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    The number below the helmet is a crop consumption of your troops (it is even written if you hover your cursor over the helmet).

    In trooptool again, your troops are counted in crop consumption (that's what "in crop" means).

    Concerning numbers in trooptool.

    Your def units are 62 phalnxes and 3 druidriders 62+3*2=68.

    Your off units are 2 Swordsmen, 27 Pathfinders and 27 Haeduans, 2+27*2+27*3=137.

    Pathfinders and Haeduans are off/def unit and they are counted as off unless your village is marked as def village, then they are counted as def.

    Please change Sword of the Imperatoris to Lance of the Imperatoris.

    This is in game picture of Equites Imperatoris, no sword in sight. What do they wield though? A lance.


    But do you know which unit wields sword on its picture? Equites Caesaris, whose weapon is of course a Lance of the Caesaris (although this is fine because it also has a lance).


    Anyway, literally unplayable, please fix :D

    Seriously though, you can just swap sword and lance of EI and EC and it would work perfectly.

    Hello, definitely not that often as you, but that just means that you have bad luck.

    There is a fixed chance of each result of adventure. Even if the chance of getting nothing valuable is something like 3% then chance of getting your result is ~1:800000. Those are much bigger odds than winning at the lottery, there does not have to be any error.

    You didn't get it.

    Assuming that it's directed at me.

    I get it, that's why I say that (at least in my opinion) rework of game mechanic is unnecessary, because main outline of the mechanic is fine.

    From my experience most people who complain about camps try to set some rules within their kingdoms, but with current mechanic they are almost impossible to enforce. It is enough to give ability to have working rules (but without forcing everyone to have ones) to drastically reduce amount of complaints against camps.

    I know that there were a lot of discussions about robber camps already with different ideas, but the problem is still the same, so I guess it won't hurt to make a new one.

    Robber camps in its current form generate enormous amount of conflicts within kingdoms, which makes little sense as it is a team game, so what's the point of mechanic that makes members of a team to be angry at each other? Especially since TK does not have any monetization here, so it seems that it exists to irritate players just because (at least monetize it by allowing sniping for 50 gold or something like that :D).

    Main problem is that there always will be few players who are sniping waves and/or taking too many waves for themself. And it is fine if whole team wants free for all approach, but at least from my experience most kingdoms don't want such approach and instead set some rules concerning camps.

    And because of multiple reasons enforcing these rules is enormous task for leadership.

    My idea is as follows - give king option to set max number of robber camp waves available to attack per player within a kingdom and whether sniping is allowed or not. For example make it two checkboxes in kingdom window, with the one concerning Max waves enabling slider when checked. Of course change of rules shouldn't be applied to camps that are already spawned.

    That way kingdoms that want rules wouldn't have to waste time to enforce them, while the ones that don't want any rules are not affected.

    it's actually amazing to see such an active server. Just a look at the current week (we're still mid-week!), you can see crazy numbers in the weekly defense/attack points

    I guess it is worth updating this with current (not even 20 hours later) points.


    This week is ridicoulous, let's hope that following ones will be as good! Great job everyone!

    Its slimy because other teams were gracious enough to acknowledge that Teutonic coming to the server changed things and help Rebels out.. and then Rebels having been given a second chance did not even have the decency to return the favour and work together to fix it.

    So other BR teams were allowed to fight each other as intended by BR, it was just Rebels who weren't allowed because other teams were gracious enough to allow everyone to have equal start. Good to know :D

    I will stay to make sure Rebels don't win.

    And I wish you luck and hope that you succeed :) Because if you would, that means that multiple fun operations happened.

    Rebels did not like their spot since Teutonic players were settling there and ran away to the other side of the map.

    Rebels asked other teams whether they agree for them to take remaining empty WW because of unforseen situation with Teutonic. Other teams agreed.

    Had this empty WW be right next to Teutonic, Rebels would ask about change of preallocated WW anyway, because the point was to not be the only BR team that has a problem with taking croppers in their area and having to fight since first days of the server.

    So back then everyone agreed to this change to give everyone equal opportunity.

    But apparently now this is a problem and an example of how slimy our leadership is.

    I mean, I understand that you can feel betrayed by other action of Rebels, but using this to make any point about Rebels being slimy is just pathetic.

    This constant talk of Misfits joining with Teutonic is such utter rubbish. We felt that Rebels had cheated the BR rules and setup themselves up for an unfair advantage against the other BR teams, so we requested help to cripple them as much as we could.

    And guess what, noone blames you for that, we even say that thanks to you server is better ^^

    But seriously, just after saying that it is rubbish you confirm that you did exactly what we claim you did and what make other BR teams believe that you joined forces.

    But yeah, obiviously "it is not coordinated". Guess what, we can also say that we did not coordinate anything. And all things that we did with coordination look exactly the same as the things that you did "without coordination".

    So without full insight into internal communication we can only say what is visible for everyone, and that is - there are two huge alliance blocks fighting back and forth with fair share of losses on both sides, which makes this server extremely cool :)

    To be honest, what's a point of this talk. Nothing what you say will change opinion of anyone who thinks that you play together, and nothing what we say will make you stop denying it.

    What happened is:

    Teutonic defended Unit against CZSK and Misfits against Rebels and then twice (by the end of February) Teutonic had operation against Ukraine while at the same time Unit had operation against CZSK and Mistfits had operation (or at least faked operation) against Rebels.

    So it looked like you decided to be ~390 players meta (in my previous calculation saying ~350 I forgot about Uber MKD).

    So with the beginning of the march ~320 players alliance formed that thinks that you play together and makes joint operations against all of you at the same time.

