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    Buildings are same. Map is same (just different look). Tribes are same with the same stats (just different costs, because kingdoms have cut down production of the village). Attacks are count same. Whats different? Only treasures, robbers, menhir and artifacts. And more tribes in legends, now they are working on 6th tribe. Different version of the game, yes, different game? No. Different goal? Yes. Different gameplay? No, just different strategy. Balance of the tribes is allready tested, no one made change with the first three tribes and its working, so where can be problem with another, when they are allready balanced in the game?

    there might be no next round , and the other one might not play next round . how you can trust ? :D

    Most of main travian friends are also real friends, so, I dont have a problem to do it for them, as well as they for me. Thats happening now also, many people playing sometimes support account, just to help somebody. If you want to do this, you have to change game mechanics.

    Ok, lets make a math for speed 1x

    Haeduan full upgarated def numbers :

    88,1 + 208,8 = 296,9 .... but, there is no weapon (+15 and +15), lets continue with math ...

    103,1 + 223,8 = 326,9 thats the def number of the one Haeudan with weapon.

    Training time is 421 sec, so you can make 205 Haeduans in one stable.

    205 Haeduans x 326,9 def = 67 014,5 def number per day per one stable.

    Now, lets do the same with EC

    117,5 + 146,2 = 263,7 ... but EC will get the weapon also, better one, +20 and +20

    137,5 + 166,2 = 303,7 ... till now yes, Haeduan have a better number per unit, but EC are train faster thanks to Horse drinking building.

    Training time for EC is 380 sec, so you can train 227 of them in one stable per day.

    227 EC x 303,7 def = 68 939,9 def number per day per one stable .... so, here is it, better then Haeduans.

    About the crop for standing def. I never say, EC are good at this, as well as Haeduans, they are bad for this too. You have to do it with praetorians, spearmans, phalanx, legionars are good also and for crop are just one good cavalry, druids. Anything else have to just come for the time and go back.

    Fot this, we can have a oposite look as a example, have a look at praetorians.

    They are best in def number per unit, so per crop. But they are the worst def unit at def number per time, they are at 8th position, axeman is very simillar with them in def number per time and EC and EI are far more better then them. So if you care about standing def, you do praetorians, if you care about defending number, because you using them every day for defending players, you have to think, if praetorians can do it well.

    About the TK. Its about, what you want to do. With TK you will do better off number than with axeman, Clubs do it better than axeman and TK, but at the cost of crop consumption. TK do about half of Teutons off number, so you have to do them always, except the situation, when you play a bit hardcore and you train clubs in every village to punish your neighbours everyday. Thats fun, but difficult.

    About the EI ... yes, I did, EI are fast enough to do this. Also are very good for steeling treasures from not full defended treasuries. Also they can be good defenders as well, not best, but good. But again at first, you need to have enough resources to do it, after is going easy. Thats why EI winning as a best unit, because you can attack with them, they are fast, they are fantastic at farming and they can defend good as well. ALL in ONE unit.

    And as a last thing .... everything counted here is for active players, who can use the potential of it. For many players are those numbers unimportant, because they cannot reach them, so they play it easier way.

    OK, how I see, forum is ocupated by new players, so ... talking about unupgrated units is really joke.

    Dont do it, never. Count with full power, so at 20 lvl upgrade, with weapon and with Horse drinking. I am really hope, you are upgrading your troops. Trust me, help you a lot.

    Also, when you made calculate raiding with speed, you need a bot. Because without them, you cannot use full power, just try another count or try it by your self in real. Then, write here, what numbers you did in farming, I am really interested in. With your count, paladins are also good in farming, so, try it :-)

    About defense. Choose, what you want to do. You want to do high defense number (about by half) and faster to move? You do cavalry. You want perma def? Then do prets. You know, how to do both? Do it. But count only with village production is really bad calculate. You have much more income, treasures, oasis, farming, your main city with high crop fields ... I dont want to learn you here, but how I see, you need to check game options much more.

    About the TK. You say they are terrible, but they can do about half of german OFF power. Is it so bad for you? Everything, what you wrote, is not from your experience, so try it, then i like to see, how you do.

    Don't take it personaly, I just answered to your feeling about upgrade troops, numbers are allready know after many years, but you try to change them.

    Its allready changing, you dont see it?

    Many years ago, devs says, they will do something with few cheaters, who's damage the gameplay.

    Now, the number of cheaters is every year growing up and now is the basic condition for players in kingdom, who want to win. So, they did a lot, they made it more popular.

    Maybe many years ago we did mistake, we does not asked for stop the cheating, we asked to change something. And here it is.

