them somewhere else would be a great feature.

    Being able to send troops to some of your village and just add them to troops that are there would mean that game never ends, since someone with ~20 villages would be able to rebuild off necessary to destroy WW every week.

    Why, in the early stages of the game, defensive players declaring to play deff, do not make troops.

    In the later , I want to point out, part of the game they don't have troops either.

    Does defence mean lazy play?

    You probably could also ask why in the early stages of the game a lot of players who declare to play off just crash their offs regularly without benefit for anyone and whether offense mean stupid play.

    And the answer to both this questions is that most players don't really care about playing this as a team game. Some just want to build houses so they declare to play def. Some just want to kill few units of other players and they declare to play off. In either case their only value for the kingdom is tribute.

    Unless you enforce some troop limits for players in your kingdom, off/def declarations are meaningless.

    what other games do you play and pay more than (on average $300 per server)? Speed servers is like 2 months. So yeah I stick with my thought, it is an expensive game

    I wouldn't mind a bit cheaper gold, but how in hell are you spending on average $300 per server?

    If you buy package for 90€ you can just buy all possible bonuses in game and still have almost 2.5k gold left.

    Might i know a reason for this ?

    If i unerstand how that works, you never do defensive armies, and only offensive ones because you cannot intercept attacking armies because of Fake Attacks.

    So basically defensive troops are void, and you only make attacking troops, and if someone attacks you just attack back.

    It seems that noone answered this.

    Why you don't just attack back if someone attacks you?

    Because any organized kingdom can make an off operation that will wipe out a village or city within few seconds. So if someone attacks your off village with such operation you won't attack back, because your village and army that was there does not exist anymore (if village is destroyed, all troops from this village just disappear, even if they weren't killed).

    So you as a kingdom need to defend against this. So you build def, and it turns out that except of early game def is much stronger than off. That's because off has to be built in one village(the more you split your off, the less effective it is because each battle is counted separately), but def can be gathered from any number of them. Therefore the more villages def players have, the stronger they are compared to off player.

    And because of that Fake Attacks are very important, as they force defenders to split their army. Without Fake Attacks you will never have a chance of making a successfull operation against any kingdom that is at least slightly organized.

    Robber camps: make it possible to check who destroyed waves after camp is destroyed.

    Restricting camps to be taken only by hero is unnecessary overkill.

    Problem is that even if you have some rules for camps in a kingdom, they are unenforcable, as you are not able to check who broke them without sitter checking everyone in the kingdom. Just give us option to easily enforce rules if we want to have them in a kingdom.

    OR make the EC better at def. Rework to 120-150 attack, +/-110 inf def, and +/-125 cav def. Bit like the Resheph Chariot from Legends.

    This essentially makes them a lot like the legios. With HDT at 20 you have a unit with 50/36.67/41.67 stats per crop. (legio has 40/35/50)

    Unfortunately those def stats per crop are only with HDT, and if you def someone without HDT they become much worse.

    And since roman wall is useless, you don't often def someone with HDT so def stats you would have to consider are 27.5/31.25 per crop. Which is almost as useless as roman wall.

    To make them viable as def units, they would need def stats as you suggested and 3 crop upkeep without HDT.

    If Romans had same bonus for Stonemason as they have for Trade office (i.e. twice the bonus of other nations), then wall could be viable and maybe EC would be useful as def unit.