    So if in spite all of evidence you are not together, then you better change that soon 😁 because fight is against all of you anyway, and not being together just means that you are less coordinated.

    Let's make this clear, two alliances of this size consisting of premades fighting each other back and forth every few days is an amazing experience, and I hope that both sides are playing the best they can.

    we had no joint plan with other kingdoms. if there is evidence of others, you can apply our parishes together with mystifis to you. You guys are fooling yourself first and foremost. yesterday you went to 3 kingdoms to us with a single plan, there is just evidence here.

    Just like you we just randomly decided to attack at the same time in the coordinated way 🤣

    There is the same evidence about existence of both alliance blocks, just one of them is open about its existence while the other claim that it is not true.

    your convenient fairy tale for the whole server is successful, you already have more than half of the server with all your unions

    That's funny cause "alliance" (Rebel + CZSK + Vanguard + Ukraine!) has 330 players, while "not an alliance" (Teutonic + Panda + Unit + Misfits) has 350.

    So according to you smaller block has more than half of the players of the server.

    Well, no. There was no miscommunication. And there is very easy group to blame the failure of BR on.

    There are no blocks forming. There is most of the BR as this new META led by Rebel vs Teutonic (alone). That is a single block vs Teutonic.

    After Misfits tried to push for that agreement early on to enjoy the BR without Teutonic interfering, Misfits was stabbed in the back by Rebel. No reason for Rebel to be high and mighty now. Rebel destroyed the BR. First, by not getting rid of Teutonic because "it is a BR" thus ignoring a temporary truce.

    As far as I can say that agreement was about mutual defense and temporary truces whenever Teutonic attack.

    Considering the fact that other BR teams fought against each other before first Rebel operation against Misfits clearly shows that Rebel leadership was not alone with understanding this agreement in that way.

    So Misfits think that they were stabbed in the back, while Rebels think that they played exactly as intended by agreement. That's clear miscommunication and that's why I say that noone should be blamed for that.

    Then, once Rebel realized they could not win the server met Teutonic defense during operation against Misfits and Misfits took part in Teutonic attack, they caved and started working with other BR kingdoms to beat Teutonic so they could maybe win.

    Here, fixed that for you. Probably I could say some stupid stuff about Misfits leadership because of that, but I don't think there is any reason for that.

    They feel that Rebels stabbed their back and want Rebels to lose this server, and the server is not in any way less interesting because of that, I would even say that it is more interesting. There's a lot of action, that's all that matters.

    Battle Royale agreement failed because of what seems to be some miscommunication (I guess that noone should be blamed for that).

    As a result, it seems that two huge alliance blocks formed and the operations are going back and forth with fair share of losses on both sides.

    Very fun server, GG all.

    Two years ago Horn of Natar received huge buff which changed it from one of the most useless items into one of the best. There's still a lot of other items that are not good, can we have buffs to them to, so there's more useful choices in equipment?

    Some ideas:

    Shield and Breast-Plate Armor

    The only bonus that these two provide are some hero fighting strength buffs. While it has some use within first week of the server, T2 and T3 of these are just joke, with biggest possible bonus being equivalent to less than 40 of the weakest troops.

    What could help make these items useful would be for example additional 1%/3%/5% to Off/Def bonus (for example Off bonus to Breast-Plate and Def Bonus to Shield).

    Chainmail Armor

    Reduction of damage is cool, but it is clearly worse than reduction offered by Scale armor, and you lose improved regeneration of health to get bonus strength that at T3 is not even equivalent to 20 of the weakest troops.

    Currently it is clear that there is no reason to get it instead of Scale armor.

    I suggest buffing Chainmail to have better damage reduction than Scale armor for example by making it 6/8/10 points instead of current 3/4/5.

    That way it would be interesting choice between the two.

    Spy Glass

    Theoretically it is incredibly useful as it forces enemies to send bigger fake attacks. Unfortunately everyone will just send bigger fake attacks without caring whether you have spy glass or not, so in reality it is completely useless.

    What can be done is to give hero option to join scouting, and for example increase both offensive and defensive power of your scouts by 10%/20%/30%.


    Maybe it has some use at the beginning of the server, but considering how farming is done, and that it is impossible to have crannies for some significant amount of resources, it is not very useful.

    What could help this item a little would be some change to plunder bonus.

    For example it could also increase number of treasures stolen when treasury is not destroyed.

    You also omit weapon.

    If you consider it then atk/crop of EI is almost 2 points bigger than EC (thanks to weapon bonus being given per 3 and 4 crop instead of 2 and 3)

    On the other hand with weapon atk/second of EC is even bigger than EI (since ratio of training time is over 3/4).

    Maybe if in future updates they give some def to caesaris, they could be more useful, give to roman defenders a cav unit compared to haeduans. good with the Horse drink building, but worse to reinforce non romans, but still a better defender than offender.

    Overall, some def cavalry for romans would be a nice thing, def romans are currently extremely inefficient at troop building because of lack of any def cavalry.

    It hurt my maths, stats of troops on x1 and x3, x5 and x150kkk are exactely same.

    This post is about defense stats per resource (considering crop upkeep).

    So obviously praets are least cost efficient while trained, but considering crop upkeep, they start getting cost efficient if they survive for ~70 days.

    So with regards to that, def troops are balanced at x1, with praets starting really bad in terms of cost efficiency, but being fine in the late game.

    But at x3 late game is not late enough, so prates are just bad.

    Only bought gold passes to the next game. If you sell your items and exchange silver for gold you won't have that gold in the next round. Otherwise you could accumulate infinite gold on you account without spending any cash.

    Yes, but if you spent your bought gold, then you can get it back by exchanging your silver. And it will pass to the next game.