    Yes, there is something what can be interesting in the midgame. And Travian allready know about it.


    They wouldn't have to be the same as in Legends or T4, but it would bring fighting and fun to the game at a time when virtually nothing is happening.

    I dont agree with the CP bonus for romans, but I think the above comment is a cool solution to the weak roman wall.

    It would mean roman capitals can be usefull for mega treasuries without making it too OP, since it's only capital that can build this building.

    As a mostly roman player I would like to see this also, just on the other hand, there will be only roman big treasuries, you know it.

    Ok, maybe first check the numbers how they are and then write here.

    -Per training time in deff is like this: 1. EC, 2. Heaudens, 3. EI, 4. Druids. If you cannot calculate by your self, you can find many pages where they did calculate for you, just check it.

    - third place is not bad, when in other satistics they are better, you must have some advantages and disadventages. At this case, you can say TK are bad, because they are third in OFF per traning time, but first in cavalry OFF per resources.

    - TT are fast, but with EI you can farm much more, because you build them faster so you have a more of them, they have better capacity, also better off number, so less dying when farming. But I agree TT are good as well, its about your style.

    - We talked about cavalry def, not about standing def. Cavalry def is mostly used for quick defense or they are sent on time, not for perma def, crop cunsumtion is not so important here. Again, advantages and disadventages.

    - If you are not training 24/7, your comment lacks meaning, training 24/7 is the basic of the game. So first learn how to do that, its not difficult, you can easy do it in every city as a governor without help.

    If you can feed them and not lose them, there is no problem to make much more then 100k cavalry defense unit per server with much more infantry defense troops.

    When you learn about incoming resources, you will have a better gameplay, trust me ;-)

    - Yes, gauls OFF cavalry is very bad, worst in the game, thats true. And also nobody want to change that.

    As I say, I think game is balanced very well, you have to find your playstyle, what do you like. There are many of them, many ways, how to play each tribe and how you can help your kingdom. But that does not mean to change balance of the game just for what do you like.

    Equites Caesaris

    - best cavalry unit per training time in off

    - best cavalry unit per training time in def

    - second best cavalry unit per crop in off

    - third best cavalry unit per resources in off

    - their weakness is crop and resource cost in def

    - when you buff them in def, they will shoots up in crazy numbers in def and no one want to play anything else, because roman cavalry will be best in everything, raiding, off and def.

    Equites Imperatoris

    - best raider unit in game

    - best cavalry unit per crop in off

    - second best cavalry unit per training time in off

    - second best cavalry unit per resources in off

    - third best cavalry unit per training time in def

    - again, their weakness is crop and resources cost in deff

    - Roman cavalry problem is they are very similar, just EI are much more better in raiding.

    If you know, how to use them, they are strong in both, off and def, crop consumption in def is no problem for active def player, because you are still losing some of them.

    - Buff CP for romans is crazy, when on the end of the server are most roman players in the top of population.

    - Roman wall is best against raiding and solo attackers, you cannot take out some weakness.

    Game no need to tune the tribes, they are perfectly balanced. This game need to tune gameplay.

    Yes, the other PVE bonus suggestions are great and we definitely keep them in mind. Maybe for additional levels if we'd change them to be exponential instead of linear. And yes, at the same time, the fealty system should be meaningful and not too small. Thanks for pointing it out for this one. Maybe there is a way to make it count as well :/

    Like combining them with daily quests or so called kingdom quests? How could they look like without the feeling of being repetitive or boring? What I try to avoid is for example that daily quest of annexing an oasis even though you can't because your villages are too close together (do you know what I mean?)

    I wrote before, for me the best idea how to combinate is rework weekly TOP 10 for kingdoms.

    TOP 10 for kingdoms can be simillar as now, just with this changes:

    1) There will be attacks, defense, population build (no position in ladder), robber. Maybe can be also VP steeled.

    2) All kingom numbers are recount between number of kingdom members, so when you have 100 players in kingdom and they have 1000 attack points for week, in the ladder they have 1000/100=10. So there you need activity of all members of the kingdom to be high in the ladder, no just be big, small kingdoms have high chance to be in the ladder.

    3) All members, who is on the recount time in the kingdom, who is in the top 10 (same as now, sunday midnight) receive fealty points. When the new member come to the kingdom, numbers are recount between him also and his numbers are count from the time, when he join the kingdom (i think is same as now)

    4) At sunday midnight, players from kingdoms in the top 10 recieve fealty point, that depends on the position in the ladders. Numbers go down from the first one to the last one (like 100, 90, 80, ...) for every position in the ladder. Numbers are just example.

