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    We have a new champion for Romans in 1x servers. If you know the server number (ie DE5) please share it:

    • [DE? / Governor] - 234k Crop Consumption (277k without HDT) / Highest Number of EC (43636) / Highest Number of Rams (2534) / Best Roman Hammer for Crop Consumption in 1x Servers (Governors)

    • Added crop consumption for Romans without HDT (as requested).
    • New Gaul Hammer: [COM7 / King] - 149k Crop Consumption / Highest Number of Swords (71510) / Best Gaul Hammer for Crop Consumption in 1x Servers (Kings)

    Thank you for sharing and congrats for the lovely hammers!

    New monsters added:

    • Roman [COM2 / Governor] - 203k Crop Consumption / Highest Number of EI (54362) / Highest Number of Catas (8079) / Best Roman Hammer for Crop Consumption in 1x Servers (Governors)
    • Gauls [COM2 / Governor] - 191k Crop Consumption / Highest Number of Swords (64998) / Highest Number of TTs (40888) / Highest Number of Catas (7020) / Best Gaul Hammer for Crop Consumption in 1x Servers (Governors)

    @Thorsson I agree with you, and of course you can help calculating the attack power of all the hammer previously posted, brewery bonus included for teutons and with all the troops upped to lv 20.
    If you want to be precise you also need to calculate hero bonus items and ask for screen of the hero to all hammers poster to confirm the bonus gained from the hero boost :)

    We are not talking about troops numbers. If you have 1M troops you have it everywhere, but that 1M consumption can vary depending of where the troops are located, for example.

    The point is that one of the method for comparing hammer is crop consumption and EC consume 3, not 4. If you don't build HDT you are not using the full potential of Romans, that's your fault, just like a gaul that don't use traps or a teuton that doesn't use Brewery. The vast majority of Roman players use HDT for hammers. If you state that a roman hammer consume the same amount of crop of a Teuton or a Gauls without HDT you are lying. At the end of the day you need less crop (usually) as a Roman and that means less gold and less time involved playing. And this is why is not fair for others tribes players :)

    Historically on Travian Legend only crop consumption (and not attack power) and Roman with HDT was used for comparing army. Because it's more fast that way to post reports and comments.

    Remember that here in this topic every tribes is a unique category, the only required metod for comparing army in the same tribe is consistency. If you use HDT for all Roman armies, that's a logical right metod, same if you not use HDT for all the Roman reports. We are not comparing army of different tribes. Yes, attack power ipotetically is the best method, but it's time consuming calculating it.

    Not using HDT is like ignoring the huge advantage that gauls have at the server beginning with traps and the huge advantage teuton gets with Brewery. That's just not fair in my opinion.

    Hello Imran, thanks for writing.
    I counted all Roman hammers with the crop reduction granted by Horse Drinking Trough, because it's one of the fundamental feature of Romans and it's not fair comparing them with others tribes that eat much more when you don't have to actually feed them.
    This is my opinion, but if many player disagree it will not be a problem to change evaluation system :)

    Agreed. I have nothing against Russians players (generally they are very experienced and friendly), but if they want to play on COM servers, they need to speak english. It's a gross lack of respect for others players speaking Russian on all chats.

    Because let's face it, defenders are the dark side of Travian.
    They are fundamental in every part of the game, but seldom they receive the right amount of praise they deserve. Hammers are nice and good looking in reports, but a 200k hammer consume just as 200k defences troops. Defenders work hard just as offender. They represent the backbone of every kingdom.

    Basically there are 2 categories in which to compete for defenders:

    • Personal number of defences (for example the player "Mizrach").
    • Number of defences in collettive walls (for example the kingdom "SPQR").

    As with the Hammers topic, we need to have the usual king/duke/gov categories divided in 1x/speed servers. Additionally we need a WWs/normal villages division as troops consume half of normal on WWs. Treasures villages have more crop production than normal villages, I'm inclined to dedicate a separate category for treasures, but we need to see how many reports are posted.

    So, if you want to compete for "personal number of defences" please share a report or a screen of the troops recap. You also need to post server name, role of the player (king/duke/gov) and every informations that is useful. Only def infantry and light cavalry count as personal defence troops.
    If your kingdom want to compete for "number of defences in collettive walls" the same infos needs to be written, but every troops count as defensive.

    I'm sharing a few examples to make you understand my ideas for this topic. Please spread the word and share reports and screens if you want to be included!

    [IT4 / Dukess / Player SweetKha] 347k Crop Consumption / Highest Number of Phalanxes (263262) / Highest Number of Druids (42013) / Best Defence Player in 1x Server (Dukes)


    [IT4 / Governor / Player Wayne] 67k Crop Consumption / Highest Number of Praetorians (64504)




    [IT4 / Kingdom Del&Zii] 1.53M Crop Consumption / Highest Number of Phalanxes (1.36M) / Highest Number of Praetorians (678k) / Best WW Wall in 1x Servers


    Normal Villages


    Treasures Villages


    New Monsters added (all teutons):

    • [TR1 / King] - 313k Crop Consumption / Highest Number of Axes (112k) / Highest Number of TKs (54420) - Highest Number of Catas (5000) / Best Teuton Hammer for Crop Consumption in 1x Servers (Kings)
    • [IT4 / Duke] Highest Number of Rams (11056)
    • [COM2x3 / Governor] Highest Number of Rams (20222)

    Thank you @Jallu , please help spread the word about this topic, as I only play speeds and IT, I don't know hammers on other servers!

    Sorry @'Аристарх' but a new rammer have been posted, with only a 100 or so rams more than yours!

    Thank you @ToHuQ#EN yours has the biggest number of rams for now!

    Thank you @Libasinho for now that is the best teuton hammer for 1x server, kings side!