    For me it looks fair and fun, its a price for active kingdoms.

    No, village is deleted, when its population is 0, so all building or fields what gives population must be deleted (destroyed). Wall and crop fields does not have population till level 5. Last village cannot be deleted. Army from the deleted village is lost, forever.

    If you need the skill to be able to win, it cannot be called pay to win, a pay to win is a game where no matter the skill, if you just throw money at it you will win.

    This is not the case with Kingdoms, with skill, even without paying you can win and be at the Top.

    But I will agree that having gold on the account saves you time, if you invest time you get almost the same benefits, or may be even the same if you are lucky in your adventures and you know what you are doing with the auctions. :)

    You are only half right. How you call it, if you make a big kingdom action, use many of your troops, spended time, resources and you delete kings capital CITY from the map, so there is only empty squere. Its look as good move. But, after few hours, the CITY is there with exactly same population. After few hours. Is that no P2W? Is that skill? Or how you call it?

    It could also have participation fee and the amount of gold useable during server would be pre-determined so you can't just whale your way to victory.

    Agree, when you call it championship, there must be rule of the gold spend ... fee is a good way, per server, per week, so register to the server will be by credit card. No P2W. Also with numbers of kingdoms it look undoable. When 6th kingdom will be created, no one can make a new kingdom? But i understand the way and the idea, i like it. And all people in my team also. I would like to play fair battle again in this game.

    Just about the kingdom i think you understand wrong, we were talking about steeling VP by attacker without kingdom. How i understand that was answer for this:

    Quote from Jak

    No, it's there for a reason, can you imagine the abuse that would happen if every Tom, Dick & Harry could randomly steal VPs without a kingdom? these abusers you are suffering would have a field day, some already do but at least they have to make a kingdom before they can steal VPs.

    So he answer : Yeah, because making a kingdom is too hard to do now.

    Also i answered this: Suffering? Kingdom is created instantly and you just have to enter the kingdom just before the impact, immediately after the impact you will return to your kingdom.

    Thats how you can steel VP from kingdom, who is ranked in VP below you.

    So are we, there is nothing stopping you reaching this goal at the moment, do it, have fun, Carry on making Op's twice a week, start one today, plan them well, don't be predictable or just aim for the jugular (remember you're only as good as your last Op) you can have weeks & months of fun on any server if you have the mindset for it. :)

    The change that needs to happen is not about game mechanics, it's stopping gamers abusing game mechanics. One day change will happen (I stay positive on this one) & we will have our beautiful game back, instead of this ugly version everyone is suffering atm

    I do it same, I don't understand what it has to do with the possibility of stealing treasures and VP? Or you think you found the Holy Grail?

    I agree about this - stopping gamers abusing game mechanics. But something they cannot stop, for example multiaccounting. Its so easy in these days, to have more devices and internet connections. Hope may die last, but it seems to me that it is her turn.

    No, it's there for a reason, can you imagine the abuse that would happen if every Tom, Dick & Harry could randomly steal VPs without a kingdom? these abusers you are suffering would have a field day, some already do but at least they have to make a kingdom before they can steal VPs.

    please take a step back, think for a moment about the consequences of change. Look at it from 2 extreme perspectives .... The New Guy/Team on the server verses the Abusers/Multies that are rife at the moment, that is the gap we have to close to make progress.

    @Leo#19 is totally correct, some of us dream of being endlessly attacked to suggest we have fear or no vision is just a ludicrous suggestion.

    Suffering? Kingdom is created instantly and you just have to enter the kingdom just before the impact, immediately after the impact you will return to your kingdom.

    Sometimes your unswers sounds as if you were convinced that you know the game better than those you write with here, but then you write things that even a newcomer will refute you. Don't be as a Qwr, please. So calm down, if you want to discuss, let's go back to the normal discussion that is in this topic.

    The concern you mentioned till now:

    • A small kingdom will not resist a big one - the same as now, it depends on the capabilities of the kingdom and their allies.
    • The small kingdom will lose both the def and the treasures - now they will lose their treasury and the treasures are useless to them, only a change for the better, they can get them back by attack or somewhere else.
    • A kingdom that will have a lot of treasures will be a target - of course, there is always someone who can get something. You want to have a lot of treasures, you have to be able to defend it.
    • Small kingdom is easy target for big one - bigger kingdom is easier target for small kingdom (although it has more units, but def must be spread over more places). Also there will be more fights against treasures, this also brings greater losses. Thus, the battles between the larger kingdoms will be more frequent, and thus the numerical advantage of the larger kingdoms will be reduced.